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Boca Raton Events: 3 Charity Events You Shouldn’t Miss This August

Summer in Florida is a special affair. The state enjoys the reputation of the ‘place-to-be’ during the hot season, and with all its beautiful towns covering the southern seacoast of USA, that reputation is justly earned. However, the thing we love about Florida is this place is full of night life and social events other

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2 Upcoming Events Ideal for a Party Bus Arrival

Summer 2017 is at its peak and Boca Raton, like always, has been in the process of enjoying a ‘sun and surf’ mentality for quite a while now! Now, admittedly, the Sunshine State has been experiencing a bit of a rain issue, which is unfortunate for those who wish to make the most of the

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What Does Your Ride Say About You?

You may have heard how your clothes make you, how they manage your appearance, and signify your personality to the rest of the world. Well, the same goes for your ride. Ever wonder why people spend ages pondering over the color, shape, and overall look of a ride they mean to buy or rent out?

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