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With affiliates in over 800 cities nationwide, A1A Limo makes it easy to get to your meeting or appointment anywhere in the World.

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How to choose your Luxury Car Service

When you need a luxury car service, you deserve a company that can rise to the occasion. With beautiful, late-model vehicles and expertly trained chauffeurs, A1A can offer luxury ground transportation that is in a league of its own. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients enjoy the utmost in service, vehicle amenities and luxury throughout their trip.

How To Know You Are Dealing With A Professional

One of the best ways to filter out the amateurs in the luxury airport shuttle service is to ask about getting picked up on the other end of your flight- that is, having another service greet you at the airport in your destination city. A reputable luxury car service, or airport shuttle service will have a working relationship with other such companies that they will be able to use in order to get you transportation in nearly any city in the world.

If you are traveling using a luxury airport shuttle service, you should expect–if need be–that each leg of the trip can be coordinated by the initial service contacted. An excellent luxury airport shuttle service will not only be able to make you the reservation for a pick up at the airport you are flying to, but should also offer a discount for the service in question.

The reason for the discount is that you are essentially purchasing four separate trips at the same time.

When you buy paper towels in bulk at the grocery store, it is less expensive than if you buy a single roll, isn’t it? Why shouldn’t it be the same for your luxury car service? That’s why we offer great rates for many popular picks like Miami International Airport and others.

If your potential service operator seems reluctant or makes excuses regarding their ability to schedule a limousine pickup, or other airport shuttle service in another city on your behalf, it might mean that it is a good idea to look for another company. When dealing with luxury airport shuttle transportation, especially when traveling to the airport where punctuality is a high priority, it is important to choose carefully.


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