Vietnam Food Culture

For all lovers of fine cuisine, there are not many better options than to visit Vietnam. Visiting Vietnam food culture is part of the adventure! Boasting great flavor, Vietnamese food offers a great experience for those who love salty, sour, sweet, or hot.

Next time you decide to travel to Vietnam, planning your itinerary around the great foods that wait for you. In addition it’s important to note that the types of foods are not the only factor to consider when planning your Vietnam travel.

Furthermore, vietnamese cities are notorious for its plethora of street-side food, which may help you plan out the places to visit in Vietnam. For those who are not veterans in travel, these food options from may dictate where to go in Vietnam.


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Mouth watering pho is arguably the most well-known dish to come out of Vietnam food culture. Pho is the Vietnamese adaption of the Fresh soup pot au feu, or French beef stew. It has a savory flavor that is created by layering broth. For the purest form of Pho, a trip to Vietnam is surely riveting!

The two best places to visit in Vietnam for this delicacy are Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city), and the capital city of Hanoi. The tastes of Pho are different in the north than it is in the south, so trying both are a must. While Pho is traditionally thought of as the noodle dish, there are different variations of this dish.



Banh Mi

With a single-serve baguette, the Banh Mi is a delicious Vietnamese sandwich featuring a fusion of meats and vegetables from Vietnamese cuisine. A variation of the Banh Mi sandwich was developed in the 1950s in the city of Saigon and since then has only been handmade to perfection for maximum delight.


Additionally, the insides of the Banh Mi are known to include:

  • Pork belly
  • Vietnamese sausage
  • Grilled chicken
  • Soft pork meatballs (swimming in tomato sauce)
  • Tofu



Banh Xeo (Crispy Pancake)

Banh Xeo is a delicious fried pancake made from rice flour, water and turmeric powder. It can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients according to preference and is served with either vegetables or meat.

You will generally find the best Banh Xeo in Saigon, in either a restaurant or at street-side. Another delicious way to experience Vietnam food culture!



Mi Quang

Mi Quang is a Vietnamese noodle dish that hails from Quang Nam Province in central Vietnam. Served at occasions such as family parties and death anniversaries.


Mi quang is made with:

  • Rice noodles
  • Shrimp
  • pork
  • chicken


In addition, this meal is rich with flavor and is one of the most popular/recognized dishes in central Vietnam. This dish alone makes it worth it to make central Vietnam one of the top places to visit in Vietnam.



Com Tam (Broken Rice)

Vietnam food culture isn’t complete without Com Tam, or broken rice. It’s a dish served with fractured rice gains. This delicacy can be served with vegetables and meat.

Layered with a bed of pork, Com Tam is among the top choices of cuisine in Saigon. Com Tam by itself can be served and eaten with almost any food options within Vietnam’s vast repertoire of dining.



Chao Lau

Delicious Chao Lau is a dish only found in the town of Hoi An, in the Quang Nam Province of Central Vietnam. Chao Lau achieves a very specific taste and texture, aiding by the water and greens only found in the surrounding area.

This dish is made with noodles and pork and brings an array of flavors. The pork generally used from this dish is a Chinese influencing Xa Xiu (Cha siu). Therefore, simply refers to the way the barbecue meat is in preparation for serving with Cao Lau.


Cha ca

Hanoi offers its very own specialty dish of the Cha ca. These fish cakes are lightly seasoned and either fried, steaming or baking to perfection. Usually made with either tilapia or mackerel.

In other words, this dish packs a powerful flavor being marinated in turmeric. In addition is flowing over rice noodles with peanuts and a fermenting in Vietnamese shrimp sauce.


Goi cuon

Goi cuon, or Vietnamese spring rolls, prove to be a fantastic appetizer to begin any great meal. These can be made by combining pork, vegetables, prawn, and other ingredients. It is served with either a delicious peanut sauce or Vietnamese fish sauce.

Common in most establishments throughout the entirety of Vietnam, Goi cuon is a must-try for any lover of fine cuisine.



Bun cha

Bun cha is a dish of grilled pork and Vietnamese noodles. Originating in Hanoi, this dish is best served with grilled fatty pork, over a plate of rice noodles and herbs. Furthermore, it’s customary to have side of dipping sauce with this dish.

Therefore, provides an abundance of flavor and can be a staple in any Vietnamese diet.



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