The Ultimate Luxury Coffee Shops For Laptop Warriors

“We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.”

Working remotely has its perks, like luxury limo service and flexible schedules. You can go from town to town embracing the entrance of your cafe of choice, bracing your laptop firmly with inspiration in your hands, and suddenly, that comforting and familiar aroma of freshly brewed coffee brushes past your nose.

Life couldn’t be busier but when you arrive at the coffee shop, with its eclectic features and stylish consumers, it feels like ‘every little thing is gonna be alright’.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite coffee shops for remote workers across the United States, with Wi-Fi, inspiration, and luxury in mind.

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Wi-Fi Controversy

Did you know that it is becoming more universally acceptable for coffee shops to refuse access to Wi-Fi? It sounds absurd, maybe? Well, the reason for this isn’t necessarily a bad one.

  • It is actually a pro-human intention. They want us to put our electronics down and talk face-to-face which is often hard to do when you’re busy taking calls or riding in a limo to your next destination with work to do.

While that is pleasant and all, not everyone is trying to be social. Some of us are simply looking for a comforting and somewhat quiet place to do our work, whether that be:

  • Designing websites for clients
  • Running a large company
  • Creatively writing for a blog
  • Studying and preparing for our next meeting

Below, you will find the most luxurious coffee shops, suited for taking care of business.


West – Mountain Region

Two of our favorite shops are located in the famously known “Mile-High City”, Denver, Colorado.  Due to its exciting increase in business and consumers, Denver has been able to put its money toward the growth of the city leading to a surreal experience. If you happen to attend a conference or business event in Denver, you must have your personal chauffeur bring you to these two amazing shops to get your work completed.

Olive & Finch

Here, you can access unlimited Wi-Fi and exceptional food and service. They cater to your dietary needs with specialty items, fresh juices, and unique recipes. Everything is made from scratch and their employees honor that.

Olive & Finch is easily at the top of the list for a luxury cafe that you can work from with ease. Perfect for those who are Food Writers.

Metropolis Coffee

Open Early, Closes Late, this little gem in Denver happens to be designed just for the busy businessmen and women entering the city. Fully equipped with a rustic look to make you feel at home, the Metropolis Coffee Shop is a vibrant place in the center of the mountains with the best Americanos in town.

If you haven’t had Metropolis Coffee, you’re missing out!

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West – Pacific Region

Seattle is known for having some of the best coffee in the world! So, of course, you may be pleased to know that have added to our list a little slice of heaven from Seattle. When you leave the airport, travel on over to these superior shops and see why working away from a desk is so great.

Tougo Coffee Company 

Looking for ethically sourced coffee? Tougo Coffee Company goes above and beyond to reach standards of high quality when it comes to from who and where they receive their coffee. Green is clean, and it’s the best way to go. 

If you’re coming here for energy and inspiration, there is plenty of seating and good conversation.

Q.E.D. Coffee

A locally owned, small batch coffee roaster, Q.E.D. Coffee has won the hearts of the Seattle community for a reason. With 7 different techniques for brewing their self-roasted coffees, this slice of heaven also has specialty drinks like:

  • Homemade Spicy Chai
  • Mexican Mochas
  • Organic Teas
  • KombuchaMake your trip to Seattle worth it, by working from your laptop in the comfort of a locally owned coffee roaster shop, where you can guarantee the smell of coffee will uplift you.

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Midwest – East North Central

Whether or not you have been to Cleveland, Ohio, you have most definitely heard of it. One of the largest and most industrial cities in America due to its ability to repurpose itself and continue to build and prosper over the years.

  • Cleveland is such a popular place that the residents have even created CLEmojis to describe what it is like to live in such a place that some call, magical.

Next time you book a limo rental, be sure to check out these shops for yourself.


Foyer is a simple, yet elegant, little cafe in the city of Cleveland that has opened in business with Beauty Shoppe, a communal, co-working, shared-space idea, based out of Pittsburg originally.

  • This was created for those who enjoy the simple life and want to try new things while working from home.
  • You can engage with others as if you are in a workspace, with the luxury of the coffee shop at your disposal.

Their real staple is the Kaffe Tonic, which is a surprisingly delicious beverage made of espresso poured over fizzling tonic water and ice. Don’t miss out on this adventure!

Midwest – West North Central

Big cities can be intimidating, but the people in Minneapolis are friendlier than ever. That’s one of the reasons we chose Minneapolis to be on our ultimate coffee shop list.

But, it doesn’t stop there, we love Minneapolis for its cultural civilization while the rest of the state focuses on its economic growth through farmland and valuable crops. It’s important to have a little bit of both worlds. 

Anelace Coffee

Every great cafe knows that you need water with your coffee. You can count on Anelace Coffee to make sure you receive a complimentary bottle of sparkling water with each purchase.

One of the most upscale cafes in the US, Anelace coffee is still inexpensive with a variety of seating from indoor to outdoor as well as a clean, minimalist look that seems to comfort everyone from consumers even to those passing by.

If you need a classy and gorgeous view to work, this is your destination hot-spot!

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Northeast – New England Region

Ever wondered where some of the first settlers in America came to settle? It was in the early 1600s, Boston, MA. This is where you will find a renewed and lively town with memories of old battlefields from many wars and quite possibly make new memories while finding your favorite place for coffee and work.

Wired Puppy 

Vegan options can often make or break a decision if you plan to spend hours working somewhere. After a while with your thinking cap on, your hunger cap starts to light up too. At the Wired Puppy, in Boston, you don’t have to sigh in disbelief that they don’t carry dairy free options because to your benefit, they do dairy free and totally vegan options.

When you’re in Boston and craving a vegan donut or a creamy foamed almond milk latte to comfort you during your computer work, this is your joint!

Northeast – Atlantic Region 

The most beloved of all America is, of course, New York City. Most business begins there and everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame, which looks even better accompanied by a limo.

Let’s take a bite out of the big apple and digest great information on where to spend your time to enjoy work the next time you come to NYC.

Sit & Wonder is just the place for you to sit and wonder just why you have never been here before! Not only is this little, hidden treasure utilizing a Seattle favorite coffee roaster, but they have a beautifully developed garden with outdoor seating so that you can focus on your work in a peaceful atmosphere.

You won’t be alone in the work-from-home environment as many travelers choose this perfect coffee shop in the grand city of New York.

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South – West South Central

The Lone Star State. They say, “Don’t mess with Texas.” When you’re in it for business or adventure, Houston, TX,  the fourth biggest city in America, has everything you need to help you accomplish your goals. So don’t leave without visiting our favorite coffee shop for working outside of the office.

Kaffiene Coffee Internet and Office Cafe

Calm energy, Wi-fi, comfortable seating, gentle lighting and a quiet area to increase your productivity, it sounds perfect, right? At this Internet Office and Cafe in Houston, you have more than enough space and peace of mind to accomplish loads of work.

  • You do have to pay a small fee for internet here but the contributions go to keeping the place as wonderful as it is to enjoy for everybody!

South – East South Central 

We’ve traveled all over the country and found the place we feel the coziest is tucked away in the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. One of the most beautiful places to visit, Tennessee has a sweet, southern style of hospitality that leaves you feeling that you can take home with you wherever you go.

Hibbert-Davis Urban Brews

If you’re looking for hands-down, the best tasting cup of coffee you have ever tried, it comes from right in the vast Great Smokey Mountains of Kingsport, Tennessee. If you find yourself in the tri-city area and are seeking a quiet and modern, work-friendly spot to get creative, you have got to go to Hibbert-Davis Urban Brews.

You will feel cozy as you are tucked away in the mountains sipping on a fresh and deliciously spiced cup o’ joe. Nothing beats this place!

South – Atlantic Region

The Sunshine State is one of a kind. Year round, you can experience tropical weather and travel up and down the coast with your personal chauffeur or rent a limo and explore south Florida for its many palm trees, theme parks, and amazing nightlife.

Below, we have our final choice in luxury coffee shop for laptop warriors that you can find in a happening town called New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Right off the coast sits a tiny, tropical island named New Smyrna Beach. Booming with new business and tourist attractions, this town has been built up by mostly local entrepreneurs and has its sights set on productivity. If you’re looking to network with other business professionals or to eat at world-famous restaurants, little NSB is awaiting your arrival.

With their own local coffee roaster, just up the street named Island Roasters, Third Wave Cafe & Wine Bar is said to be one of the most prestigious and elegant dining experiences featuring:

  • Beautiful hand-carved tables
  • A full bar made from California red trees

This cafe and outdoor garden is known for serving authentic and homemade food, from crepes in the morning to stone-fired pizza at night. They open their wi-fi to the public and even allow you to bring your dog and sit on the deck and even offer him or her fresh water.

Luxury is an understatement. If you come to Florida, this is a must see!



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Written By: Dee Haller



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