Unique Masters Tournament Facts Most Fans Didn’t Know About

Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Sam Snead, Gary Player, all these men have one thing in common;

Well 2 things in common, they all drive the finest luxury cars as well as being some of the greatest champions in Masters history!

The Masters is the first gold major of the season; it’s the only gold major that’s played on the same course every year. This amazing tournament is played at Augusta, and it’s a golf tournament like no other. Only the best of the best play here! The Master’s is rich in tradition as well as history. Only but a few can be lucky (as well as skilled enough) to have the opportunity to play on this famous course, walk on it’s historic grounds and smell it’s freshly fallen pine needles. It could easily fall on our list of Best Places To Travel In Your 30’s.

The Masters is the brainchild of Bobby Jones, the only golfer to ever win all four majors in a single calendar year back in 1930 but his everlasting legacy was the creation of the Augusta National Golf Club which has played host to The Masters since 1943.

Are you a huge fan of The Master’s Tournament?

Get ready for the Ultimate Masters facts most fans overlook, or never knew about.

Were you aware of these facts?

“The Masters”?

  • The name “The Masters” was coined by Clifford Roberts in 1938 though the iconic Bobby Jones was never a fan- referencing the tournament as late as 1963 as “the so-called Masters.”


  • Originally called “Augusta National Invitation” in 1934.


  • After failure of popularity co-founders Jones and Roberts decided to branch off their own tournament which we all now know as “The Masters Tournament”.


  • Finally in 1939 the name “The Master’s Tournament” stuck and has been the name ever since.

The Augusta Was Almost Never Built

  • The building of the Augusta National almost never happened, and in fact it remained an economic burden through World War II: Founded at the start of the Great Depression, the original business plan stated that it was made for only 1800 members, but when the first Masters was held in 1934, the club had only 76 playing members.


  • In fact, the club couldn’t afford to play the first winner, Horton Smith, or any of the other top finishers until 17 members contributed to it. In 1946, the delivery of the winner’s plaque to Herman Keiser was delayed to allow for the club and its members to pay for the silver.

The Door Were Shut At Bill Gates

  • Membership of The Master’s club is very exclusive, and it has been famously said that asking for an invite will make them take longer to grant you one. Tech billionaire Bill Gates was a victim of this exclusivity as he was famously shut out for five years.

When Did The Green Jacket Tradition Start?

  • Club members began wearing the green jacket in 1939 as a way of patrons to recognize them if they needed help with any issues or had questions about the tournament or golf course.


  • It wasn’t until 1939 that the tradition of awarding the tournament winner a green jacket began, and Sam Snead was the first player to don the green jacket after winning the masters.

What About The Championship Dinner?

  • In 1952, Ben Hogan proposed a champions dinner to gather all previous tournament winners and the idea was accepted by the “green coats” and since then has become a yearly event.


  • The winner of the previous year’s tournament was given the honor of selecting the menu for the following year’s dinner.

What’s Not Allowed?

  • Every golf course has its own rules, and the Augusta National Golf Course is no different, and they are particularly serious about these rules.


  • There’s no running allowed, neither are people allowed to lie on the ground and there’s absolutely no cell phones or electronic devices allowed anywhere near the course.

Decorum Is A Priority

  • Masters Officials are known to remove tournament announcers who don’t follow decorum.


  • Using words such as “fans” or “spectators” is not allowed. They must be called Patrons or Gallery, and famous announcers including Jack Whitaker and Gary McCord have been kicked off the air for flouting rules of decorum.

An Authentic Masters Jacket Was Once Purchased For $5 At A Thrift Shop

  • The iconic green jackets of The Masters, custom made for tournament winners was somehow purchased by an unsuspecting golf fan in 1994 at a thrift shop in Toronto for $5.


  • The Augusta National confirmed the authenticity of the jacket and determined it was from the 1950’s. The lucky thrifter went on to sell the jacket for nearly $140,000 in 2017.


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