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Gaining Consumer Trust In Car Connectivity

In this day and age, where technology grows ever more complex, day by day, and not only our phones, but our cars have become computers, people want to know a few things. They want to know if this technology helps or hinders them. Does it protect us ,or pose an added threat if something does

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Top 10 Manufacturers

Over time the automobile industry has evolved into what it is today. It has changed into a well-oiled machine, cranking out units at a pace that would bring tears to the eyes of Henry Ford himself, the father of it all and the creator of the assembly line. However, in this modern era where we

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The History of Auto Racing

  The History of Auto Racing Auto racing, also known worldwide as motor racing, stands for amateur and professional automobile racing as a sport and subsequently a sport competition that can take place on a wide variety of tracks, roads or closed circuits. After years and years of technological progress, nowadays auto racing comes in

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Future Electric Vehicle Market Estimation

A decline in battery costs, increased commitment from automakers, low operational costs, and a strong policy support from both local and state governments, are factors that have helped to place electric vehicles (EVs) on the right track to outdo gasoline-powered vehicles. Indeed, Electric Vehicle sales in the United States have grown an average of 32%

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The Future of The Modern Car is Actually Digital

It is difficult to predict the future. However, looking at the recent developments and trends in the auto industry, we can foresee what is set to happen in the coming years. In fact, the cars of the not-so-far future, are already being developed today. Automakers have been working hard testing technology that will appear in

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The Best Business Networking Events in Florida to Attend in 2017

As a business owner in Florida, it might be important for you to network with other entrepreneurs and the local Florida community. Networking is a critical part of your offline marketing campaign as it can help bring more business to you. Finding a good business networking event can be a bit tough, especially in Florida.

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