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All of us have that skill we aim to sharpen during our free-time. Most of us refer to them as “hobbies”, however, you might be sitting on a money making skill-set! Whether it be knitting, drawing, painting, limousine enthusiast, cooking, blogging, crafting, dog training, gardening, computer repair, etc. etc, you might potentially be sitting on a successful business idea or a craft to rake in supplemental side money.

For success you’ll want to strive for:

Entrepreneur Characteristics:

  • Someone passionate as well as motivated

  • A risk taker

  • Hard Worker

  • Disciplined Dedication 

  • Adaptable 

  • Excellent self control when it comes to money

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Confident

Most people believe activities like these are non-profitable hobbies you only do on your free-time. However, they are wrong. You can turn any skill into a successful money maker! How can you turn your craft into a money making innovating business idea? well…

Knowing Your Hobby / Skill Set

The first step is knowing what exactly your hobby or skill set entails. Meaning you’ll have to know FOR SURE what you’d want to do. Keeping your ideals in line is excellent when planning for a business.

For Example:

If your hobby is cooking, you’ll want to narrow down what exactly you’ll want to market. You can be specific; Do you want your business to be a bakery where you bake the most delicious of baked goods? Or are you more of a meal maker? Like fish dinners, steak, and sandwiches? Maybe you’re hook is a vegan kitchen, where you only cook things that’s vegan.

Knowing your hook is important. If you market yourself as being a “vegan” chef, maybe making a steak & egg dinner and blasting it all throughout your social media is a bad idea.

Knowing what and WHO you’d want to market to is important.

Want to sharpen your business skills as a new entrepreneur? Attending corporate / business events is ideal for you! You’ll meet other entrepreneurs and get inspired!

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Licence & Permits

Owning a business in general is a great responsibility, to operate your business legally (big or small) it’s proper to have the appropriate licences and permits. Be aware, when starting a business of any kind to stay updated on any new licensing and laws you’ll need to be aware of to run your business. You’ll get fined a large sum of money if caught running a business without the proper research and licensing.

Whether you’re a business, big or small, be prepared to stay updated on current laws and permits you’ll need to run your business.

Here’s an excellent source to research laws and permits for your business: Launch Your Business Here.

What’s the worst that can happen? 

Businesses caught operating without proper licensing risk closing their doors permanently. In some cases, if proper licensing is attained, the business is free to re-open. However, don’t risk it. Most of the time you’ll have to wait through a mandatory probation period, or even worse, the city has the capability to refuse to grant licensing in general for your company.

Do your research, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Have you ever found yourself in need of an extra set of hands in the day-to-day grind? Do you find yourself wishing you had someone to coordinate dinner reservations, hotel accommodations, tee times, dry cleaning and other time-consuming tasks during your business trips?

You’ll defiantly need that extra set of hands especially when starting a new business!

Personal Concierge For Hire


Your Outreach

Now that you know what exactly you’ll want to be marketing, and have the licensing all settled, now’s the time to move forward to the next step which is, your outreach.

What’s an outreach? 

An outreach, is when you reach out to your targeted audience, informing them of your products and services. To make a successful outreach to your targeted audience, you’ll have to engage with them through social media and blogs, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Google+.

Be sure to engage with your audience. Engagement increases interactiveness between the business and it’s potential clientele. You’ll want to make that outreach to rake in more likes and followers!

  • The more followers increases the potential revenue, since you’ll have better marketing engagement organically.

Having interactive social media accounts as well as an excellent website design can defiantly bump you ahead of the competition.

Why is the website important? 

Websites will automatically make any business of any kind look authentic. Business cards too! Ever been handed a business card with a website link and thought to yourself, “Wow, this guy is legit!”. Well, it’s a common thought other people have as well, you’re not the only one! Same thought goes through people’s minds when they view a website. HOWEVER, if the web design if done improperly (or done by an armature) your potential outreach can drop. Have a professional web designer or marketer assist you.


Now that you have your website and social media accounts ready to go, what now? What do you post? Well, you’ll need to know WHO’LL be buying your product. Who’ll be interested in your services. Knowing the demographic is very important.

Here are some excellent examples: 

Let’s say you’re selling a product that’s aimed for business professionals between ages 35 to 60. It’ll be inappropriate to post something that people of that demographic won’t find amusing. Maybe sharing a new meme from Reddit is a bad idea for that demographic outreach.

If it’s a younger crowd and you’re marketing for a local gaming shop for ages 18 – 24, it’s okay to be puny and post video game related internet memes for your audience.

Let’s say you’re marketing a food blog for Southern styled meals, it’ll be unwise to post a video on New York Styled Pizza.

Are You a Shop, Web Store or Both?

How are you going to distribute your products and services? Are you going to just run your business online? Have a physical location like a shop or boutique? Possibly both? You have to be clear on where you’ll want to distribute your products / services. In order to make this business successful you’ll have to rake in some revenue, meaning SALES.

Unfortunately, when no one is purchasing your product your business will fall flat. Always be aware of what works as well as what doesn’t. Meaning, it could be the product that’s unsuccessful OR it could be the marketing, the poor outreach, or maybe your Ads aren’t clear enough and maybe your audience is not fully aware of your product.

  • There are many variables into what makes a business successful as well as UN-successful. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t be stubborn, listen to your audience and be aware of reviews (the good as well as the bad ones).

If you provide a service, obviously you’ll need a location. Your website can list all the services and packages your company provide to the public. It’ll be harder to market since you’ll have to get your audience to go to a physical location.

  • HOWEVER, unless it’s a service like lawn care, where they show up on your property and handle the services there.

Unless it’s a reliable limousine service, then that’s a completely different story!

If you provide a product, then you can have both an online store as well as a boutique / or shop. OR you can just have an online store. People can order your product online and get it delivered right to their home without having to leave their house. Convenient! 


Be passionate about your product / or service. If you don’t care, it’ll show in your outreach and even the product itself. Remember, this is supposed to be something you’re passionate about, a hobby. Have passion for what you do. This is YOUR product and YOUR business. You want to watch your business grow, not fall flat.

Work too much for just you? Overwhelmed? Build your team! If it’s something small it’s wise to run your business with people you can trust. You can become the perfect team…

What a better team like a luxury limousine with it’s chauffeur?

When you enter the entrepreneur world sometimes everyday tasks can get over whelming. A1A Airport and Limousine Services is dedicated to providing the kind of star treatment that you deserve, and we strive to go above and beyond in simplifying and enhancing both your daily life and your travel experiences.

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