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Developing a Sustainable Ground Transportation Program

We are committed to offsetting the CO2 footprint of all rides.

A1A offsets 100 percent of the carbon produced by our rides.

  • Local job creation
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduction of fossil fuels
  • We are committed to doing our part to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C by becoming net-zero by 2030

A1A’s decarbonization Strategy. The only way climate solutions can scale at pace is if businesses take a leading role. A1A takes its sustainable responsibility very seriously, and we have developed a comprehensive strategy to reduce our carbon emissions from ground travel, especially as it relates to our business travelers.

Our Strategy consists of Five Primary Components:

1. Measuring and reporting our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data

2. Setting Reduction Targets

3. Implementing Reductions

4. Offsetting our Carbon by investing in decarbonization projects.

5. Communicate Transparently with our employees and Customers

Energy Efficient offices and vehicles

Planet Climate & Energy

Driving Sustainability across A1ALimo’s Fleet of Vehicles

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