Traveling To Your Campsite in Style

Camping evokes rustic images of pitching tents, cooking meat over an open flame, and of course, seeking out a patch of bushes or trees where one can take care of business. It doesn’t seem like a wholly glamorous activity, however more and more people are hiring limo services to transport them to and from campsites in impeccable style.

It seems the time-honored tradition of camping with the family and friends has gotten a more luxurious makeover with more and more campers booking limos for these outdoor excursions. It’s like we’ve taken a journey back in time to 1989 when Troop Beverly Hills first created the very idea of glamping, decades before that word would actually be coined.

If we learned anything from that campy, pardon the pun, movie it’s that camping doesn’t have to be a plebian experience. Quite the opposite actually. The trend nowadays is to do camping up bigger and better than ever before.

The Sunshine State is one of the best places in America to take a walk on the wildside. Arrive in complete style for camping or glamping at one of Florida’s renowned campsites. Here’s a list of great camping and glamping destinations that you can hire a limo to drive you to.

A Night Out Isn't The Only Reason To Rent A Limo!

Camping: The Everglades National Park

If you’re going to Florida to see the diverse wildlife and ecosystems, then you must visit the Everglades. A limo can take you out into the wilds where you can hop onto an airboat or set up camp in designated areas. But if that’s a little too much wilderness, not to worry. There is less rustic lodging options there, ranging from hostels all the way on up to the ritziest places of all. It all depends on your comfort level outdoors, but your limo can take you wherever you feel most comfortable camping.

Glamping: The Cabins at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort, Walt Disney World

So you want to go camping, but the idea of doing without air conditioning makes you sweat before you even open the door into 100-degree heat with 95% humidity. We get it. Go from limo to Disney wilderness in seconds flat. You’ll even have internet access, a full kitchen, and a deck with an incredibly rustic charcoal grill. Don’t worry about dishes either. Housekeeping does all that for you. They do have sites for tents too, if you dare. But wherever you lay your head at night, you can swim in the swimmin’ hole, rent boats, ride horses or even enjoy a musical revue.

Camping: The Florida Keys

From Key Largo all the way on down to Key West, there are a multitude of campsites for you to set up a tent for the whole family. Take a limo down there and have a party in the back while the driver handles the traffic on the Seven Mile Bridge. You can enjoy snorkeling, diving, and all kinds of fun activities that will make it an unforgettable camping excursion.

Glamping: Westgate River Ranch, Frostproof

Cabins or villas, you choose your lodgings at this 1,700-acre cowboy-themed resort near Lake Wales in Central Florida. You’ll see wild horses, deer, buffalo, eagles and more. Plus you can go on a hayride (totally campy) or ride horses. Try your hand at skeet shooting and attend the weekly rodeo. You don’t have to rough it here unless you want to, but whichever option you choose, showing up in a limo will make it that much more awesome.

Camping in the Florida Keys

Glamping: Miller's World Cabins, Everglades City

This one’s a bit on the verge of camping, but the comfortable cabins and stilt homes nudge it right into glamping territory. Right on the edge of the Everglades National Park, you’ll be in for an adventure the moment you step out of your limo. It’s the Old Floridian experience that is so rare to get these days. Rent bicycles to ride around, or rent a boat and explore the Ten Thousand Islands. And if you really want to be spoiled rotten, make sure you come during stone crab season (October to May) because the famous Oyster House is also located there. Indulge in one of the tastiest crab feasts of all and then retreat back to your cabin for a “glap” (glamour nap).

However you want to take in the sites of Florida, it’s nice to know that you can find your own level of comfort. But getting there in style should be non-negotiable. Do it with a limo where it will truly bring new meaning to the saying “getting there is half the fun.”

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