The Perfect Look For An Elegant Prom Night

Luxury, elegance, sophistication, and style are all key elements of making your prom ensemble a perfect one. 

Ladies First

Tips For That Jaw Dropping Sophisticated Look

Go Up A Size When Choosing Your Dress

  • With the internet making shopping more convenient, just about everyone is shopping online. The dangers of this is, you cannot instantly try on the dress you are trying to purchase and you’ll have to trust the size chart provided, which can be inaccurate since there are many different body shapes and sizes.


  • Always go a size up, this way you’ll be able to fit into the dress, and return it online if needed in exchange for the correct size. You want to AT LEAST fit into the dress to know if it’s really for you or not.


  • When looking for a seamstress, be sure you hire someone who is skilled. You don’t want an amateur butchering your beautiful dress. Having your dress altered accurately to your body shape will shift the gown well ensuring that the dress hugs all the curves on your body. Larger dresses gives enough space for your seamstress to easily adjust your dress to fit you well.

For Dancing

  • You also want to ensure that when dancing, your date won’t see through your gown right?  You can have a friend check it for you before making your way to the date. Either way, try leaning forward to check for any cleavage that may spill over.


  • Now, despite the fact that you want your dress to be tight to give you that killer look, remember that it shouldn’t be too tight.  If it’s too tight, a single dance move would tear the seam, and blow up your dream night. To avoid this, try some dance moves in your house to see how it fits you.


  • When choosing your preferred prom shoes, you may need a pair which matches you gown color. Either way, you may just desire a specific heel height. selecting the right prom shoes is of course as vital as picking the dress.


  • You want a shoe that you’ll look elegant in when you wear them…not looking a baby deer walking for the first time. If you’re struggling in your house walking in your heels practicing for your big dance…then those heels are not for you. Perhaps a cute pair of flats? Or maybe a heel that’s thicker and easier to work with?


  • Being able to walk in your prom shoes are important since you’ll be wearing them all night dancing in them.


  • As we mentioned before it’s generally best to purchase your dress online since it’s convenient and you can order it and have it delivered with just a touch of a button. However, sometimes you can get lucky purchasing one in a store off season.


  • Most of the time stores want to move their old styles out and utilize their space for in season product-attire. Which will result in…Prom dress sales.


  • Be aware that you have to time this wayyyyy ahead of time. Meaning you have to purchase it around the time where Prom isn’t a big priority for stores anymore. A few months or so after prom is the best time to purchase for the upcoming year. Kind of like Valentines Day chocolate, if you wait a day after and you get 70% off chocolate. Penny pinching at it’s finest!


  • Shoes are a bit different cause elegant shoes are always in style. You have to keep an eye out for that luck sale! Sometimes stores might want to push out unwanted older inventory to welcome a newer and better product. They push the old product to utilize space better which can result in a good shoe sale! Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re at the mall with your friends!


  • For one of the most important nights of your teenage life, you want a Prom dress that defines you.


  • Remember One Important Rule: You wear the dress, the dress don’t wear you.Wearing a dress that defines you will automatically boost your confidence. Confidence is the best accessory you can wear!


  • Having a good time and owning the night is the best thing to strive for!



  • Watch the heads turn as you and your best friends arrive in style and step out of a luxurious limousine. You’ll look and feel like a princess on your extravagant Prom night.


Being a true gentlemen never goes out of style

The Tux

Whether you’re wearing a suit or a tuxedo, your luxury attire Can Say A Whole Lot About You.

  • The collar is an important part of your prom ensemble, it’s the closest to your face and adds shape to your shoulders. When you wear a suit you want everything to fit perfectly from top to bottom. Your collar should fit comfortably around your neck without being loose. Tight and snug while being comfy is the general rule.


  • Your collar should leave no bulges or gaps on your shoulders. Instead, it should be lying flat both on the back of your neck and the sides. (If it’s too tight you can defiantly tell cause your whole ensemble will look frumpy and unappealing). A true gentlemen always makes sure his suit collar fits snug and looks professional at all times. 


  • Your jacket should fit snug enough so when buttoned it won’t leave an “X” shape in the middle. When too tight your whole ensemble will look noticeably unbalanced.


  • Your Jacket sleeves should be trimmed around your wrist bone. There should be some space that allows several inches of your shirt to pass through.


  • Your jacket should rest nicely on your shoulders. If too frumpy your shoulders will make you look like Igor from Young Frankenstein. We don’t want that, we are aiming for James Bond 007.  


  • Suit pants if chosen and worn correctly can shape your body giving you the perfect look. For example: pants with stripes going down will make you look taller and slimmer as for pleated pants which will give you the illusion of making you look heavier. Both styles are great depending on what look you are going for depending on your body shape.


  • DO NOT wear a baggy tuxedo, whether you are borrowing it from a family member or you purchased one on sale and they were limited in sizes, get the tux resized by a professional. A fitted tuxedo will always look better than a frumpy over sized suit. You want to wear your suit… don’t want it to wear you!


  • When looking for a suit or tux sometimes it’s better just to rent one. It’s much cheaper than to purchase one. A good tuxedo can easily steep $400 (for a basic tux sold by a professional). A luxurious suit can cost at least $600 to $1,000 (or more).  Renting one will cost literally the fraction of the price.


  • Borrowing a suit from a family member is always the best idea when pinching pennies for Prom. It’s always respectful to ask permission first before resizing any attire borrowed from anyone else, even if it’s family. Who knows? They might even let you keep it! Most of the time teens who wear a suit for prom go through a growth-spurt a year or so right after, which results in an unfitting suit/tux they just keep in their closet.


  • Guys usually like to buy something once. Meaning they don’t like to shop as much as girls do. So it’s a good idea to purchase good pair dress shoes. Why is this on the budget list if your spending more money on new shoes? Well, if taken care correctly and worn only for formal evens you can keep the shoes for years and not have to worry about purchasing another pair. Spend a little extra money now to save money in the future. It’ll help you out in the long run cause your shoe size generally stays the same all through high school and adulthood.


  • Normally, guys will get a haircut for prom to complete that fresh sharp look. Hair cuts aren’t that expensive but if you REALLY want to pinch pennies, you can always see if a family member, friend’s parents or older sibling can cut hair professionally. They might cut you a deal! NEVER try cutting your hair yourself….don’t forget hair takes a while to grow back and with prom right around the corner…not a bright idea.

Rules To Remember…

  1.  You wear the tuxedo, the tuxedo doesn’t wear you. Be sure the suit is fitted to your height and body type. A fitting suit/tuxedo will automatically boost your confidence.
  2. Always hold the door open for the ladies. It’s a nice gesture and you should always do it just because it’s an awesome thing to do as a gentlemen.
  3. Be positive. Nobody likes a negative Nancy, try to lighten up the party by complimenting others. It’ll brighten the room up with positive vibes and make people around you happier.
  4. Avoid using phrases like, “That’s gay”, “Tide pods are amazing”, “Fleek”, etc. etc. A true gentlemen always thinks before he speaks.
  5. When your parent call or text you, always pick up and give them reassurance so they can be at ease knowing their child is safe.
  6. Learn how to dance. How are you supposed to ask someone to dance with you if you don’t know how to dance? Learn some dance moves before prom! Surprise your friends!

  7. A Limousine Rental; Whether you’re going with your date, or going with a group of friends, renting a limo for prom is the way to go! Have your parents help you accomplish this goal, they know what’s best and know how to research and find an excellent reliable Limo Service that can transport you and your friends to your prom destination. A1A Limo specializes in luxurious ground transportation, and will make sure you and your friends will be transported safely and in style.

Rent The Limo In The Photo Above

From the elegant ensemble to the luxury limousine ride you take, Prom will be held as one of the most memorable nights of your life, that is why it’s important to plan ahead to ensure the night will go as smoothly as possible. Remember, It is more than just a party, it is a rite of passage. Although the details are important to make this night YOUR night, remember to have fun and do not sweat the small stuff. Prepare for what you can and laugh off all the rest, it’ll be the story you’ll remember for the rest of you life.







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