Places You Must Visit In Florida: 2018 Edition

It sucks having to wear flip flops and shorts everywhere in December….

said no one ever!

Ah yes, Florida, the sunshine state! Sunny weather all year around and beaches surrounding it’s sandy coasts. Where snowbirds go to escape from the blizzards and there’re ice cream shops round every corner. What a luxury!

When you think of Florida you think of paradise. People from other states tend to look at Florida as the go-to vacation spot.

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  • No matter what age group you’re in there’s ALWAYS something to do. Disney World is one of them. With 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, and a downtown for nightlife and shops, you’ll never run out of things to do.


  • Epcot is an awesome theme park to visit if you’re interested in cultures from all around the world. They have festivals and events which partake festivities globally from Paris, Japan, China, Mexico, Old America, Morocco, Germany, you name it! You can experience different lifestyles within walking distance.


  • Food & Wine Festival and International Flower & Garden Festival are the 2 most anticipated festivals people wait all year round to attend. You can taste wines and beers from all around the world. Experience different foods, and embrace the fine arts of the Flower and Garden Festival a few months after. These festivals usually run back to back every year, don’t make the mistake of missing another year!


  • Let’s not forget Universal Studios, 2 parks (Universal Studios / Island Of Adventure), City Walk, and a new water park Volcano Bay.


  • Universal Studios in the past few years have been updating their theme parks with newer family oriented activities and attractions. The park first opened its doors in 1990, so a nice update was almost mandatory.


  • Haven’t been to Universal since you were a kid? Prepare to get your mind blown cause it looks almost nothing like how you remembered. Such awesome new attractions and updated scenery will give you the feeling of exploration and wonder. Your inner child will relive the excitement and awe from when you first experienced this memory filled park.


  • Be aware, Orlando isn’t the safest of all places to drive. Highway I-4 is quite dangerous and the inner city roads of Orlando isn’t all that nice either. Be sure to travel safely and keep a proper distance and speed when driving to any of your destinations.

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Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is where rockets launch and inspiration begins”- Kennedy Space Center

  • Are you a nerd when it comes to science and space? Then pack your bags and lets visit Kennedy Space Center!


  • It’s considered a historical landmark in Brevard County, and been an attraction


  • This legendary center of space and science possess records of various space shuttle launches from their very own launch center. This ginormous park of wonders consist of fascinating exhibitions and learning opportunities for guests of all ages, so bring the family!


  • Start your journey today and see the next live rocket launch. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people, experience it with the family. They will never forget such an amazing sight see!

New Smyrna Beach

  • One of the best kept secrets of Florida, a quiet small town called New Smyrna Beach. With beautiful sandy beaches, and updated older styled homes, this small town is a go-to for a beachy sight see.


  • Flagler is a go-to beach strip of NSB, with shops and restaurants facing the beautiful shoreline, you can eat your burger accompanied with an ice cold beer and experience the natural rhythm of flowing waves and salt air.


  • Lay out on the beautiful soft sands and take a refreshing dip in it’s coastal waters. It’s absolutely safe compared to most beaches.


  • NSB lifeguards take their jobs seriously, and there’s a lifeguard on duty within every section of the beach to be sure their beach-goers are safe. They’re constantly patrolling the shoreline to be sure people are safe from the unexpected. It’s an absolute luxury knowing someone cares about you and your family’s safely.


  • Explore the lovely shops and boutiques on Flagler strip, there’s one around every corner!

Fishing Is More Your Speed?

  • There are many fishing spots located in NSB. The best way to find which spots are good seasonally is to ask any of the locals. They will know for sure the best spots depending on the time of year vs time of day.  

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