Wheel of Time: A Brief History of the Limousine

The idea of chauffeured automobiledates back to the 1700s. Before this, transportation with chauffeurs existed in the form of horse carriages. This form of transportation was created with the wealthy in mind.

But the limousine, as we know now, isn’t like the present-day limo we know! It took inspiration fromthe Sedan Chair—a mode of transport that relied on human strength. It all started in France, during the 1720s, when the upper class needed a new means of transport.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a photograph of the first limo because photographs weren’t a conceptuntil the 1800s!

Unless we successfully build a time machine, no one will know what it looks like, or who invented it. But there are pictures of the limos from the early 1900s!

Horse-Driven Limos

Before the introduction of modern-day limos, limousines were attached to horses. Just like horse carriages, the carriage would seat people in the back, while being carried by the majestic beasts.

But instead of 3 people, the carriages were longer, making it possible for at least 5 people to be seated. It was after this that the concept of a luxury vehicle started developing.

The Popularity of Limos

Despite being built in the 1700s, limos started taking off in 1930. They were used as a mode of transporting wealthy clients from hotels, to different places.

But what really kicked off their popularity was when they started being used to transport musicians and actors to their studios. They became so popular that you weren’t considered ‘part of the crowd’ if you hadn’t ridden a stretch limousine!

Soon afterwards, the six-door limos were invented. They were originally used for transporting the dead and their family to the funeral.

But that changed with the passage of time. When more and more celebrities started arriving to Hollywood in different types of limos, the more popular they became.

Now limos are synonymous with luxury and class. And that is rightly so!

They are the epitome of luxury and sophistication. With their intricate, unique design, and stylish look, they add a touch of glam to every event.

Modern-Day Limos

Modern-day limousines are still used by the rich and famous to commute. But they are also designed to cater to a much larger audience. With advent of technology, limos have evolved as well. Instead of holding 5–6 people, they can now hold a minimum of 10, and a maximum of 40!

Not only that, there are several types of limos available for hire. Some of these include:

  • The hummer limousine
  • The tank limousine
  • Jaccuzi limousine
  • Town car limousine
  • Stretch limousine
  • Limousine bus

All of these are different types of limousines and come with different features. They have different features, all unique to the type of make and model they are. Like the Jacuzzi Limo has a special Jacuzzi inside. It’s perfect for private parties, weekend getaways, and bachelor parties.

Modern-day limos also come equipped with GPR apps. The chauffeurs use GPRS to track the whereabouts of their client. This not only saves time, it helps in situations where it’s possible to get lost—especially in unfamiliar places!

Modern-day limos are ideal for hosting events, and travelling to events. Like the party bus limos are great for taking a long out-of-town trip. They’re great for hosting private weddings and graduation parties. This is because they’re large in size, accommodating up to more than 40 people at a time.

Travelling in Comfort, Luxury, and Style

A limousine adds a flair of sophistication to the ride. This is exactly why they’re booked on special occasions. They’re popular for weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and corporate events.

Since they’re equipped with world-class facilities, other means of transport cannot compete with them. They are a class of their own.  They help create a lasting impression on your guests, who will be left star-struck.

In addition, they’re great for business meetings. Taking clients on a business trip in a limo will leave a lasting impression on them.

š Other Benefits of a Modern-Day Limousine:

Well-trained drivers: Not everyone can drive a limo. Only the best drivers are chosen to navigate these luxury cars. The drivers are certified, well-trained individuals, who have vast experience behind them.

So individuals can be rest-assured when hiring a limo. The drivers back in 1700s did not have the means of technology to do this. Passengers had to wait long periods of time for their ride to arrive!

High qualityseating: The seat coverings of limousines are built using the finest of materials. This ensures maximum comfort. Furthermore, they help relax passengers, ensuring a stress-free ride.

In addition, passengers who rent a private limo can have the car customized according to their preference. This means they can customize the interior and exterior. Something like this was unimaginable during the 1700s!

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