Upcoming Events Every Business Owner Should Attend

Want to know why business events are important? We couldn’t say it better than these people:

My life changed of a sudden in 2015 when I began to added high class conferences and corporate event; I met so many dignitaries who offered invaluable assistance to me by giving me business ideas…………… Mark Lee

I met with notable entrepreneurs in the San Francisco corporate web design and UX conference of 2015, we exchanged contacts and formed a sort of mutual friendship, through their channels and connections, and I landed some bank-breaking deals with my transportation company.

Above all, I was inspired by these young, intelligent men and women to be a GO-GETTER, if they can do it, then I can too. ……….. Michael Scott.

Now, going to conferences and a corporate event is not the issue, the major obstacle lies in identifying the ones that are worth your time and money and the ones that are futile.

That’s why we have assisted you in compiling this list with some of the most engaging and beneficial corporate conferences you can attend late this year with some of their venues.

Without further ado, let us begin

1. The Web Summit

The Web summit is taking place on 6th to 9th of November, 2017 in Portugal. Web submit arguably the biggest corporate event of the season with more than forty thousand guests from all over the globe which includes top CEO’s, investors And senior transportation doyens.

When: November 6th to 9th
Where: Lisbon, Portugal

When: November 3rd to 6th
Where: Los Angeles, CA

2. The Summit in LA

The Summit happening at Los Angeles and holding on 3rd to 6th of November. The summit clears the path for you to meet leaders in luxury hotels, culture, and heritage, techs, and startups.

The major objective is to form a convergence consisting of the most intuitive minds from various professions to exchange ideas.

3. Women's summit
organized by INC.com

The planets most influential leaders and CEO’s are always present in this mind-blowing corporate event. 2016 INC.com women’s summit privileged to welcome the likes of ace tennis player Serena William and Corcoran Barbara as guest speakers.

The gig about this remarkable event is to encourage and motivate women leaders.

When: TBD (2016 was in early November)
Where: New York City, NY

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4. Lean startup event/conference: it held late October in 2016 so our guess is as good as the same would happen this year, it holds in San Francisco. This corporate event holds for seven days to fully engross its attendees in the techniques of lean startup made famous by Eric Ryes.

5. INC.5000: usually takes place on 10th to 12h of October at the palm desert. The INC 5000 is one of the most celebrated corporate events in history. The INC.5000 welcomes a list of the most promising startups in the USA, in this three days corporate event, you get to listen to motivational speeches and rub shoulders with some of the world’s most influential personnel and controllers of industries aviation, transport business, mining, etc

2018 Events You Don't Want To Miss!

Since we are approaching 2018, we took it upon ourselves to make a comprehensive list of series of corporate events we believe could come in useful in the development of your entrepreneurship journey.

Whatever industry you’re in “transportation business or limo service, mining, agriculture or cosmetics” we are very positive you would see one or two conferences on our list that would grab your attention.

However, because these events are to take place next year, we do not know some of their venues or ticket fee, the card payment and location will be on a “TBD” basis “TO BE DISCLOSED.”

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6. e-Publishing and print conference: this corporate event is going to be happening on the 6th to 8th of June 2018 in New Orleans, here you get to meet with PDF experts, Adobe experts, illustrators, cartoonist, Photoshop gurus and e-pub professional.

Attending this corporate event transforms you into an expert versed in almost anything that has to do with design and publishing.

7. The world business forum: takes place on 31st to 32nd of May, 2017 at Australia. Here, you listen to a memorable speech from amazing groups of entrepreneurs, motivational speakers who are doing extremely well in their respective lines of profession, breaking new grounds every day and setting a pace for others to follow.

Here you would be motivated and moved by cool ideas, innovative strategies you can even adopt in your own business to make a breakthrough.

8. 99U: this corporate event will take place on the 9th to 11th of may at New York, to be candid having good ideas are as good as useless if you can’t engage yourself into turning those great ideas into a profitable solution to others problem.

At 99U summit, you would learn from great visionaries on how they became successful; you also learn how to transform your ideas from just a mere illusion to an active reality.

9. Forbes women’s summit: dates, venue and ticket price is undisclosed, for now. The conference is strictly by invitation. However, interested people can choose to request an invitation, after assessment of such individual by the organizers of the event, an invitation will be granted if the person is found worthy.

If you are looking for a place to learn how to metamorphose a firm or organization with remarking entrepreneurship ideas, then the Forbes women’s summit is just the right place.

In the Forbes women’s summit, you mix with others who are making significant changes in the society, you also learn about the technical know-how of building a startup and most importantly, changing the old perspective of the public when it comes to women in leadership roles.