Traveling in Style: The Updated Guide To Many Types of Limos

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Limousine Service?

Any of these probably come in mind:

Class, Style, Suave, Reliable, Efficient, Luxurious, Awesome, Chauffeur, Long Car

What Is A Limousine?

  • The actual phrase limousine refers to a luxury vehicle that is  l o n g e r  than your average car and is driven by a professional chauffeur.


  • Usually limousines are black or white, But different limousine rental companies offer a variety of options in their vehicles that range in color, size, and amenities. If your going for luxury why not just go for The Best? When you choose a reliable ground transportation service you can be sure you’ll get to your destination on time without Getting Lost.


  • Prepare to get your mind blown… there are only some limousine services out there that provide specialized transportation methods other than just Prom and Weddings. Only the best are confident enough to provide:
  1. Airport Transfers
  2. Business Travel
  3. Luxury Ground Transportation (Better than a taxi)
  4. Personal Concierge Services
  5. Travel Managers
  6. Protective Services & Body Guards
  • Limousines are considered some of the most expensive vehicles on the market; they give off a perception that balances: power, wealth and elegance.


  • Owning one might break the bank for the average Joe…However renting one is within budget for anyone.



The History

Limousines go back as far as 1902, when manufacturers wanted to include luxurious transportation for the upper-class. It was to insulate warmer temperature for the passengers around the chiller seasons, opened windows for warmer summers, and provide comfortability for longer travels.

The first Stretch Limousine was finally introduced to the world in 1928, and this class on wheels have been evolving ever-sense.

Limousines and luxury travel have obviously improved since then, and will continue to evolve as the years progress!

Finding the perfect limo service for your next event, whether it be for Prom, Wedding, Business Traveling, Ground Transportation, Business Events, or even a bachelor / bachelorette party, the variety of options can be confusing!

We’ve got you covered:

Sedan Limousine

  • As mentioned above, limousines largely vary in size and features. The most practical and the smallest limousine is the sedan limo.


  • It is also the most affordable one. It has a small seating capacity of about 2 to 4 people and it is typically rented for airport travel. The sedan limo can also be used as alternative to a cab for intercity travel. The most common sedan limo is the Lincoln Towncar.


  • Perfect travel for anything business related, prom night (Things A Parent Need To Know) and small weddings! Make a professional and elegant entrance with a sexy luxury car service!

 S t r e t c h Limousine

  • Stretch limousines are similar to sedan limos in shape but they are l o n g e r.


  • You Know The Rule of Cars: L o n g e r the car, the more elegance and luxury it entails!


  • The perfect go-to option to entertain a small party of people. Stretch limousines are the most popular option for proms, weddings and Bachelor Parties.


  • They have a seating capacity of 6 to 10 people and are loaded with amenities that add to the overall experience.


  • Would also make an amazing entrance for any business gathering. Step out of this beautiful Limousine with a fresh suit, tie and a pair of sexy sunglasses. People will have no choice but to double take and think, “Wow, that guy must be the classiest business man ever!”

S u p e r S t r e t c h Limousine

  • Only the most confident of limousine companies offer a variety of ‘super-stretch’ limousines. They are available in the form of Bentleys and Towncars and even come in the form of SUVs like Hummers and Escalades.


  • Can you imagine riding around in a SUPER S T R E T C H Limousine?? Class and luxury at it’s finest!


  •  These super long class on wheels can fit anywhere between 15 and 20 people EASY.



  • What truly makes these limousines stand out is the sexy amenities it entails. Super s t r e t c h limos feature amenities like LCD displays, mini bars and ambient lighting. The interiors are tastefully furnished with real leather and exotic furnishings. Do you know what this means? It means get ready to have a party! What a luxurious way to travel through town!

Like what you see in the image above? Click Here For Luxury!



Get ready for the big-daddy of all luxury cars….is it a s t r e t c h? No. Maybe a s u p e r s t r e t c h? Nope. Quite possibly a bus? Negative, it’s even better…


  • Party buses have been the go to choices for larger groups of people. They offer the same amenities as other vehicles but have enough space to stand up and walk around. These buses are ideal for people looking to get the party started before reaching their destination.


  • In addition to illuminating night club lighting, a party bus come equipped with features like dance floors, Tv’s and exceptional sound systems, to play only but the best tunes for your party on wheels!


  • You might also be able to find one with a complete bar and LCD system. Party buses can easily accommodate anywhere between 35 and 45 people. (A.k.A. A PARTY of people)


While knowing about the types of limousines will definitely help you make the right choice, ultimately, it is the price that will influence your decision.

Since the price difference between sedan and stretch limousines isn’t that much; therefore, when booking, it is always a good idea to rent a stretch limo. Similarly, if you have a larger group of people who need to travel together, rent out a party that offers the right number of seating capacity to accommodate everyone.

At A1A Limo, we have a wide variety of limousines and vehicles for all your travel needs. We have sedan limousines and stretch limos loaded with all the amenities you could ask for.

From LCD displays to mini bars and ambient lighting, all our vehicles feature luxurious amenities to ensure comfort, convenience and luxury for our clients.

We also offer a variety of party buses that allow you to comfortably enjoy the entire evening. Our part buses are tinted for privacy and feature a complete beverage station for all your needs.

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