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Need to arrive in style at your next big event? Want to avoid a traffic nightmare during Miami Art Week? Check out limousine rental cost so your plans don’t come to a screeching halt. Chauffeured rental companies offer many vehicle options. You can travel in a limousine, limo, town car, SUV limo, stretch sedan or motor coach.

While a Rolls Royce or Hummer may not match your budget, chances are good another option does. Let’s get this party started by digging into how rental companies charge.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Limo?

Some companies offer packages for weddings and proms. Most limo companies base rental pricing on 4 things:

  • Type of Vehicle
  • Day of the Week
  • Number of Rental Hours
  • Time of Day

Before you book, visit the limo website. Look at photos of the fleet to understand vehicle capacity and pricing.

Type of Vehicle

Each type of limo has a different rental price. The cost depends on the kind of limo and the number of passengers it holds.

A stretch limo holds 8 people. A super-stretch can transport 20 or more passengers. Some limos are SUVs, others are traditional limos.

The bigger and better your ride, the higher the rental fee. The price reflects the cost to buy the limo, hire a chauffeur, and maintain the vehicle. Fees also cover licenses, insurance, and gas expenses.

Day of the Week

Like any service, the price goes up when there’s greater demand. Most weddings take place on Saturdays, which means a limo costs more on weekends. Rent it on a Tuesday when demand is low and you’ll pay less.

If your special occasion is flexible, choose a Thursday evening instead of a Friday night. You could save on the hourly rate and the required number of rental hours.

Thursday night won’t work for the prom, but it’s an option for parties and anniversary celebrations.

Number of Rental Hours

Most limo companies charge an hourly rate. The average rate ranges from $75 to $200 per hour, depending on location, company, and vehicle.

Expect to pay more for a limo in busy metro areas. Renting a limo in New York City during the holidays costs more than the same service in a smaller city.

Most companies have required rental time. Often, the rental period is 2-3 hours during the week, and 4 hours on the weekend. This makes it cost-effective to prep the limo and send the driver.

Some companies use an all-inclusive hourly rate. Other companies charge a low rate per hour but add on other fees. Make sure you understand the pricing model before you sign a contract.

You can hire a limo to shuttle people between several locations. It’s a smart way to move guests from the airport to a hotel or from a wedding to the reception. It eliminates parking hassles and taxi fees.

Some companies offer discounts on the hourly rate when you rent a limo for 7 hours or more. Expect rentals for a night on the town to last 8 hours or more.

Many limo companies offer a flat rate for travel to and from major airports and cities.

Time of Day

Time of day affects cost. Renting a limo in the morning is less expensive than during prime time on a Saturday night.

Evening service and rentals charge higher rates. They may have longer rental time minimums due to higher demand. The holidays and special events can increase daytime rates, too.

Ask the limo provider about the best rates when you’re planning your event. If you can, hire a limo during slow times to save money.

If you must rent during a busy time, rent it longer to reduce the cost-per-hour.

Is a Gratuity Included in the Limousine Rental Cost?

When you get a quote, ask if they include the gratuity in the cost of the limo.

Every limo company manages the gratuity in some way. We bill a 20% gratuity for all vehicles. Extra gratuities are at the customer’s discretion.

Events like weddings include a gratuity so the bride and groom don’t worry about it on their wedding day.

Extra Charges

It’s standard practice to add a surcharge to every fare. Parking, tolls, and airport fees are extra. All extras appear as itemized charges on your statement.

You may incur a cleaning charge if someone gets sick or causes damage in the limo. You must pay for cleanup and repairs.

Some contracts include a standard cleaning service. Be aware of penalties for smoking in the limo.

Many limos have a bar inside. The company can stock it for a fee, or let you bring your beverages.

By the way, limo companies have zero-tolerance policies for minors drinking in limos.

Waiting and Stop Time Charges

The flat fee for airport pickups includes a 30-minute grace period. This gives passengers time to retrieve baggage and reach the limo.

Extra waiting time charges and parking fees start one hour after the flight lands. When the grace period elapses, a waiting charge takes effect in 15-minute increments.

Cancellations and No Shows

If you cancel a vehicle within 2 hours of pickup, often a fee equal to the base fare plus gratuity and a surcharge is due.

A “no show” must pay for the trip, including gratuity, wait time, and out-of-pocket expenses.

If you can’t find your limo chauffeur, call the limo company right away to avoid a “no show” charge.

Confirm all rates and potential charges when you book the limo.


Most companies need a 50 percent deposit to reserve a date and vehicle.

Don’t forget to confirm how you’ll pay the driver’s gratuity — with cash or credit card — so you don’t pay it twice.

You’re Ready to Book a Limo

Now that you know what to expect, you’re ready to book a limo. Make a plan to reduce your limousine rental cost. Contact us now for a fast, free quote.

A limo is an exciting transportation solution for any event. Rent one so you can relax while we treat you like a rock star.