Ready To Throw An Epic Beach Party? You’ll Need Party Transportation!

High tides, good vibes.

Summer is just around the corner. You know what that means? Party transportation! Get your sandals, sunblock, and beach towels ready. Cause the party is just getting started.


Beach parties are evolving and party transportation is ideal for transporting a party of anysize. Getting your feet sandy and laying out in the sun is only a fraction of what a beach party entail.



Definition Of A Beach Party

A party hosted on the beach, usually involves sandy feet and flip flops.


In addition, volleyball, coolers full of refreshing beverages, good music (there’s usually that guy who brings his acoustic guitar and jams out). As well as someone always cooking on the grill (hot dogs & burgers).


Let’s not forget beach towels, tanning oil and volleyball!


However a beach party can be more than just some good times on the actual shore itself…



Bar Hopping

When planning a night of bar hopping, it’s ideal to plan your ride ahead of time. Booking a town car service for your bar hopping ventures can really make your night of partying safe as well as worry-free. The right transportation service can drop anyone off to their hotel, or home.



Grabbing Lunch / Dinner

After laying out on the beach catching some rays, getting hungry is inevitable. A transportation service can pick you up at a designated area and luxuriously transport everyone to their desired restaurant destination. In addition, count on that AC to be blasted! Cause a professional got you covered.



Visiting Attractions / Making Stops

After walking alongside boardwalks / downtowns of the beautiful beachside, cool down by attending indoor activities:


  • Indoor Ice Skating
  • Escape Rooms
  • Local Malls
  • Boardwalks
  • Local Downtowns
  • Concerts


You name it! If there’s a destination you want to be, your town car service can get you there luxuriously as well as on time!


Make It Big With A Party Bus Rental


A beach party is the easiest of parties to prepare for and never fails. You can’t go wrong with that beachy atmosphere and it’s cool breeze cooled by the ocean, soft sands, and gorgeous coastal waters.


Ready for that epic beach party?

Ready when you are...

You’re going to have a shell of a time!!



Shells are an excellent kiss of decor when setting up a beach themed party. Bringing a touch of the seashore to the dining table by arranging shells (every color and size you can get your hands on) as centerpieces.


No need to be perfect, just make shore (ba-da-bum) they are towards the center so your guests don’t get sand all in their food.



Colorful Beach Signs

Set the atmosphere by hanging up trendy beach signs all over. In addition, you can find them anywhere you go, it’s summer, so all stores all going to have them.


From Walmart to Target to even the Dollar Tree! Make sure if the party is going to be held outdoors, to be sure the signs are weather resistant. You’d want to reuse them for your next party.


  • Sunshine and palm trees are a must on the beach. Consider placing a pair of inflatable palm trees and hang the banners between them for the perfect effect. Complete with coconuts they are a necessary decoration for any beach party.



Ocean Scene Setters & Backdrops

Even if you party inside, you should let the guests see the water. Beach scene- setters and backdrops will give them that view. It’s pretty hilarious, and will be a perfect conversation starter. All that would be missing will be the seagulls and the breeze.




Keep the Guests’ Needs in Mind

Another creative beach decoration idea is to fill a large pail with sunglasses, small beach balls, and sun lotions. The guests can grab the item they need whenever they want. Also, you should place mini coolers or cool boxes filled with drinks and ice at the table.



Create the Perfect Party Ambiance

A creative idea to decorate the dining table is to fill the glass hurricane vases with shells and sand. You can place the vases both inside and out.


In addition, balloon bouquets will look wonderful as well. Just remember that helium will wilt in the heat. Instead, you should fill the balloon with air and hold them up. You can even stick the balloons in the pail of sand for creating a festive ambiance.


Furthermore, tables should be covered with bright colors. Like a bright colored table cloth! Using table clips and tapes to ensure that they don’t get to dance with the winds is always an excellent idea.



Food Menu Items

Selecting the food items for the beach party need not be challenging. Start with the party items like hot dogs and burgers — they are a must for any beach party. Don’t forget the mustard, ketchup, mayo, and BBQ sauce.


Don’t forget the buns and charcoal for the event as well. If grilling is not an option, you can make sandwiches and wrap them inside wax paper. Turkey and roast beef are good options as well.


Additionally, you should consider serving individual bags of pretzels and chips. Consider buying disposable cups having lids and fill them with fruit salad, potato salad, and macaroni salad.


Finally, haul a cooler with iced drinks including water, bear, soda and carbonated drinks such as fruit punch and lemonade. For desserts, you should select brownies or cookies.



Luxury Party Bus Rental

Want to transport you and your party goers to the ACTUAL beach, but don’t want the party to stop there?


We’ve got you covered! A professional chauffeur will handle all the driving for you, while you and your party goers lounge in the back of the party bus and enjoy the finest amenities this luxury car service has to offer. Refreshing beverages, good music, a dvd player where you and your guests can watch a good movie while you guys travel towards the beach!


Furthermore, limos can accommodate anywhere from 8 to 15 passengers. The luxury vehicles are equipped with various amenities including beverage station, surround sound stereo.


Additionally, TV with DVD players, fiber optic lighting, individual climate control, and Satellite radio.


Full-size motor homes have comfortable seating with space for the luggage. Providing washrooms for the convenience of the guests. Impeccably dressed chauffeurs will drive the vehicle taking utmost care the guests arrive at the destination not just safe and sound, but also with perfect comfort.


A1A Limo is a trusted name when it comes to limo rentals and party bus rentals in Florida. We have a fleet of modern vehicles that are equipped with modern amenities. Booking a vehicle is as simple as 1-2-3.



Party Transportation

Just enter the ride details including pickup date and time, a number of passengers, the duration for which the luxury ground transportation will be required. Next, choose a vehicle, and then confirm the reservation.


Once the reservation is complete, we will send a professional chauffeur to the pickup location at the specified time.

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