These Travel Mistakes May Affect Your Job

Business travel when arranged by a reliable, experienced agent should be free from all sorts of incidents. However, every now and then, things don’t go according to plan.

It could be an unanticipated storm, birds who just wouldn’t clear the runway, or a car engine that breaks down.

While you can’t really control the flight path or a flock of birds, there are certain things that are still under your control.

You will be amazed at how things as small—as packing right, planning your layover so you can get some rest in between, preplanned hotel bookings and not having your credit cards blocked by banks—can affect your travel plans.

Most importantly, you need to avoid mistakes that can land you in trouble when it comes to your job. Corporate trips can be the right place to leave a lasting impression; or be that one shot where you fail miserably and risk your employment.

Here are a few travel mistakes you need to avoid at all costs:

Flying Anything Other Than Nonstop

When you are travelling for business, you simply can’t afford any sort of delays. However, when you take a one-stop flight instead of a direct one, you considerably increase your chances of facing airport congestion and delays.

Make it a rule of thumb—when flying for business you are always going to fly nonstop. This way, you are going to be more likely to reach your destination on time. Even if the tickets cost more, know that it is going to worth it.

Checking Bags

Avoid checking in your bags. Just don’t. Airlines may lose them and on top of everything else, you can go on a business trip with stuff that can be crammed into a carry on. Professionals who travel a lot religiously follow this rule—to save hassle and time, never check a bag.

Not Knowing the Distance between the Hotel and Event

You don’t want to spend hours commuting between business meeting and your hotel every day.

Often, bookings are made on the basis of the rates your organization has negotiated. You can dispute the bookings wherever you feel the distance between the event and the accommodation is illogical.

Ordering Expensive Food on Company Credit Card

The company credit card is not your license to have a six-course meal. Always be picky with what you eat and all your other expenses.

Choose mid-priced meals over expensive options. Spend recklessly and rack up a massive bill every time, and there goes your chance of securing that promotion. When you spend less, your manager will appreciate that you truly value the financial freedom given to you on your trip and you choose to utilize it wisely.

Tweeting Bad Things about The Hotel Where You Are Meeting

This is a downright no brainer. Even if you don’t like the hotel you are staying in, the hotel you like or your venue for the meeting, avoid tweeting about it.

People you are meeting at an event are probably following you across social media channels and the last thing you want is for them to come across a rude comment you made about the hotel.

Forgetting To Confirm Venue or Time Of Meeting

If you want to lose a client and possibly your employment, don’t confirm the time or venue of meeting.

At times, clients might completely forget that you are coming over and may need a polite reminder. Drop in a friendly reminder a day before you make it and you will avert a lot of last minute hassle.

Not Booking a Limo Service

When travelling to other cities or countries, your job is to leave the right impression on your clients. You want to make them feel valued and believe that you truly care about the event.

To start off on the right foot, make sure you book a sleek sedan limo that adds another layer of style to your attire.

Once you are done with the meeting, be polite enough to ask if any client needs a ride and let them have a feel of the luxury themselves!

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