What is a Limo Service Without Its Chauffeur?

A limousine service is far more than just a limo rental. When you book a ride with a limousine company, you are getting a quality limo service, luxury transportation, and top-security by professionals. These driving experts are what we call, Chauffeurs.


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What Exactly Is A Chauffeur?

“Won’t you be my Chauffeur?”

Chauffeur’s are well known as personal drivers for luxury vehicles, but what does that actually mean for you? Certainly, you could hire just about anyone to drive you around, however, there is a kind of elegant ring to the name that makes it intriguing.

Chauffeur Meaning: “A Chauffeur is a Personal Concierge that has had extensive training in safe, luxury ground transportation.”

Deciding on whether to go with a luxury sedan/SUV, an elegant limousine or a party bus? Having the right Chauffeur can help you narrow down the choice that is most suitable for your needs.



Do Chauffeurs Do More Than Drive?

You might be wondering what other services that Chauffeur’s offer and you won’t be disappointed to find out. You can expect that when you use a luxury limo rental service, you’ll receive the most elite perks before, during and, after transit, such as:


  • Your Chauffeur will get the door for you.


  • There is the option for a scenic route.


  • All of your luggage will be safely carried, not carted around.


  • A smooth cruise means you won’t spill your drink.


  • Privacy, safety, and security are of utmost importance.


It’s easy to see that using a limousine service is preferred for many reasons, one being the elegance of having a chauffeur. With that being said, look no further to learn what a limo is and why you should be enjoying all of the amenities that come with it!


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Top Notch Service For A Variety Of Occasions

“Nothing says good morning like a stretch limousine.”

Using a limousine service doesn’t have to be all about the traditional stretch limo. Maybe you want something a little bit extra than a limousine car. When you have several luxury options to choose from, why stick to tradition?



What Is A Limo Equipped With?

Limo Meaning: “Limo, short for limousine, is a large, luxury car or bus usually driven by a chauffeur who takes people to and from destinations.”

Limousine rental can be for any occasion, the possibilities are endless. Can you believe that the going limousine price may be cheaper than a taxi cab and limos are more reliable than calling a cab or Uber? When booking a limo rental service, you have the power of choice.


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Explore Your Options 


Luxury Sedan

The Mercedes Benz is one of the most popular luxury travel vehicles. This is a comfortable cruise for up to 4 passengers and perfect for simple transit, in privacy. Enjoy heated seats, satellite radio, and tinted glass. Perfect for an evening out on the town with that special someone.



Luxurious Stretch SUV

Heading out for that wedding reception? Renting a sleek SUV will cover all of your needs and more. Stretch SUV’s come fully equipped with plush, heated, leather seating, a beverage bar and ambient lighting. You and your loved ones will stylishly arrive at your destination in no time!



Sprinters & Passenger Vans

Think, “Mini” Party Bus! It’s always a good time to have a great time and what more could you ask for than your very own party bus. Holding up to 15 passengers, the fun never ends in a ride like this. Perfect for Bachelorette & Bachelor parties or even prom rental. Show up and show off your sweet ride while experiencing the pure elegance of limo service.



Mini Motor Coach

Have you ever wanted to travel like the movie stars? Perhaps, you want to feel like one and you can accomplish just that in a mini motor coach! Get fancy in superior, first class, luxury ground transportation. If you want to grab all the guys and hit up the sports arenas or take a class tour of a historic location, a mini motor coach is right for you!



Ultimate Party Bus

Let’s get this party started! Have you always wanted to party on a bus but didn’t know where to find the perfect one? Look no further than renting from a limo service. Party buses are the cream of the crop when it comes to luxury transportation. These mega buses are empowered with flat screen TVs, a full beverage selection, DVD players and even more supreme amenities that you are welcome to.



Luxury Ground Transportation

It’s never been a better time to shine! Now you know about limousines and personal chauffeurs. It is wise to check out your limo service and everything they offer ahead of time. Make sure they are true professionals with your safety in mind. On that note, we’ve made it easier than ever to reach that goal.

Don’t be shy, check out A1A Airport and Limousine Service today to find the best Chauffeur and most fulfilling ride of your life. Chauffeurs go with limousines like peanut butter goes with jelly. Book with A1A Limo for sporting events, concerts, school outings, and even weddings! No matter what you desire, we’ve got the match to your fire. Book with A1A Limo and find a Chauffer for hire.


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