Travel Managers

Our discount & commission program is one of the best in the industry.

Refer your clients to A1A Limo & Airport Service and we will keep them coming back to you every time they travel. When available we will upgrade your clients to one of our new stretch limousines and tell them it’s compliments of their travel agent.

Corporate Travel Managers

  • A Travel Manager reduces travel department operational expenses due to efficiencies gained in the ground transportation booking process.
  • Provides efficiency, accuracy and automatic vendor selection.
  • Virtually unlimited reporting capabilities on data elements not available under current systems and practices – including exception reporting which enables the corporation to better manage, control, negotiate and budget ground transportation expenses.
  • Accuracy in the exchange or critical data between the travel manager and ground transportation service provider, reducing service failures.

Travel Agents

  • Extremely efficient ground transportation booking process utilizing a simple point-and-click graphic interface.
  • Automates and integrates ground transportation bookings at the point of sale, eliminating need for “one-offs” or post call processing.
  • Systemic integration of service provider name confirmation numbers, telephone number, meeting instructions and pick-up time into the appropriate “segment” of the travelers itinerary.
  • Ensures information accuracy by importing data directly from the passenger profile and aligning reservations with air and/or hotel segments.
  • Provides clear documentation to assist in the research of service failures.

With GDS Connect you’ll have a full suite of tools to book your clients ground transportation “phoneless” on Sabre, Gallieo and Worldspan.

Saturn allows travel agents to book cars in a little as 20 seconds elimination the need for phone calls!

The conferment ground transportation booking includes the confirmation number, rate, meeting instructions and pick-up time (including charge and cancellation policies) all of which is written back to the PNR and available to the passenger when they view their itinerary.

Travel Manager

A1A provides sterling partnership opportunities for both Corporate Travel Managers and Leisure Travel Managers.

Our discount and commission program is among the best in the industry; when you book your clients with us, we will provide an experience that will keep your clients coming back to you time and again.

There are more than a few reasons to book your client’s transportation with A1A:

  • We provide an efficient ground transportation booking process, reducing travel department operational expenses.
  • We provide accurate, efficient and automatic vendor selection
  • We offer virtually unlimited reporting capabilities on data
  • We reduce service failure by providing accuracy in the exchange of critical data between the travel manager and the ground transportation service provider.
  • A1A also provides a full suite of tools for “phoneless” booking of your client’s ground transportation services on Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan.
  • A1A has also streamlined the process of making reservations for volume users of airport transportation services. Instead of establishing accounting systems for dozens of suppliers, A1A will allow you to establish a single account for payables. Rather than making reservations with individual suppliers, you can process all of your clients’ reservations in multiple cities in one easy process.

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