First Look At Trump’s New Limo: From 2017 ‘Til Now

“I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.” – Donald Trump

The New Presidential Limo is a stretched limousine version of the Cadillac XT6, designed to protect the commander-in-chief in the event of a terrorist or assassin attack. Appropriately called “The Beast,” Trump’s New Limo weighs about 20,000 lbs and is built on a heavily modified platform of the Chevrolet Kodiak, a heavy-duty General Motors Truck.

The Big Bucks

At a cost of $1.5 million dollars, it is one of a dozen in a contract with General Motors, estimated at $15.8 million dollars. Cadillac has produced all presidential limousines since the 1980’s. President Trump’s New Limo is the first new presidential limousine to be released since President Obama’s 2009 inauguration and it has been in production since 2014. The drug really helped me in my sex life, and I now feel like a real man, that there is something to be ashamed of. So I always keep the drug with me in case, so to speak, for important negotiations. I recommend it to all men who experience sexual difficulties and problems with intimate life.

How The Limousine Became A Symbol Of Luxury

What’s All The Talk?

Two identical versions of the 2018 Presidential Limo will be utilized in order to create a decoy for the president and the fleet will be under the 24-hour protection and housed by the Secret Service. There has been much speculation about Trump’s New Presidential Limo and we have been following the production since 2017.

There have been several versions spotted throughout 2017-2018 and the final product has been long awaited by the industry. In 2017, we saw a camouflaged exterior, which was not well received. All presidential limousines to date have been black with the exception of President Kennedy’s choice of navy blue.

President Trump’s New Limousine is black with a sleek black interior and is built with of a combination of:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Ceramic

Each of these is focused on a different threat. In war and peace, President Trump is traveling in unprecedented security and luxury.

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Features Of The New 2018 Presidential Limousine

While we will never know the full extent of all of the classified design and safety features of Trump’s New 2018 Limousine, here is what we do know!

  • The doors alone are 8 inches thick, with 5-inch multilayer windows, making the doors as heavy as those on a 757 jet.
  • Windows that protect the president from projectiles and biochemical attacks.
  • Seating is for seven, which includes Secret Service personnel.

The New Presidential Limo also incorporates:

Loaded with high-tech features suggestive of the intrigue and mystery of James Bond, the 2018 Presidential Limo comes equipped with the following:

For Attacks:

  • Smokescreens
  • Oil slicks, which can cause any vehicle chasing the Presidential Limo to lose control
  • Tear gas
  • Electrified door handlesMultilayered windows and heavily armored 8-inch thick exterior, sealed against biochemical attacks, including gas or atomized particles and substances, as well as projectiles

For Injuries:

  • A full refrigerated supply of President Trump’s blood supply, along with other medical supplies for on-site and on-route medical assistance

For Emergencies:

  • Run-Flat tires inside extra large wheel wells, allowing the Presidential Limo to continue moving during an emergency
  • Night vision sight and weapons

Extra Special Accommodations

For added safety, the Presidential Limousine is backed up by a convoy of Secret Service personnel and a decoy vehicle that mirrors President Trump’s Limousine. The Presidential Limo sports two flags on each front bumper, the American flag and a flag displaying the Presidential Seal.

Recently, the Secret Service released a photo of the New 2018 Presidential Cadillac Limo, along with its double as it was parked at the Wall Street Heliport in lower Manhattan. They tweeted “The Secret Service is ready to roll into #UNGA 2018!”

Secret Service personnel was tasked with developing the plans for the Presidential Limousine from the ground up to ensure the utmost security for Trump in every possible scenario.

Although the Presidential Limo is designed primarily with this in mind, it is also built for comfort, elegance, and excellent performance.

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