Tesla Model X – So Strong It Can Pull An Airplane!

The cars we drive say a lot about us.
– Alexandra Paul

When it comes to strong vehicles, don’t count out electric models. The Tesla Model X SUV is a beast of an electric vehicleIt can even pull an airplane! Read on to find out more about Tesla’s fully electric powerhouse.

Get to Know the Tesla Model X

While it may not look much different than some sedans on the road, it is actually one of the few fully electric SUVs on the market. What sets this vehicle apart from all the other vehicles on the road.

Known To Be The “Safest SUV Ever”

The Tesla Model X boasts a 5-Star Overall Safety Rating. The side collision warning helps you to avoid collisions with other drivers, who might come up quickly before you even notice.

Emergency breaking detects dangerous objects or situations, applying the brakes before you even see the hazard on the road.

Destination Set: Check.

Plane Tickets Booked: Check.

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A Luxury SUV

The sleek exterior is bound to turn heads, whether parked or driving by curious onlookers. As a mid-size crossover SUV, it isn’t the biggest SUV on the market. It is, however, about 10% heavier than the Tesla Model S sedan after which it was modeled.

The falcon-wing doors are a unique feature for the Tesla Model X. These double-hinged doors open up, rather than out. They are also equipped with proximity sensors that let the doors open in tight parking areas.

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Endless Amounts Of Storage

The Model X has enough room to seat seven adults and a 5,000 lb. towing capacity. That means that these vehicles can hold about as many people as a stretch limousine.

The SUV’s towing capacity is similar to the rating for a Buick Enclave, Ford Explorer, or other larger vehicles.

Fantastic Feats & Future Plans

True strength comes from within.

What gives the Model X its strength is really what sets it apart from other SUVs in its class. The Model X’s electric engine works differently than the standard internal combustion engines of other SUVs.

What makes electric and gasoline-powered vehicles so different is the amount of torque produced.

  • Torque is a measure of how much force is created, which in turn propels the vehicle forward.
  • The higher the torque (or force), the stronger the vehicle really is.

For example, the Tesla Model X can produce around nearly twice the torque of a Ford Explorer, giving the Tesla a higher towing capacity.

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The Tesla Model X Helped to Set a World Record

Tesla and Qantas Airways, an Australian airline,
set a Guinness World Record in May of 2018.

The record for “Heaviest Tow By An Electric Production Passenger Vehicle” was set when the Tesla Model X towed a Boeing 787 almost 1,000 feet at the Melbourne Airport.

Check it out below!

Paving the Way for Limousine Cars of the Future

Evoke is an Australian limousine company whose fleet is made up entirely of Tesla cars.

The company started in 2015 with a single Tesla Sedan and has since grown to include eight vehicles. The cars have (collectively) covered enough distance to travel around the world 25 times.

Amazingly, not a single customer has been stranded by a dead battery. Of Evoke’s 40,000 passenger rides, only one driver ran out of range. However, one driver ran out of battery power about one kilometer away from a charging station while heading back to the base.

The Tesla limo transportation service is slowly expanding. Evoke currently has five Tesla sedans and three SUVs under its belt. There are plans to soon expand into the Melbourne and Brisbane areas.

In 2016, Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla has plans to build a Minibus on a Model X chassis. Whether this will be more of a party van—”sometimes called a party bus”— or large public transport-style bus remains to be seen. Could the future of the limo bus be electric?

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Why Do Electric Vehicles Make Great Limo Cars?

“There is a lot of downtime, so we use those gaps in the day to charge the vehicles using Tesla superchargers or back at our base.” – Pia Peterson, Evoke Founder

The fact that limousine cars spend so much time waiting for customers means there is ample opportunity for charging between drives. On a full charge, the Model X has nearly a 300-mile range before changing again.

Peterson pointed out that the since electric vehicles have fewer moving parts, they need less maintenance. This makes the vehicles more cost-effective to own over time.

Since electric vehicles don’t run on fossil fuels, like gasoline, they are better for the environment. Rather than fill up on a take of gas every few hundred miles, you can just plug in your car and wait up 30 minutes for the vehicle to recharge to around 170 miles.

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Luxury Limo Interior

There aren’t very many luxury ground transportation service companies in the United States that offer Tesla vehicles, yet. As we learn more about electric vehicles, we look forward to seeing new and better technology implemented in the American limousine industry.

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