Things To Look Out For When Designing Your Business Card

As an entrepreneur for any business it’s a professional look to have one of your business cards on hand when meeting with a potential client. It shows you come prepared, and is an awesome first impression. Business cards are more personable as compared to just sending the information online which can be impersonable. When you hand someone your business card, not only are they receiving contact information for the business, but gives you the potential of having the opportunity to have a face to face first impression. Having a well designed business card is extremely important. There are definite right and wrong ways of designing a business card.

Card Stock

Also known as pasteboard or cover stock, it’s paper a bit thicker and much durable than regular writing paper. Cards get shared so a good card stock will come in handy when distributing your business cards. You want a stock that will survive wear and tear. Ever seen someone pick up a business card and immediately put it in their pocket? Well, that’s what most people do. If it’s a lightweight stock, they will most likely forget it’s there and boom, in the wash along with those jeans. Gone forever. So remember to use a good stock!


The font you use can say a lot about the business. There are correct and incorrect ways of using fonts professionally. Fonts such as comic sans or papyrus are frowned upon, they are very outdated and unprofessional. The human eye is attracted to symmetry, fonts that are imbalanced and disorderly can turn off any reader. Use a font that is balanced, clean and easy to read.


Did you know color psychology can play a huge role in a company? Blue is calming and dependable, green is peaceful, red is exciting and bold, orange is friendly and confident, and yellow leans more towards optimism and clarity. Choosing a color theme for your business card should be balanced out with your company’s logo colors. Too much color on a business card can look disorderly and chaotic. Choose colors that can compliment each other. A simplistic color pallet can go a long way.


Special finishes on a business card like gloss or varnish can bring to life and provide highlight on any specific detail you want to stand out. It also gives the illusion of animation and catches the human eye. It can easily make any business card stand out from all the others.


Texture can make any business card stand out from all the rest. Most business cards use similar cardstock, but you don’t want your business card to be lost in a sea of other common cards. Use a cardstock that has some sort of texture that will stand out from all the rest. Cutting shapes into your business cards can work too! Be sure when ordering a card with cut shapes, the information stays clean and professional. More is not more, less can be more. You don’t ever want to over-do your design. You’ll also want to make sure the information for your business is legible.


When a border is applied correctly on a business card it can easily compliment the logo and catch the eye of someone. For some designs, a border can seem too much. Before you slap a border on your business card take a look at it without one and see if it’ll look better or not. Sometimes that extra white space can be just enough to balance out your design.

Ordering vs Making Your Own

Ordering good business cards can get a little expensive. Making your own is an excellent alternative. All you need is your craft expertise, a paper slicer, and good card stock material (you can recycle your old cards to create new ones). The only downside to making your own cards is finding the time. Making hundreds of cards can take your time away from your actual business. When in a time crunch it’s definitely worth ordering them instead.


Remember, business cards are personable compared to sending the information online. Express your business with your awesome business card design. Use these helpful design tips to assist you in designing your next batch of business cards. Card stock, font, color choice, border, and small details can make your business card stand out from all the rest when done correctly.

Oh and one more thing! First impressions are important. When handing out your business card remember to be enthusiastic yet professional about your business. First impressions are always important. The next time you hand someone your business card they will definitely remember you!



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