The Ultimate Wedding Myth: BUSTED

The Myth We’ve All Heard Before:

It’s bad luck for the Groom to see the Bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony.

Brides go through hurdles and lengths to be sure the Groom don’t see their wedding dress before their epic day. Why? Well it’s believed to be “Bad Luck”.

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What’s The Origin Of This Myth?

♥ Back when arranged marriages were a thing, the Bride and Groom weren’t usually aloud to see each other before the wedding….at all. They never meet until the actual Wedding Day.

Weird hu? But why?

Well, let’s take a look at the actual definition:

Arranged Marriage: a marriage planned and agreed to by the families or guardians of the bride and groom, who have little or no say in the matter themselves.

♥ The “Romantic Exchange” was essentially a business deal between the families. Usually a family marrying their daughter to someone who’s family is loaded with money, riches, owns lots of land, ran successful businesses, etc. etc. Generally, a financially less fortunate family sold their daughter’s hand in marriage to dig their way out of poverty. How romantic (not really).

They were worried if the Groom saw the Bride before the big day, there’s a chance he’ll find her unattractive and call off the wedding. This will make the family look bad, and give them a bad-rep. So, the groom wasn’t aloud to see her until it’s time to kiss the bride.

“What do you mean? Won’t he see her on the actually Wedding day?”

♥ The answer to that question is, eh, kinda. You know that veil the bride wears when walking down the aisle? Well, it’s originally meant to cover her face. The groom won’t know what she’d actually look like until it was time to kiss the bride.

What does this have to do with today’s customs?

 Well, in today’s society we have different reasons for the groom not to see the bride before the big day:

Don’t Do This At Your Wedding

1) Seeing the bride before the big day can ruin the anticipation of seeing her in the beautiful gown for the first time.

2) It makes the epic day much more memorable as well as excitable.

3) Some people still believe the old tradition of the groom seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding to be bad luck, and might inflict unwanted misfortune.

4) The anticipation is just too exciting. Traditions can be fun! Some people just enjoy it.

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How To Be Sure The Groom Don’t See The Bride In Her Gown On Their Epic Day?

♥ Pre-planed rooms where the bride and groom can get ready in. Be sure they’re away from each other. Meaning if the bride’s room is on the far left of the building then the groom’s room should be on the far right of the building.


♥ Tinted windows. When hiring a limousine service on your epic day, be sure to hire a reliable limo company which will provide the elegant yet basic of your ground transportation amenities and needs. Tinted windows can transport the bride and her bridesmaids to the ceremony incognito. Cool right? She’ll feel like a celebrity.


♥ Trying on the dress. Look we get it, you’re excited and want to see if the dress you purchased about a year ago still fits. Just be careful. Do NOT try on your wedding dress in the comfort of your own home.

“Why not? It’s in the comfort of my own home”

When you try on your dress in your home there’s a chance the groom to be might see you. How? Well…..maybe because he also lives there. Don’t risk it. If you need to try on your dress try it on at a friend’s house preferably your maid of honor or mother’s house. It’ll knock down the risk of your Groom-to-be to see you in your gown. 

Remember, your wedding day is a day where you and your other half exchange vows and bring family and friends together. The wedding is about you two, plan your wedding around things you enjoy. When people plan their wedding they forget about the fun they can have. You should enjoy your day just as much as anyone else there! It’s your big day, don’t let the stresses of planning ruin it for you.

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