Top 10 Manufacturers

Over time the automobile industry has evolved into what it is today. It has changed into a well-oiled machine, cranking out units at a pace that would bring tears to the eyes of Henry Ford himself, the father of it all and the creator of the assembly line. However, in this modern era where we are so fond of making comparisons, there are ten automobile manufacturers that stand above the rest as titans of the industry.

Number 1: Ford

As mentioned above, Ford forever changed the automobile industry, making it more streamlined and efficient than ever before. Ford is to this day, the best to ever do it. Their repertoire includes Lincoln, high end luxury cars, which are also available through our limo service. Also of considerable note, the Mustang, an everlasting symbol of American muscle cars, still prized today by many around the world. Within our fleet of vehicles at A1A is our party bus, manufactured by ford and perfect for keeping your party moving as long as you like, all through the limo service at A1A. Also manufactured by Ford are our e-350 vans, perfect for transportation at corporate or business events as well as weddings. 

Number 2: Honda

Honda has claimed for itself the achievement of being the world’s largest motorcycle producer, as well as being among the leading automakers. They have a wide selection when it comes to motorcycles, and an equally impressive variety of cars, boasting several luxury SUV’s which are known for their hardiness as well as their impressive overall fuel economy.

Honda Car Showroom

Number 3: Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi motor corporation is known for a variety of things. Not just their manufacture of vehicles, but also their sales of them, as well as their extensive purchasing, production, and sales of replacement parts to keep used cars running like new. Much like their vehicles are known for their quality, so too is the company’s customer support top notch.

Number 4: Chevrolet

Chevrolet is another American manufacturer known for both durability with their Silverado, and style with their iconic Camaro. They offer a wide range of vehicles with both commercial and private use in mind. Sporting a variety of trucks, vans and cutaway vehicles, Chevrolet is a brand that not only passes you every day on the highway, but receives wide commercial use in the industrial sector.

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Number 5: Toyota

Toyota is a brand synonymous with variety, manufacturing almost every type of vehicle you could possibly need. They design, manufacture and sell sports utility vehicles, hybrids, trucks, buses, minivans, sedans, and just about everything else. If there were a jack of all trades in the automotive industry, it would undoubtedly be Toyota, in much the same way as our limo service has a vehicle for your every occasion no matter what. 

Number 6: Bajaj Auto Limited

While their products aren’t seen much in the United States, they’ve found a place almost everywhere else the world over. Selling largely to south America, the middle east, Africa, and Asia, Bajaj is the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of three and two wheeled vehicles, with their scooters being particularly popular in India.

Number 7: Hero MotoCorp Ltd

Hero MotoCorp, previously known as Hero Honda Motors, has made a name for itself as the world’s largest manufacturer of two wheeled vehicles. Based in India, they manufacture out of four facilities and have sold over 75 million vehicles in the last three decades.

Number 8: Maruti Suzuki
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Number 9: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd is the largest manufacturer of tractors in the world, as well as the second largest producer of vehicles in India overall. They produce sports utility vehicles, motorcycles, buses, trucks, and other vehicles for commercial use. The company is known to invest in the future by working to advance technology and grow their presence as a global company. They focus heavily on the quality of their vehicles to ensure the satisfaction of their customers.

Number 10: Tata

Tata motors stands as Asia’s largest vehicle manufacturer, and the world’s 17th largest overall. They were founded in 1945, employ 60,000 individuals, gross 42 billion dollars in turnover and have sold more than 9 million vehicles since their inception.

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