Airport Pick-Up : Why You Might Need an Airport Shuttle

Let’s talk about airport pick-up. Invariably anytime you travel via airplane, you need to find a way to get to the airport and then back home. There are a few steps involved in this:


  • Knowing your flight number and which terminal you’re leaving from.
  • Research the weather ahead of time, so you aren’t caught unaware.
  • Check the traffic ahead of time (any accidents or backups will delay your travel time)



The not so good options:

Driving your own car

Which is great, and you can listen to whatever you want on the radio, but you must pay for parking, which isn’t cheap, and then there is the question of putting your trust in an airport parking garage to keep your car safe until you get back


Looking For An Airport Shuttle Near Me?



Your friend can drop you off and pick you up

However, you’re never sure if they will show up on time and well, sometimes they aren’t the best drivers. What about returning the favor one day when they need it? Or the smoking? Or the speeding? Probably best to not deal with that.



Calling an Uber or Lyft for airport pick-up

This involves getting into a stranger’s personal vehicle. Were you in the mood for rap? How about evangelical preaching? The smell of their perfume or cologne? No? What about the safety of the car? Do you know when the last oil change was? How about the tires?



Calling a taxi

Taxis aren’t always readily available, and rates vary depending on where you are. There are always so many things to consider and plan for.



When to Arrive at the Airport

Let’s face it, travel in all its iterations is inherently frustrating because of everything involved, even if you are going on vacation. If you travel alone, it’s a little easier, but with more than one person, the time involved can be multiplied. Just like your flight, getting to the airport takes planning. As stated before:


  • Allow for travel time, weather, parking and bringing your luggage into the terminal.


  • Have all the proper ID’s, your boarding pass and a large allowance of patience.


  • Allow at least 2 hours before your flight, especially if you are leaving out of an international terminal, to get through security and baggage check and get seated comfortably on the plane.



Airport Parking

One of the hardest things, at least when I have traveled, has been parking at the airport. First you must get into the lot, and hopefully you will find a good spot. Here are a few handy tips:


  • Park your car in a well-lit area
  • Don’t bring any valuables with you (if you do lock them in the truck) 
  • Double check your car windows & doors (lock em’ up!)
  • Bring attire adaptive to weather change



Limo Transportation

Let a Professional Handle the Driving for You

Hiring a professional driver to handle your airport pick-up costs as much, if not less, than a taxi. Your driver is there to get you to the airport, in comfort and relaxation.


Traveling for vacation is leisurely at it’s finest! Although business travel isn’t so stress-free. Can be quite hectic! Here’s your best bet, you can hire a limousine / town car service to get you to your desired destination.


Limo drivers take cleanliness of their vehicles very seriously, so you can rely on a clean ride for sure. In addition, you’ll be driven by a chauffeur who knows the roads from the back of their hand.



These drivers experience these routes on a daily basis. As well as being knowledgeable on which flights come out of which terminal.


Local drivers are also familiar with the area you may be traveling to and can offer suggestions on places to eat and interesting sightseeing attractions.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be wealthy to afford to drive in a stretch limousine. Everyone deserves luxury ground transportation, it isn’t limited to corporate travel.


A professional driver is your personal concierge, and his (or her) job is to greet you, make you feel welcome, and get you to your destination with plenty of time to spare and a whole lot less stress.


You can just sit in the back and have some coffee or a drink, watch a little television and relax on the way. He can help you bring in your luggage, but he can’t help you with the TSA. Sorry.


Our friendly ground transportation professionals are ready to assist you.