5 Tips for Surviving Your Layover at FLL Airport

Layover at the Fort Lauderdale Airport? No need to worry!

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL) Airport serves as one of the fastest-growing airports in the United States.

In fact, this airport boasts more than 325 departure and 325 arrival flights per day, offers nonstop flights to more than 125 U.S. cities and continues to explore ways to improve its services as well.

Even the best airports, however, can have an off day, and FLL Airport is no exception. And as a result, there may be times when travelers are forced to endure layovers at FLL Airport.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you make the most of your layover at FLL Airport – here are five tips to ensure you can survive an FLL Airport layover, no matter how long it lasts:

Explore the airport’s duty-free kiosks. 

Looking for souvenirs for family members or friends outside the United States? You’re in luck, as FLL Airport boasts duty-free kiosks, aka shops that sell top-of-the-line goods that are tax-exempt.

FLL Airport’s duty-free kiosks are available for international travelers at the following terminals:

  • Terminal 2 on Concourse D
  • Terminal 3 on Concourses E and F
  • Terminal 4 on Concourse H

Pick up duty-free items during your layover, and ultimately, you’ll have no trouble passing the time before your flight departs.

Check out the airport’s wide range of shops. 

For those who want to shop ’til they drop, a layover might be considered a dream come true, as this gives you the opportunity to buy a variety of items while you wait for your flight to leave.

When it comes to shopping at FLL Airport, many high-quality stores are at your disposal, including:

  • Brooks Brothers – Select casual yet elegant apparel for men, women and children at Brooks Brothers.
  • CNBC News & Gifts – Visit a one-of-a-kind newsstand that sells books, magazines and newspapers.
  • Hudson News – Pick up last-minute snacks, magazines and other on-flight essentials at this convenience store.
  • Island Breeze – Discover the latest Tommy Bahama apparel for men and women at this tropically themed shop.
  • Life Is Good – Enjoy superb backpacks, mugs, toys and much more from a store that promotes a life-affirming and positive message.

Transform a frustrating, time-consuming FLL Airport layover into a fun-filled shopping experience by visiting the airport’s vast array of world-class stores.

Grab a bite to eat.

Hunger pangs can get the best of any traveler, particularly during a lengthy layover. However, FLL Airport makes it easy to sample a large assortment of exemplary cuisine any time you choose thanks to its outstanding restaurants.

Some of the top restaurants available at FLL Airport include:

  • Desano – Try a homemade pizza that is made to order at Desano.
  • Landshark – From alligator bites to nachos, Landshark offers both innovative and traditional pub fare.
  • Kafe Kalik – Treat yourself to authentic Caribbean cuisine in a distinct dining setting at Kafe Kalik.
  • Plane Box Food Company – From its custom snack boxes to mouthwatering sandwiches, Plane Box Food Company ensures you can pick up wonderful snacks and meals without delay.
  • Sergio’s – Visit Sergio’s for Cuban-inspired sandwiches and other terrific cuisine in a calm, relaxing setting.

Control your hunger pangs during your layover, and you can reap the rewards of a superior snack or meal at one of FLL Airport’s deluxe restaurants.

View awe-inspiring artwork.

In addition to helping travelers get where they need to go, FLL Airport also is home to extraordinary public artwork that flyers can check out during a layover.

For example, the airport recently unveiled a 79,500 square foot terrazzo floor design, Rainbow’s End, that highlights South Florida’s unique environments. This masterpiece illustrates the vastness, beauty and complexity of the environments of South Florida, making it a must-see work of art for longtime area residents and first-time visitors alike.

Remember, you don’t need to be an art aficionado to enjoy a masterpiece at FLL Airport. Discover the art located within the airport, and you can celebrate the beauty of South Florida during your layover.

Book ground transportation to tour the Fort Lauderdale area.

When it comes to an extended layover, who says you need to wait at the airport? Instead, book ground transportation from a top-notch South Florida car service. That way, you can explore the Fort Lauderdale area during your layover and return to the airport before your flight leaves.

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