Things People Really Need To Stop Doing On Airplanes

You’ve done all the proper actions of booking your luxurious air-ride through the sky, you’ve booked it ahead of time to be sure you got the greatest flight deal you could find, you did the proper research on what city you’re going to land in, you’ve researched the weather, and airport policies on carry-on bags.

You’ve done it all! You’ve done all you can to have a smooth luxurious plane-ride gliding through the sky to your favored destination….but there’s a issue. Someone smells….and you’re seated right next to him…


Bad hygiene is not only an inconvenience to the ones around you, but it’s also a health hazard for yourself.

The disadvantage of having bad hygiene can make you an antisocial….whether you like it or not. When you were younger, do you remember working a customer service job behind a cash register and having to deal with people everyday? I bought Ativan for my mother, she took all the problems at work too close to heart took, she even headaches. She has become nervous many and started worrying about everything. The mother didn’t want to take Ativan but we persuaded her. I can notice that my mother has become calmer and leaves all the problems at work. More information on the website.

And then you have that one customer in particular who smells…disgusting and you have to cover your face cause the smell is so bad you’re pretty sure this person doesn’t believe in deodorant?

In airplanes, people are usually seated reaaaaally close to each other. It takes just one person to stink up the whole plane.

Not only are you stuck in a small space next to this person…but you’re stuck next to this person for a few hours (depending on your destination of course).

DO NOT be that person. Good hygiene is not only good for the noses around you, but also excellent for your health. You’ll feel much more confident knowing you don’t smell awful when socializing with others.

  • Which can lead to a positive mind-set, which leads to a happier and healthier you.

Not Watching Your Kids

Kids and babies on planes are always fine and well….until…you have a screaming child throwing airline food at other passengers screaming their head off while the parent is tuning their own child out with headphones as their screaming child is causing nothing but chaos.

The one thing I will ask of you is please, if you’re child is misbehaving in public please handel it. Don’t ignore it. The rest of us don’t want your kid screaming and throwing food at us and kicking the back of someone’s chair (that one poor soul).

Especially when it’s on a plane where people are stuck there for a while and have no choice but to deal with it. Turns a luxurious plane ride into a horrific one.

  • When people book their flight, they are booking their seat, which is their personal space.

per·son·al space


  1. the physical space immediately surrounding someone, into which any encroachment feels threatening to or uncomfortable for them.

Kids will be kids and we perfectly understand that. But misbehaved kids (especially in public who are interfering personal space with the ones around you) are a no-go and shouldn’t be ignored.

Leaving Behind Trash

This should be common sense but evidently not, pick-up after yourself. Yeah that’s right I said it! Clean-up your garbage around you.

Not only do flight attendants come around multiple times with a garbage bag asking if you have any trash to throw out, but there’s also a garbage can at the airport you are flying to.

Have you ever been in a situation where as you were exiting the plane you walked past a few seats with crumbled up fast-food wrappers and an overwhelming amount of chips and food debris just laying on the floor? Nobody wants to clean up after that. Pick-up after yourself, your momma raised you better.

I don’t even know why I have to say this but….this applies for anywhere you go but especially airplanes; do not, I repeat, do NOT spit out your gum on the floor. Ultimately somewhere where people are usually sardined together as they exit. Having gum underneath your shoe is one thing….but having it stuck to the isle floor on the plane must be the most annoying thing to clean-up after.

Have you tried picking pieces of gum off the carpet? Yeah, well some of us have and it’s obnoxious. Keep your gum in your mouth or don’t chew it at all.

 Sitting By The Window Knowing You Have A Weak Bladder

This next complaint on our list isn’t as bad as all the other ones but it’s fairly common. So I’ll keep it short and sweet. When booking your flight and choosing your seat, be sure if you have a weak bladder to choose an aisle seat.

Most people like to sleep through their flight, so it can easily be annoying being woken up by someone who has to use the restroom every few minutes. If you have a weak bladder that you are aware of please reserve an aisle seat rather than a window seat, thank you.

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