What You Need To Know Before Booking That Wedding Venue

When a couple finally gets engaged they feel as is if they’re on top of the world. Everything seems obtainable and possible…until the wedding planning begins. So many options and possibilities run through your head when thinking about where and when the wedding could be. Maybe the fall? Summer? Winter? Maybe it’s too cold to have an outdoor wedding? Too hot in the summer?

For the bride, you’ll need room for that elegant limousine entrance. Room for photographers to capture only but the best moments of your wedding. Limousines make excellent photo opportunities for both the Bride & Groom. It’ll turn any scene into an elegant, luxurious setting.

Soon after the couple gets engaged they are often asked by everyone 2 simple questions: 

“Congratulations! Whens the big wedding date?”


“Where are you planning on getting married?”

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When you 2 finally buckle down and start the planning process, the first thing you’ll look for is the venue. Where you’re going to have the ceremony and where you’d like to reception to be. Finding these locations is easier said than done.

♥ How Many? 

This includes:

Obviously the Bride & Groom – A space large enough for your first dance as a married couple.

Bridesmaids  & Groomsmen – Space large enough to accommodate your favorite people as they stand next to you on this special day.

Mom, Dad, Guests – Enough seating space for everyone to be there for the ceremony, and room to boogie on the dance floor during the reception.

Kids – They’ll need room to be kids.

Photographers – Be sure there’s enough wiggle room for the photographer to capture precious moments!

DJ / Live Music – They’ll need room for a stage for instruments & DJ equipment.

Most people would have their ceremony at the same place as their reception, however, that’s not how it works out for some weddings. Sometimes you’ll have to find 2 places, one for the reception and another for the ceremony. here’s what you’ll need to look for, for both.

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♥ Where to? 

Hmmm, where to? Now that you know how many people will be attending your wedding, where are you gonna have it?

Luxurious Wedding Locations


 This one is probably the easiest out of all, the ceremony location. When you look for a location don’t just pick any place…you only get married once, make it special, do your research! Discuss with your significant other about what their dream wedding location is like. Talk about it among each other. Come up with an awesome list, starting from your favorite choice!

  • Whether it be in a church, on the beach, on a mountain, in a beautiful grassy field, at a gorgeous park, historic castles, anything is possible. People even get married underwater! For real, scuba diving weddings is a thing!


  • Think on how many people you’re thinking of inviting to this event. Get a rounded number in your head. If you’re inviting 400 plus people, maybe a wedding in a tiny church isn’t a great idea. – Or, if you plan on inviting 50 people, then maybe someplace HUGE might not be the best.


  • While you’re touring the place, be sure to ask about decorations. Remember, some places don’t allow additional decor. Always ask first!


When you look for the place to have the reception, it’s going to take a little bit more planning compared to the ceremony. With the reception, you’ll need to plan out tables, chairs, dance floor, where the mini bar will stand, kitchen for the caterers, stage for live music or DJ, figuring out if the restrooms are indoor or outdoor, etc. etc. It can get pretty messy planning for this one.

♥ Need Some Help With Decorating? ♥

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What you need to look for

How many tables & chairs? You’ll want to fit all the tables and chairs. Most reception places provide this, but don’t just assume, ask. Some places DO NOT. It’s awesome to know this ahead of time when you’re viewing locations with your future husband or wife.

  • You’ll want to know the size, let’s say the catering company is going to provide enough tables and chair for everyone. You’ll need to know the dimension and quantity of tables you’ll be setting up. For example: if the reception area is tiny, there’s a possibility you won’t be able to fit everything. It would be one sardine wedding!

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Dance floor & DJ: You’ll need a dance floor for your first dance with your significant other as a married couple, as well as for your guests as it comes time to boogie.

  • Your DJ would need some space (or stage) for his equipment and lighting. If you’re hiring live music, then you’ll have to be sure you can accommodate space for their instruments.

Your caterers need a kitchen? Most of the time they do, and most places have a kitchen attached to the facility you’ll be using. However, some places would have you book both the kitchen AS WELL as the reception hall. Be sure the kitchen is included to avoid chaos on your big day.

  • The size of the kitchen is also important, be sure it can accommodate all the food and that HUGE traditional cake you’ll be having.

Are there rooms where the Bride & Groom can get ready in? Usually with reception halls they provide multiple rooms, the reception hall, card room, etc. etc. Be sure the rooms where the Bride and Groom will get ready in are far apart from each other.

  • Don’t forget about the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids! They’ll need space to get ready too.

How do you know it’s the one?  Kinda like how you knew your significant other was the one. Your heart knows, you’ll know in your gut it’s the perfect place. If it’s the one, it’s the one!

♥ Your Ride 

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, you never want to choose the first venue, dress, cake you can find – you’ll want only but the best! Same goes for A1A Limousine Service, with us luxury is a standard. We’re proud to say we’re the best in the luxury transportation business. Our staff understand the importance of making your wedding as perfect as possible. We’ll go above and beyond to help create that special day!

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