What’s In The New 2018 Lincoln Limousine Town Car?

“Let Anticipation Give Way To Elation.”
– Enjoy Luxury Riding In A New Lincoln Limousine Town Car

What do you look for in terms of elegance and performance in a vehicle? The 2018 Lincoln Town Car has everything and more in the way of comfort, safety, and dependability. This Limousine Town Car is a first-class luxury vehicle.

When traveling around in South Florida, it is not uncommon to spot luxury cars, such as America’s Favorite, The Lincoln Town Car. From limousine companies to personal use, the town cars are perfect for any occasion that needs transportation!

Experience The Beauty And Comfort Of The New 2018 Lincoln Town Car!

The Lincoln Limousine Town Car is changing form to better cater to your comfort and style.

Lincoln is aiming high with the release of the new 2018 Lincoln Town Car with:

  • Dark privacy tinted windows
  • Leather seats with heating and cooling capabilities
  • Upgraded rear air suspension
  • Reverse camera system
  • Upgraded A/C and heat with insulation
  • Parking sensors
  • An updated navigation system
  • Many other advanced safety features

The New Lincoln Town Car is a perfect choice, whether you are planning a party, corporate travel, business event transportation, or for a safe night out with friends.

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What To Look For In:
The New 2018 Lincoln Limousine Town Car

 Superior Design And Excellent Performance!

The Lincoln Town Car became the most popular limousine in the United States and Canada. The 2018 Lincoln Town Car will feature: rear-wheel drive and new mechanical components with a chassis modeled after the “Ford: Crown Victoria.” Every new feature is designed for safety, power, and comfort.

This vehicle introduced new technologies and features, such as 4-speed overdrive automatic transmissions, fuel-injected engines, and key-less entry.

Features In 2018

Today, the 2018 Lincoln Town Car is even more innovated with talk of a V-10 engine, rather than the standard V-8. The exterior has also been upgraded with high-quality materials and more aerodynamic properties and elegance.

Fuel economy will be in the range of 22 mpg. Even the visibility has been improved by implementing LED technology, which will aid in inclement weather, such as rain or fog.

Rear passengers can enjoy the added feature of additional airflow vents. What more could you ask for in America’s Favorite Passenger Car?

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There Is Real Beauty In Adaptability

The new Lincoln Town Car provides a unique and comfortable experience!

The interior of the 2018 Lincoln Town Car features new adjustable leather seats with perfect position and active motion. The seat back conforms to you and they are also fashioned with heating and cooling systems for your comfort.

In addition, to provide individual leg comfort, there are powered thigh adjusters that extract and retract to your personal preference. To further elevate your experience, the new 2018 Lincoln Town Car seating also includes massage and heating and cooling technology.

Also, the wheelbase has been extended to improve leg space inside the vehicle. The Town Car also features a smart glass tinted sunroof and storage space that has also been improved since the 2017 model.

As Within, So Without

This New 2018 model of the Lincoln Town Car includes:

  • A new rooftop designed for elegance
  • Brand new advanced navigation systems
  • Much larger display and touchscreen
  • A support tray for tablets
  • Airbags and seat belt technology has been upgraded, along with other safety features.

Now available are state of the art entertainment units with high-quality speakers and other multi-media options. What are you waiting for?

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When you book a luxury Town Car with A1A Limo, you will receive comfort and premium ground excitement of South Florida, as well as creating new memories with your traveling companions.

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Author: Ryan Lubin


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