Want To Travel In Luxury? Broke? We’ve Got You Covered!

You- I want to travel more…” 

Your Bank Account- “You mean like to the park?


Your bank account should have no control over your travel-life, if you want to get up and travel go do it! There are ways to pinch pennies and at the same time have the best traveling experience of your life.

You don’t need to break the bank. Luxury is not as expensive as you imagined. Hard work pays but it is advisable to find time out of your busy schedule to travel to amazing places (Traveling can inspire and do wonders for your health), enjoy luxury car rental provided by our excellent Limousine Service, eat delicious meals and above all, create memories you’ll never forget.

Relax and have a few drinks at a local bar in one of the cities you might travel to! You might be able to catch a happy hour and find a great deal on some drinks. Penny pitching at it’s finest. Some bars are defiantly worth the road trip.

Here are some fun-filled places to visit on a budget.

Branson Missouri 

  • Branson offers a tremendous number of activities to do and see for free! This city is perfect for everyone, excellent vacation spot for families, and lovers.


  • Table Rock Lake is one of those places perfect for making memories. Everything from the beautiful crystal clear lake, 500 miles of gorgeous shoreline and peaceful campgrounds creates the perfect spring vacation spot for the family. Or if you decide to go with just a group of friends! 


  • With such beautiful atmosphere it’ll be easy for anyone to sit back, relax and enjoy life. Don’t forget to grab some fishing poles cause it’s the go-to spot for fishing.


  • Skiing and paddle boarding is a must, but don’t worry about falling over, cause you’ll just splash into the beautiful waters of this amazing lake! Perfect for swimming during this time of year.



  • Obviously Shepherds of the Hills Fish Hatchery is a…well…fish hatchery! It produces up to 400,000 pounds of trout each and every year. This facility includes a conversation center (where the public can learn more about this interesting farming culture as well as aquatic life and fishing). This educational center is open all year long and free of charge!


  • This incredible learning facility includes a hiking path, wildlife viewing, as well as a peaceful picnic area so you and the family can enjoy some home packed sandwiches.


  • Lets not forget the Lakeside Wilderness Arena, Henning State Forest, Moonshine Beach, and Curling Vine Winery which are also excellent choices for anyone traveling to this state, all includes free parking! (Every penny count!)

South Padre Island Texas

  •  Aside from the numerous numbers of well-furnished affordable rooms on this island, South Padre is one of the best beach destinations you would want to visit on a budget. It’s Texas’s most famous beach and it’s yours to enjoy. Perfect destination for a luxurious road trip drive over. 


  • You’ll enjoy this lovely city on Texas’s shore, there’s so much too do. Anywhere from the sunny beach (which is perfect during this time of year, Spring is here! Grab your swim trunks!), arts n’ culture, dolphin watch, tours, water parks, sea turtles, bird watching, and even sand castle lessons.


  • Try out their Bayside Water Rentals and enjoy huge discounts for you and your family, where you can rent boats, stand up paddle boards, and canoes. Perfect for gliding through the pretty waters of this Texas shoreline. Perfect for someone who’s traveling on a budget, since they do discounts for groups of people! So just give them a call and ask what kind of deals they can provide for you. 

  • The food, this blog is about how to save money while traveling to these places and we got you covered. There are a ton of restaurants to choose from. Meaning you can com to South Padre with any kind of budget and still get by.
  • You can find a cheap delicious meal from one of the amazing local restaurants. Be sure to check out a restaurant that gives excellent portion sizes. (…Everything is bigger in Texas, even their food portion sizes). Big enough to split with someone! Save that money!


  • Lets not forget it’s one of the best Spring Break locations in the US. A road trip worth the drive! Or if you are flying instead of driving, a Luxury Car Rental is cheaper than a cab and can take you to and from the airport efficiently and on time!

Speaking of efficiency…

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Ouachita trail, Arkansas and Oklahoma

  • If you’re looking for an opportunity to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world then the Ouachita trail is the best place for you. 


  • The Ouachita is the longest trail in Arkansas and Oklahoma. It’s 192 miles long of pure peacefulness and bliss. Elevations can range from 600 up to 2,600 feet as you stroll through the different terrains of valleys and mountains. You’ll enjoy the peaceful sounds of nearby streams.


  • Definitely a go-to for an adventurous yet amazingly peaceful hike fill of bliss. It’ll for sure give you inspiration, everything is so beautiful. This is a hike everyone should experience sometime in their lives. Such refreshing forest scenery can make any soul feel at peace.

  • There are awesome attractions you must go to when hiking through Ouachita Trail such as; Picnic areas, several recreation areas with lakes and valleys. The best place for a peaceful picnic!


  • This hiking trail is one of the healthiest and most affordable ways to enjoy the outdoors and all it entails. Admission is free. No worries. Just enjoy!

Yellowstone National Park

  • Unlike the old days National Parks are no longer free, a fee is required. One of the best national parks to visit on a budget is Yellowstone. But you’ll defiantly get your money’s worth. On the plus-side, your dog can join you on your adventure, Yellowstone National Park is pet friendly. As long as you don’t forget to pick up after your pet! However, there may be a few trails and paths that don’t allow dogs, so always ask ahead of time. 


  • Occasionally Yellow Stone National Park may announce a free entry limited time offer, amazing right? This offer usually runs for about 10 days, so keep your eyes peeled for this freebie! 

  • To enjoy Yellowstone on a budget be aware of gas prices. They’re expensive around the National Park area since gas stations are limited and you wont see another for miles. It’s wise to fill up your gas tank before taking a luxury road trip that way.


  • Don’t forget to pack a lunch. It’s the perfect place to eat your lunch outdoors, then take a lovely calorie burning walk on the beautiful trails of Yellowstone.

How to eat on a budget while traveling

  • Rule number 1: pack your lunch. You will be surprised at the amount of money you’ll save just by following this rule. Well, it doesn’t need to be a three-course meal, something simple, easily preserved and light.


  • Take a sandwich for example; you could stock up its supplies in a cooler.


  • The next thing is to put to good use of the hotel mini-fridge. Hey, you’re paying for the room, right? Might as well enjoy your pay to the last cent. The mini fridge in your room comes in handy when it comes to storing leftovers. Nothing to be shy about, whenever you go out to eat, request they wrap up the food you couldn’t finish and store it in your mini fridge.

  • It comes in handy the next morning/afternoon because you won’t have to spend money on breakfast.


  • Lastly, it’s okay to treat yourself to a nice meal in an exquisite restaurant, no doubts about that. But when you are on a budget, try not to order the most expensive dinner, remember it’s mostly not about the food but more of exploring and making memories with people you are traveling with.

Use a Luxury Car Ground Transportation Service

  • Who says you can’t enjoy a luxury car on a budget? Of course, you can! Our limousine service is highly affordable, accessible to request for, super-efficient, and gives you a unique feel at the start of your trip.


  • Using a limousine service from the airport adds more excitement to your vacation plus there is enough space for the whole gang to be merry, sip on wine and plan the rest of your trip on the way.

  • It is a lot more efficient than using an Uber app as your ride will be on standby waiting for you at the airport, rather than hopping into an Uber as pretty much anyone could be an Uber driver.


  • Our chauffeurs have undergone series of training and will make sure you experience the best limousine service of your life, which is way much better than expensive taxi fare, or renting a car. 

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