When’s The Best Time To Visit Florida?

All year round!!

When you think of getting on that plane traveling to your dream vacation spot, what’s one of the locations that come up in mind?

Well, most likely Florida is on that list!

Most people dream of visiting the Sunshine state for a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the abundance of sunshine and attractions this sun-kissed state has to offer. All year round you can expect NO SNOW ever. You can take a break from scrapping the ice off your windshield cause the only cold thing you’ll have to worry about is your refreshing Piña Colada.

Piña Colada: A refreshing cocktail blended with pineapple juice, coconut cream accompanied by rum. Famously known for it’s sweet, tangy taste that’s absolutely irresistible. 

I’m sure you can definitely find one in the,

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Here’s what you can expect all year round in this beautiful sun-kissed state…


You can count on Florida to be everyone’s oasis during the coldest of winters. Since Florida never really steep less than 30 degrees in temperature, it becomes everyone’s go-to when winter hit’s the north hard. As soon as winter gets unbearable, people book their flight and jump on that plane, next stop FLORIDA!

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Things To Do In Florida In Winter: Florida winter is the best time of year to be in Florida. Since there’s no snow, there’s absolutely no worries about icy roads, black ice, or other dangerous road issues that come with snow.

1) Looking to take a dip? Even tho Florida can steep as low as 30 degrees, to some people that’s still pretty chilly to take a dip in the pool. However, not EVERY day is chilly. One day can be 30 degrees and the next 80! Crazy hu? You can plan your weekend just by looking up the weather, it’s pretty unreal almost.

2) Looking for an Adventure? Florida is known for it’s beautiful hiking trails & National Parks. Perfect hiking weather since you’ll be enjoying the warm sun accompanied by cooling shade and gentle winds. Be sure to dress convertible. 

What’s Dressing Convertible? Dressing convertibly means, wearing something that converts to survive different elements of weather. For example: if you’re unsure if it’s gonna get cold or warm that day, wear a tank top but tie a light jacket around your waist.

  • If you’re a girl and not sure it’ll be to warm to wear jeans? Wear some leggings with your dress. You can always take them off if it gets too hot out.

3) Looking for thrills? Florida is swimming in Theme Parks, Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World & Busch Gardens.

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Spring in Florida is perfect for casting a line out and catching some local fish. Fishing is the best thing to do in Spring. There are endless amount of amazing fishing locations in Florida. From lakes, to inlets, to rivers, to ponds, to ocean, on the shore-line, there are so many place you can choose from depending on what kind of fish you can catch!

New Smyrna Beach, Turtle Mound Nations Historic Site, believe it or not is one of Floridian fisher men’s best kept secrets. In Spring, you caste your line out with some live bait shrimp, you’re guaranteed to catch some good sized fish.

Daytona Beach, Sunglow Fishing Pier is the locals favorite go-to when looking for an awesome fishing spot where it’s close enough to buy yourself a beer and grub. It’s located next to the beach and near some local bars.

  • Catch some fish, take a break, have a beer, and go back out! It’s perfect if you just want to fish somewhere that’s not in the middle of no-where. 

Sanford, Historic District has a nearby huge body of water (you really can’t miss it, if you do you can literally ask any of the locals and they will point you to the right direction). It’s popular to see locals park on the side of this huge lake and cast their line out.

  • If you walk by to see what their catching you’ll always see a bucket full of fish! It’s the perfect place to cast you line out if your looking for someplace peaceful. 

Don’t like to use live bait? That’s alright! Frozen squid and oysters work just as well!


I’m not going sweeten this…but Florida summers are CRAZY warm and humid. If you plan on going to Florida around this hottest time of the year, be prepared wear flip-flops and shades.

Water parks is the go-to when deciding on what to do during Florida’s hottest days. Orlando is going to be your water-park oasis! 

  • Disney World have 2 water attractions, Blizzard Beach and typhoon Lagoon. They are both ginormous in size compared to your ordinary water park. With Disney quality water attractions, food and shops. You can’t go wrong. ‘


  • Universal Studios have a new park called Volcano Bay. With brand new attractions that just opened up this year, and amazing tropical atmosphere accompanied by a HUGE volcano slide, you can’t miss Orlando’s newest oasis!

When your done with the water parks, you can end the day by walking around the Orlando Downtown area and enjoy some drinks, and live music. There’s always something big going on in Orlando’s night life! Live music, live performances, shows, and activities for anyone to enjoy.

A beach day is an awesome choice when deciding on what to do in Florida’s most beautiful of summer days.

  • Be sure to start heading out anywhere from 10am – 11am. If you try to enter or make your way up to the beach 12pm or later, you’ll become the victim of tedious Florida traffic. 

Ready To Throw An Epic Beach Party?

  • With soft white sands and ocean water perfect temperature for swimming, you cannot go wrong with this idea. You can either lay back and enjoy the sun, maybe catch a nice tan. Build a sand castle, play volley ball, visit the bars located on the shoreline, eat some awesome truck food, etc. etc.

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What ever you decide to do in Florida just remember to have fun. Be safe when traveling, be aware of crazy drivers and be sure to keep a good enough distance when driving from point A to point B.

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Enjoy your trip!


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