Travel Hacks – How to travel and Save Money

Traveling the world is a dream at the top of wish list of every kid. However, as we grow up the responsibilities increase and we get so caught up in life that traveling remains a dream. Most of the people have financial issues due to which they are unable to make their dream come true. If you really want to travel the world money cannot stop you. Here we have the best tips and tricks on how to pinch pennies while traveling.

Get cards that do not charge fee

When you are in another country and you want to transact money from your account you will have to pay $3 ATM fee. If you will have to take out the money every day it will cost you a lot. A better solution to this problem is that you should buy the cards that do not cost any charges. It might be dangerous for you to carry cash around. There are some special bank services that will not cost your money on international transactions. It will help you save a lot of money during your journey.

Look for airline sales

If you are planning to have a business travel but you do not have the money for it do not worry. There are special days in the week on which the airline companies offer special discounts.

  • Different companies have different days at which they offer luxury travel sales
  • Find out the days and the sales of offer they are providing
  • Compare the rates and book the flight on the day sale is offered

You will get the chance to save up to 30% on regular days and if it was a special occasion you might save more.

Secret hotel rooms

A secret tip you can use for saving money is booking the secret hotel room services. it is a special service that most of the tourists do not even know about. You will have to conduct a complete research online. You will notice that the hotel rooms will be perfect for accommodation. You will get all the amenities of life as well as the special services. the only difference is that these rooms are available at the cheapest rate which means you will not have to worry about the hotel charges.

Have your favorite meal at lunchtime

If you are on a business trip most of your time will be spent in the conferences and exploring the areas. Being a professional you will have to visit different restaurants with the company. In this situation, you cannot afford to offer the low-cost meal. The best solution to deal with this situation is ordering a complete meal at the lunchtime. When you will compare the charges for the same meal at lunch time and dinner time you will notice the difference. In this way, you will enjoy the most delicious meals at an affordable rate. It is not necessary that you will get the best meals at the restaurants because some of the best meals are available at the street food.

Use the promo codes

There different service providers that are offering the promo codes. There are some gift card services available as well. You can use the promo codes on the flights and other transportation services. On the other hand, use the gift cards in the restaurants or you can exchange them for money. If the gift card offers a free meal make sure that you do not lose this opportunity and enjoy your time.

Look for cheapest transportation services

When you are in a new country the most difficult situation you will have to deal with is finding the cheap transportation services. You can order the luxury car but it will cost you a fortune. It is better that you think wisely. Pay attention to the pay and the distance of your hotel from the destination. You have to calculate the fair of public transportation and private transportation. Make sure you consider the time they will take. This comparison will provide you the chance to finalize the deal that is more affordable so you will not have to waste money.

Bottom line

When you are on a tight budget you will have to take every step wisely. Remember that your enjoyment is more important than your pocket. You have to save money for exploring the area so that you will not regret that you were unable to visit a tourist attraction because of lack of money. There are applications available that will show you cheap offers to help you manage your expenses.


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