What Your Suit Can Say About You

Looking through your wardrobe trying to find the right suit to wear for that big business meeting you’ve been waiting for? This opportunity could be the big break you’ve been hoping for in your professional career. You have everything you need packed up in your suitcase ready to go, all you need now is to find something to wear. Your suit can can say a lot about you so wearing the right one is important, since first impressions are crucial. Want to know what your suit says about you? We’ll let you in on what we know:


The Fit

The way your suit fits can say a whole lot about a person. When a suit fits poorly on a person it could possibly mean you’re disorganized and have no care. But you DO care, and you are NOT disorganized. But they don’t know that, first impressions remember?

A suit too tight or too baggy is not okay. How can you tell? Your suit will tell you. You heard me right, it will literally tell you; if your suit is too tight the folds in your suit-jacket will make an “x” shape in center where your buttons are. If it’s too baggy the suit will look droopy. If you’re suit sleeves don’t line up with your thumb knuckle, your sleeves are too short.

When buying a suit make sure you go to a store that specializes in suits. They will most definitely have someone who can give you the proper measurements and help you find the proper suit size just for you! A fitted suit looks good, suave, and very professional.


Did you know color can play a big role with clothes? It can say a whole lot about you. Especially of course, your suit. What does color have to do with picking out a suit? Well, let me explain:

Red is a risky color but can be effective depending on what you’re going for. When you wear red it says “you’re not afraid to stand out” but it could also mean “you’re aggressive”.

Orange is a good color….to wear for brunch! Not a good idea for a professional interview, unless it’s an interview in court…as a convict! Wearing an orange suit in a business meeting is unprofessional, so please no orange suit.
However, if you wear orange for your everyday-wear ensemble, it can say “you are creative and ambitious”.

Green is an interesting one, cause different shades can mean different things. Light green isn’t very professional as a business suit. Light green can say you’re greedy since people associate light green with money. You don’t want to ever come off as greedy in your business meetings. However, a darker earth tone green is very professional and can give your suit ensemble a good pop of color. What does earth tone green mean? It says you’re a relaxed easy going person but at the same time you’re ready to impress and to start business.

Blue is an excellent color choice for your suit. Blue means loyalty and confidence. It says, “I’m a calm and collective person you can trust”. Blue is one of the best choices of color for a business suit. Wearing blue can also mean you’re a team player and excellent working with others.

Black suits are popular as well as the most common. It’s a good neutral color and an excellent go to. Black suits are slimming as well as giving you the classic timeless look. When you wear a well fitted black suit it says “you’re a leader”. But too much black can also mean you’re “Authoritative” which can come off as bossy. Throw in a pop of color like white, and a bit of blue. What a trendy and attractive combo!

Brown is another excellent color. When wearing a brown suit can say “you’re a committed and stable person who is confident” it can also mean you’re “trustworthy and ready to come up with some awesome ideas”. However, too much brown can also say you’re dull and boring.

Grey is the most sophisticated on the list. Grey can be a confidence booster as well as the opposite. Wearing grey for a short time is fine, but when you wear too much of it or all of the time, it can be a downer. Grey is formal as well as a depressing color. Grey is okay when going to an interview, you’ll look good but there are better color choices out there for you.


Color and the way your suit fits can say a whole lot about a person. That first impression is important, always remember to dress to impress when going to any professional or business meeting.


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