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Wheel of Time: A Brief History of the Limousine

The idea of chauffeured automobiledates back to the 1700s. Before this, transportation with chauffeurs existed in the form of horse carriages. This form of transportation was created with the wealthy in mind. But the limousine, as we know now, isn’t like the present-day limo we know! It took inspiration fromthe Sedan Chair—a mode of transport

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The Wow Factor: Winning Your Boss Over

As an employee in a large firm, you already have a number of responsibilities. You have to manage your own work, maybe someone else’s work, and always stay on top of your game. It’s a constant battle. It’s important to prove your worth. In a room full of people, what are you doing to make

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A Beginner’s Guide to Limo Rental Service

Let’s admit it; who doesn’t wish to travel around town in a stylish limousine? Whether you need a ride to the airport or an important corporate event, you can book limo rental service for every occasion and event. Undoubtedly, the transport service offers tremendous convenience and comfort to frequent travelers, especially to those people who

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The Dos and Don’ts of Luxury Travel

The art of luxury travel is a fine one—learned through years of hopping into luxury business limos, honed with the convenience offered by luxury limo services. It doesn’t matter if you are merely travelling to the airport to pick up a senior executive of your company. Or that you require a few moments of peace, away

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5 Major Events that Demand a Limo Rental

There are certain events in your life that call for a limousine ride, with all its style and comfort aspects. With a sleek exterior, plush interior, and a professionally trained chauffeur to navigate it to your desired locations, a limo is just what you need for an exciting memory, whatever the occasion. Before you go

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Limo vs. Party Bus For Weddings: What Wins and Why?

Handling affairs during weddings is too much of a hassle for most couples. Considering the implications, most couples often hire wedding planners for the big day. While wedding planners offer solutions to a lot of things, they often get bamboozled when choosing between a limousine and a party bus for the transportation of wedding guests. Both limousines

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