Travel abroad? Happening London clubs: A scope to know the true clubbing experience

London is always been famous for its glamorous clubbing culture. The concept of club culture underwent a massive changeover bringing a good amount of positivity moving from its darker world of the past. Lots of clubs are functioning in the city with a different group of the crowd and are well maintained and facilitated with all modern accessories. The popularity of some of the clubs is so high that you may find the job quite challenging to decide which will be the best choice for you. We are sharing a list of some happening clubs which are worth visiting with referenced here:

  1.    Fabric: The most popular club in London is Fabric. This club was founded in the year 1999 and it was closed down in the year 2016. But, it has reopened again under strict norms. During the year 2007 and 2008, this club has been voted as number 1 among the top clubs in London. Now the club is having a wonderful mix of some of the established as well as upcoming artists to entertain the guests in this club.
  2.    Mahiki: Mahiki is the popular name among the top notch clubs of London. This club is famous as it is proved to be a one-stop destination for partying. The delicious fresh fruits with cocktails are really enjoyable here. It was the year 2005 when this club opens its door for the first time and since then it has made the customers extremely happy. If you have the budget high then it’s truly your destination as it serves a place of royalty by service but not in design.
  3.    KOKO: The next most popular club in London is KOKO. Special programs are always organized on all Fridays and Saturdays in this nightclub. This club has a capacity of 1500 people and all modern facilities are made available. The atmosphere he is buzzing one yet truly entertaining           

  4.    Chinawhite: Chinawhite is another popular club in London. This club has become extremely popular in recent days due to extravagant services. This club is also famous among the celebrities too. They ensure to maintain the standard high to keep the visitors always touted to them.

  5.    Fire: Among the leading nightclubs in London, Fire is a known name. Arrangements are done always for both local and international programs. The decoration and facilities are offered with lovely sound system. Good music, in the buzzing atmosphere with mild whispers of the crowd offers an enjoyable experience which is heartily accepted by the visitors.
  6.    Corsica: If you are looking for stylish, gorgeous or even glossy atmosphere then be sure you will not get it Here Corsica is a club where almost 350 people can join and enjoy their nights in a complete tough and rough environment. The management of the club always pays attention towards arranging latest programs and host different shows every night.
  7.    Ministry of Sound:  Since the year 1991, the Ministry of Sound has offered immense pleasure to the people around the world visiting here and till date, it is being considered as one of the top nightclubs of London. If you are willing to be in London and enjoy the nightclub culture here, then you should never miss visiting this club for utmost enjoyment.