What Does Your Tie Say About You?

Did you know your tie can talk? It’s talking right now! What’s it saying? Well…

have you ever been stuck in front of the closet deciding on what color tie to wear? It’s a pop of color, a statement, that *ties* an entire business ensemble together. We want to look elegant as we walk out of our limousine. With a whole spectrum of colors to choose from, how can you be sure you’re picking the right one? Follow these tips to know what color is right for every occasion, how others around you will react, and what your tie color says about you.

Red is a bold color that is mostly seen on those who have power.

  • Politicians and businessmen commonly sport this color as a way to portray themselves as confident leaders.


  • If you are going for a more wholesome look, red may not be your color– although this color represents ambition and strength, it may also imply that you are untrustworthy.

Green is usually associated with growth and peace.

  • Show off at your next business meeting by wearing a green tie and present yourself organically.


  • Green can also convey a loud message of money (and sometimes greed), so be careful not to wear a green that’s too bright! You don’t want to be seen wearing light green anyway. Not a good choice when it comes to assembling your professional ensemble.

Blue Looking to come off a little cooler?

  • Blue is usually the go-to color when choosing ties for most people. It shows class, elegance and sophistication.


  • This elegant color sends a calming message to those around you, similar to a refreshing ocean breeze. It also implies that you are self-sufficient and dependable, a perfect color for winning over those prospective employers at interviews. While still calming, navy blues portray more of an authoritative figure and may also imply sincerity and integrity.

Yellow is bright and in your face, just like someone who loves to wear a yellow tie with their suits.

  • Yellow is a bit more casual, but definitely shows your colleagues that you are optimistic about your work.


  • If you see someone in a yellow tie, know that they are prepared and ready to take on whatever life throws at them (especially lemons!)

Black tie affairs call for elegance and exclusivity.

  • You can spot a black tie in any upscale event. Classic and timeless, a plain black tie is a common color to go to for any formal meeting. Be careful in black, someone may mistake you for a government agent or body-guard because with great black ties comes great responsibility.


  • Although a fully black ensemble may come off a bit angsty or even overdressed, it’s a great choice to stay neutral and business-oriented. Too much black can be a bit much. You don’t want to look like an unlockable character from a video-game. You want to dress simplistic as well as elegant, so adding that pop of color can go a long way.

Pattern Do you want to be remembered for the tie you wore or who you are as an individual?

  • A patterned tie is the perfect statement for that creative individual in your life.


  • Patterns can range from simple stripes and polka-dots to intricate floral arrangements and even depictions of murals.


  • There’s so many designs to choose from for every occasion and it’s a sure way to show those around you that you are ready for anything.


  • Too much pattern however can mean you’re chaotic. You want to be wearing something that seems tamed and clean-cut. Too much going on can be distracting. Do you want your colleagues to have their eyes on you when you talk? Or on your crazy tie you decided to put on? Choosing the right pattern can make a huge difference.

Now that you’ve gone through the motions of choosing which tie color is right for you, now is the time to tighten that tie and get moving! Hop in your luxury car and head on your way to blow that next business meeting out of the water.

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