Travelling For Inspiration

America, a beautiful place filled with jaw dropping sceneries. It is a home to diverse landscapes both physically and culturally – rivers, beaches, forests and mountains. These destinations provide inspiration and serve several interests to various free thinkers and writers for decades. In America, there’s so much to see, touch, taste, experience and gain inspiration from. This writeup highlights a list of places to draw up inspiration, whether it’s for business, luxury, travel, transportation or professional purposes. This destinations will broaden your thoughts and open your minds.

Mount Baker

Mount Baker

Not too far from the borders of Canada rests an icy wilderness crowned by an active volcano on  10,781 ft. Half the time of the year, the road which leads to Artist Point is not usually accessible as it is often closed but after the snow has melted, you can view it’s breathtaking landscape. It is truly a jaw dropping destination with blueberry meadows, cairns, and a parabolic view of Mount Baker and Shuksan.

Pack Forest, Eatonville

This forest is under the management of the University of Washington. It is usually accessible through out the year and almost always snow free. The road of the forest can take a hiker anywhere in the park. Looking to visit this place, ensure you go with a map as the multiple roads can leave you confusing. Visit the waterfalls as you can’t afford to miss this nature’s beauty.

Pack Forest

North Rim Campground, Arizona

North Rim Campground

Arizona is filled with beautiful camping areas and one of the best places to  visit is the North Rim Campground. The campground offers a spectacular view of the Grand Canyon and a lush greenery, hike trails and forests. During winter, the place is filled with snow. It is usually open from Mid-May to October. Be adventurous, if you love hiking, the North Kaibab Trail goes  all the way down the bottom where it meets with the Colorado River. This trails takes you through aspen forests and beautiful pines and the popular viewpoints of the canyon which is the Jug Point and Timp Point. There are other beautiful parts of the North Rim you can explore which could really be inspirational.

Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park, Oregon

Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park

With stretches of sandy beach, a famous Haystack Rock which sits at the edge of the shore and the spectacular view from the Ecola State Park. This beach entices visitors with courtyards which are tucked away and winding paths. This beach offers dramatic rock formations and you can view the scenery from various viewpoints. Do not forget to visit the Ecola State Park strategically situated on the Tillamook Head. The State Park offers you miles of hiking trails, serene picnic areas and superb vantage points for lovers of whales and bird watchers. Several nearby recreation and park areas exist for more great viewpoints and easy access to natural areas for photography or a short hike via the draped coastal rainforest.

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Jasper Beach, Maine

Jasper Beach

If you are a first time visitor, Jasper beach would leave you breathless. Located in Maine USA, in a remotely secluded area. Jasper beach is filled with various colored gravels. It is a great place to do an exercise workout, this beach has a vertical dimension rarely seen in other beaches. It is a choice fishing spot for the residents of nearby villages.

Enders Falls , Connecticut

Enders Falls

Enders Falls is a fascinating place to visit with a collection of six diverse falls, four of which are among the best single drop falls in the States. Enders Falls offers plunges, slides, horsetail and cascades. The tallest of the waterfalls is about 30 ft. This place can be very inspiring for a photographer or a writer or a free thinker, the quiet allure and diversity of this place makes it a must visit for anyone within the area. During good weathers, hiking is easy. The warm months tend to attract a lot of families looking to have some fun and photographers who at present are looking to create stunning images. During winter, hiking can be dangerous and difficult as winter in Connecticut comes with a lot of thaw. Try to stay safe during these periods if you must visit the falls.

Ouzel Falls, Colorado

Ouzel Falls

Ouzel falls is unarguably one of the most beautiful falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is about 40 ft. Hiking here offers several attractions, the Wild Basin is forested and dotted with lakes, streams and numerous wild flowers. Along the route of the trail is the Lower Copeland Falls. The upper falls can be found further upstream just along St Vrain Creek. A side trail visits both the upper and lower falls. This environment is serene and assists in building up your thoughts, if you desire a quiet moment, this place is definitely for you. Ouzel falls is popularly named after the Water-Dipper or Ouzel the songbird which mostly lives and aquatic live.

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