Work Hard Travel Harder, Bars Worth The Roadtrip

Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager or a team member in the business field, sometimes you need that luxurious getaway and not think about work. You need some time away from the hectic business world, and find time for yourself. Enjoy the luxuries life has to offer! Now is the best time than ever! The weather has been absolutely beautiful and now is the perfect opportunity to spend some time outdoors and escape the office. What a perfect time for a whiskey double on the rocks, good company and some awe-inspiring live music. Grab some friends and lets experience the finer things in life!

The best beers are the ones we drink with friends. There are some awesome bar locations where you and your friends can venture to! These locations are more than just a place to grab a few drinks. These unique bars have awesome drink and food choices as well as an amazing environment:

Located in:
Downtown Orlando, Florida

Joysticks is a throwback game bar themed from the 80’s and 90’s. Experience video game themed drinks as well as unlimited free plays from your favorite arcade games from your childhood. You and your friends can lounge in nerd luxury and play some old school Nintendo, as well as re-experience the best retro arcade cabinets from the 80’s and 90’s: Donkey Kong, Pac-man, Galaga, Space Invaders, Tron, Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat, TMNT and much more! Enjoy gaming old school with some retro themed hand crafted cocktails and shots: The Q-Bert, The Foolish Mortal, Shark Attack, The Truffle-Shuffle, Starfighter, and Jessica Rabbit (These are only just a few of the best. Check out the whole drink menu here!).


Cafe’ Davinci
Located in:
Downtown Deland, Florida

Alcohol, because no good story started with a salad. Cafe’ Davinci was founded in 1993 originally as a jazz-club. Today Cafe’ Davinci’s performers go far beyond jazz, many local as well as famous artists come here to to this unique bar. It’s still the go-to place where friends, and performers can come together and enjoy good company accompanied by an awesome drink selection. Come play classic darts, drink some beers, play some pool and mingle with some of the awesome locals. You and your friends can chill outside Davinci’s courtyard and experience a unique bar scene like no other. Sit back relax and enjoy the remarkable bar scene! This is definitely a bar worth traveling to.

Trick Dog
Located in:
San Francisco, California

If you want something you never had, then you have to try something you’ve never done. Trick Dog like to keep up with the change by modifying their cocktail menu and keeping it interesting every 6 months. You’ll for sure find and try a new cocktail because of it! Keeping things fresh and riveting is the way Trick Dog keep their regulars as well as new customers flooding in. While you’re there you’ll have to try their irresistible food: Trick Dog’s Full Food Menu. Which one of these will you have with your beer? Invite some friends, jump in your luxury car, and take a scenic road trip over to California, explore the beautiful city of San Francisco.

Lost Lake
Located in:
Chicago, Illinois

Where the rum is on tap, and the torches are always lit. Lost Lake is a tiki style bar with a stylish tropic oasis atmosphere with a skilled bartending staff. Their tropical themed mixed drinks are vibrant in color as well as delicious (I’m not joking, check out their amazing drink menu for yourself). The staff will always be decked out in awesome tropical tiki attire along with providing excellent service. You’ll be thinking you’re in Hawaii taking a mini tiki vacation! You can rent out the entire bar for a private party or gathering. Perfect for a tiki themed bachelor/bachelorette party or a huge birthday celebration. If you’re in the Chicago area, you must check out the Lost Lake tiki bar!

Located in:
New York, NY

Porchlight is a bar located in New York, but with excellent southern hospitality. This Northern-Southern bar serve excellent Lunch and Dinner choices, as well as….Brunch. What bar serves brunch? This unique bar is perfect if you decide to start your afternoon off with a delicious Bloody Mary and some irresistible Chicken and Waffles. Porchlight serves up an amazing menu, everything is fresh, and guaranteed delicious. Definitely a go-to if you’re in the New York area, or worth a luxurious roadtrip with some friends. Drive up to New York! A scenic travel route is what you’ll need to get away from the everyday stress in the business world. Chicken and Waffles is an amazing de-stresser. Never had chicken and waffles? Take a luxurious drive to New York and experience an awesome drink selection and some good Southern hospitality at the Porchlight.

The Pet Shop
Located in:
Jersey City, New Jersey

You won’t find any gerbils or hamsters, but whiskey is the only animal you’ll find here (your whiskey spirit animal that is!). The pet shop is a trendy lounge style bar where people can enjoy good company in a laid-back environment. Locals describe this bar as their go-to hangout spot, with healthy food choices, reasonable beer prices and a friendly staff. Good vibes is what you’ll experience here! The Pet Shop is your go-to destination if you’re ready for some good beers and healthy food to snack on. It’s a luxury to sit back, enjoy a few drinks and appreciate some good music.

Located in:
New York, NY

When life gives you lemons, add Gin and Tonic (they have both). When you go to the Seamstress not only are you going to order your drinks from a talented bartender, but you’ll encounter a large drink selection from Gin, Whiskey, Vodka, Wine, Beer, Cocktails, you name it they’ll have it. The dinner menu is nothing but a variety of appetizing choices. Just reading the menu will make you wish you were there. Take a look! After you had a few drinks and enjoyed an awesome dinner, don’t forget about the grand finale, dessert! Experience pure luxury when you try Steamstress’s Chocolate Mousse (72% Cacao Belgium Chocolate), Apple Crisps, and Baked Alaska (Made with Rum Icecream). The perfect place to lounge and experience the luxury of good friends, an awesome dinner and a stress-free hip environment you’ll enjoy!

The bars listed above are perfect for events whether it be for a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, reunion, or an unforgettable date night out. When traveling it’s smart to book a reliable driver to pick you up from the airport to drive you to your destination. You won’t have to worry about how to get there, or drive through hectic traffic in a new city (we all know how irritating that can be). Let the professionals take care of that for you. A professional driver can drive you from the airport to your destination no problem. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy riding in a trendy luxury car through the city. It’ll make your travels easy, efficient, and stress-free. You’ll worry less about driving and more about the sightseeing.


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