The Wow Factor: Winning Your Boss Over

As an employee in a large firm, you already have a number of responsibilities. You have to manage your own work, maybe someone else’s work, and always stay on top of your game. It’s a constant battle.

It’s important to prove your worth. In a room full of people, what are you doing to make yourself stand out?

Making it to the top isn’t all about hard work, it is about working smart to achieve your goals.

Whether it is by delivering more in less time, or fine-tuning your attire according to your job, all of these steps are beneficial to your career growth and guarantee to leave a lasting impression on your manager.

If you are still contemplating where to start, here are a few tips that will help:

Promise Less and Deliver More

It is always better, in a corporate setting, to deliver more than you promise. It displays efficiency and dedication, both to the work and the position. When delegated a task, promise to deliver less than your actual capability, and strive to deliver more than you have promised.

In the modern work environment, managers are always looking for employees who are more reliable and can fulfill more duties. Putting in that extra day at work or staying behind once in a while to help your manager complete the project will definitely leave a positive impression.

Always be eager to do more work. Once you are done, make sure the work is recognized and mentioned when it is time for performance meetings. Keep up with the trend and you will soon land the position you have always been working for.

Ask any manager and they will tell you that only employees who are willing to go the extra mile achieve the positions they are looking for.

Present a Winning Outward Image

This can be done in a variety of ways. You could dress somewhat more fashionably, while maintaining professionalism.

Change your appearance to reflect the latest business styles. Dressing up right is perhaps one of the easiest ways to leave a lasting impression on your manager. It shows that you put in an effort to stand out at work by investing in your attire.

Go the Extra Mile

Winning means you need to take it a step further each time. Meeting a client? Make reservations in a 5-star restaurant. Picking a client from the airport? Call up a limo rental service and arrive in a limousine to add a corporate yet luxurious edge to your brand’s image. Organizing an event? Make it the talk of the town. Give it a professional look.

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Arrive Early

Most employees think that staying back after work day after day makes them look competent. In fact, that will make it seem like you are bad at time management and are lagging behind.

But think of it this way; two employees are due in at 10 am. One arrives at 9:30 am the other arrives at 10:30 am. Which one appears to be more serious about work? Arriving early can also give you a productivity boost. It allows you to be one step ahead of everyone. You’re done with catching up with emails and news reports well before others have arrived.

Have a Can-Do Attitude

Nobody likes a slacker and it is true for almost every area of life. It is especially true in a corporate environment, where a lot depends on your ability to deliver on time, and have a positive attitude towards work.

Whether it is a group project or a business meeting, be sure to pitch in your ideas. Always put your hand forward to take on important responsibilities.

Employees who have a positive, at ready attitude are the ones who excel in the modern work environment. If you are habitual of taking the corner seat and not speaking out, you might not grab your manager’s attention.  

Having a positive attitude will round off your entire appeal, surrounding you with an aura of efficient workmanship and energy. This will be much appreciated by everyone around you, including your boss.


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