Where You Should Host Your Next Business Meeting

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Planning a business meeting, but you want it to be a luxury and not a disaster?

Jump in your Luxury Car or take a luxurious ride from a professional Limousine Service and head on over to your meeting!

Don’t know where you should have this meeting?

Whether you’re a business owner or manager, it’s important to have professional business meetings every now and again. It keeps everything up to date and in order. What do I mean?


The Importance Of Meetings: Business meetings provide the perfect opportunity to deliver a professional and businesslike environment where people can;

  • Share ideas.
  • Learn new skills and stay up to date on evolving business trends.
  • Collaborate on new developments to stay engaged with your clientele.
  • Finding new people and collaborating with companies and local businesses.
  • Encourage teamwork and keeps everyone freshly motivated to move towards a positive direction in the company.

Be aware that there are pros and cons to business meeting locations depending on how many people will be attending, who, and what the meeting entails. It could be a successful meeting which can move the company forward or crumble like a dry cookie.  

Coffee Shops

For this list let’s start small, a coffee shop is a perfect place for a meeting….well let me rephrase that, a LOCAL coffee shop is a perfect place for a meeting.

Why local and not chain? Well, usually with a coffee shop chain it’s popular….meaning they’ll most likely be busy with people talking, hustling and ordering their drinks throughout the day. You want a location where there aren’t as many distractions.

So local it is!


  • Good for meeting up with someone for a small business, usually someone who owns a company working from home. Having a business meeting in your house is frowned upon as well as weird. Don’t be weird,  just meet up at a local Coffee Shop.
  • It’s perfect if meeting up with a client you’re trying to collab with moving their small business forward as well as yours.
  • Perfect environment for a 4 people meeting.
  • Free wifi
  • You get to experience a delicious sip of local brew and a perfect place for a quick bite.


  • Not a great idea for larger meetings, for example; Anything that requires 6 or more people is frowned upon. Coffee shops aren’t all that big in the first place and your business personnel is taking up a whole lot of space. Rude.
  • Can get cluttered and distracting if you’re trying to get a bigger meeting going. This is someplace you go to have a smaller get together or an introduction for meeting a new client or another business person.  


Depending on the restaurant itself of course, it could be a good or bad choice. For an important business meeting with a client or regular company get together it’s critical to be sure the environment is luxurious as well as closed off.

What do I mean?

Well most restaurants (usually the luxurious ones) have rooms for meetings and private parties you can reserved that’s closed off from the rest of the establishment. The closed off walls will provide less distractions and the luxury atmosphere will provide calmness and good energies for the meeting.


  • Provides a tranquil environment as well as your own space to talk the importance of the company and or discuss what the profession gathering entails.
  • You and the invited guest get to munch on some delicious food as well as staying energized and focused on the job entailed.
  • Excellent for a professional small get together and meeting fellow businessmen and other entrepreneurs.
  • Excellent for a meeting of 10 or more people.


  • If the restaurant cannot provide a private section for you, it’s most definitely not the go-to for your next business meeting. You might get stuck sitting next to a loud family or a crying baby.
  • Sitting along with your colleagues out in the open is distracting and unprofessional. You won’t get the point of the meeting across and discussions can easily get in a disarray.
  • Be sure the location of the private room isn’t somewhere near the kitchen, it can make the meeting hot an unbearable for you and your guests.
  • Most restaurants do not provide complimentary wifi.

Luxury Hotel

For the most important business meetings which requires a massive amount of space, a projector and charts to display the most important information. As well as providing enough space for attendees like CEO, leaders as well as management that keeps the company’s gears spinning.

It’s a perfect location if you’re planning on having a major meeting with the higher-ups of the company and want to make sure everything stays on track with current trends of your company’s services/ or product as well as advertising.


  • Usually when you book a meeting with a hotel they will provide a private room large enough for you and your business meeting. They usually have different rooms of different sizes, so when booking be aware of the variety of options.
  • Hotel personnel usually provides fresh water and something to snack on for you and your guests. Most of the time hotels will provide excellent hospitality for people who rent out meeting rooms. Be sure to read reviews of the desired hotel before booking.  
  • Complimentary WiFi, no need to use-up your phone’s hot-spot!
  • Plenty of room for everyone as well as enough space to use a projector/ and or white board for charts and slide-shows.
  • If some are traveling, they can stay at the hotel. You might even make a deal with the hotel and possibly get an excellent rate.


  • It’s a hotel and like any hotel the quality could be luxurious or a nightmare. Be sure to do your research before booking anything. Reading reviews from various resources can come in handy.
  • The meeting room might be too tiny. As said before, do your research before booking.
  • The wifi might be slow. You don’t want to have a professional business meeting where the WiFi is weak. If you’re spending the money to book that room, might as well find something with excellent WiFi. In a world where WiFi access is just as important as air, better safe than sorry.
  • Make sure the hotel you book isn’t a run-down hotel. Book something luxurious. Don’t go too cheap. You get what you pay for when booking a room. You don’t want to be having a meeting and a roach fleeing across the room. Ew.


Whether it’s a big gathering or a small business get together, good luck on your next business meeting! 



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