Three Bungee Jumping Destinations Like No Other

Few things in the world could rush the adrenaline in you like indulging in adventure sports. What sets an adventure sport apart from regular sport is the fact that this kind of activity takes a great amount of guts on the doer’s part, and also a great amount of determination to do it over and over again. However, having completed such a sport successfully even once is what makes a person get hooked on to it, and do it over and over, just for the kicks that one gets out of it. Come to think of it then, few sports in the world, including those that could be termed as extreme sports, come anywhere close to the rush that bungee jumping provides.

Already tried out bungee jumping, and think you addicted to it?  Well, okay, adrenaline junkie, here is a list of the most extreme places if you think you have tried out the best of locations around the world. Definitely, worth a visit, you must check these places out, if you dare to. Along with these places, there are also details of the different clubs and associations that carry out their activities here.

1) Bungee Jumping Center, Ticino, Switzerland

This scenic destination is also the highest bungee jumping location on the planet. At a height of seven hundred and twenty two feet, the bungee jumping experience does not get any better than this. The place is so called because it became a popular destination after James bond took the leap from this place in Golden Eye. The jump from the highest point at this location would mean that you are suspended in the air for a full seven and a half seconds until you reach the lowest point. Seven and a half seconds of pure madness, and if you are up for it, pure ecstasy.

2) Over the Edge Bungee, Inc., Idaho

Over The Edge Bungee, Inc, from Idaho is a very famous and popular company that is well known to organize bridge jumps in a number of different states like Idaho, Wyoming, and Arizona. This company is also famous for its one of a kind heli-bungee, an extreme kind of bungee jumping where a person, tied to a bungee rope takes a crazy plunge from a helicopter. The helicopter in this kind of operation is taken to a height of one thousand two hundred feet and the bungee cord is at a length of five hundred feet.


3) African Extreme, Zimbabwe/Zambia border

A bungee jump at this location takes place at a height of three hundred and forty one feet at Victoria Falls Bridge, which is in the region of the “no man’s land” between the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe. In order to have a successful, problem free jump in this sticky region, you must be sure to carry your passport along and tell the authorities that you are only going to return the same way that you cam here. The whole hassle of going on this jump would take forty minutes to just get through the authorities, but it is well worth the wait.


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