Tech Trends That Will Change The Business World

“From phones to cars to medicine, technology touches every part of our lives. If you can create technology you can change the world.”

– Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube

From horse and buggy to luxury limousine, technology has given headway to the way we use ground transportation by being able to access limo rental by the touch of a finger.

The excitement doesn’t just end there, though. Technology has given us a variety of ways to go from mediocre to luxury. If you think about it, technology has affected our lives in totality, by providing ways to:

  • Clean our water
  • Ingest fewer chemicals
  • Cook, Store and Eat our food
  • Make information readily accessible
  • Communicate with each other instantly
  • See the world through a different lens

When you consider how every area of our lives can be changed through technology, you might consider some of the most incredible Tech Trends of today that will change the business world, for the better. What does technology do for the business world? Read on to find out.

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Trendy Technology

“We begin to change the world when we stimulate long-term prosperity using technology. There’s not a problem that’s large enough that innovation and entrepreneurship can’t solve.”

– Naveen Jain

2018 is on the brink of a new era, ‘The 2020s’. Emerging are compelling new trends in technology that we predict will change the business world of today as we know it. Some of the things we are going to discuss are:

  • IoT
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain
  • Li-Fi

Let’s get started on learning technical information!

IoT or Internet of Things

“You are cruising along, and then technology changes. You have to adapt.”

– Marc Andreessen

How would we instantly book a limousine rental, without the luxury of the internet? We don’t know how to answer that. But, what we do know is that without the internet there would be none of what we have today!

The Internet of Things is the current evolution of:

  • Internet
  • Microservices
  • Micro-electrical mechanical systems
  • Wireless technologies

These four technologies formed into a network where anybody from humans with pacemakers to beloved pets with RFID chips can be assigned an IP address, giving the ability to instantaneously transfer operational and informational data about the subject.

Simply put, the GPS system accommodating your luxury ground transportation is one perfect example of how the IoT works.

  • The IoT is the foundation of interconnectivity that we have today, allowing us to share data and information quickly.

IoT has evolved since 1999, from human-to-machine data recording, which is pretty self-explanatory, to machine-to-machine, where machines collect data and connect to each other and transfer or upload it to the cloud which has proven useful for the business tech world.

IoT has surpassed its predecessors in network connectivity by becoming a network of sensors within every smart device connecting operating systems, people, and apps.

  • This was a huge advancement in the business world that we can expect to see more of.

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How has IoT been changing the business world with technology?

  • Time = Money. Access to more free time, fewer expenses.
  • Data analyzation allows generating more revenue marketed toward the right audience.
  • Apps for Goods and Services run more efficiently, (i.e. Limo Rental)
  • Can fully integrate into business models and concepts
  • Great for Corporate Business use.
  • Keep track of the business productivity over periods of time or overall.
  • Assist in making better decisions based on client data.

Next time you have a business opportunity, whether you are in a meeting with potential clients or sipping a sparkling water in your limo, perhaps, consider applying the Internet of Things to your business model and checking out the incredible benefits you can utilize to change the future of your company.

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“Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies can be anonymous and you don’t have to depend on a traditional bank.”

– Ben Taylor

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Chances are you have heard about this seemingly global phenomenon, cryptocurrency. Maybe, as you were exiting your limousine, you overheard some passing folks say, “bitcoin” a few different times. Sure, you know it’s a form of currency and it’s encrypted, but, what makes it so special?

A little unknown fact is that cryptocurrency was an accident!

It was actually more of a side project that came about while creating another invention, leaving us with an iconic system developed for decentralized and digital cash. Since the 1990s, innovators have been trying and failing to invent a digital currency that is this functional.

How Is Cryptocurrency Changing The Business And Technology World Around Us Every Day?

Just like you can carpool in a limousine to share ideas and use platforms like DropBox or iCloud to instantly share files with others.

  • Cryptocurrency provides something strikingly similar to a Peer-to-Peer file-sharing network, except this allows you to exchange currency instead of just photos or documents.

Everyone from limo drivers to corporate business professionals is investing into cryptocurrency and I think it’s safe to say that this new method of digital money is here to stay.

But How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

Very carefully. Cryptocurrency is all about transferring data through a secure network and it’s a very intricate process.

  • When you have a bank, they have a central network who checks the transactions and distributes the money.

With cryptocurrency, the fact that there is no central network to work account for these transactions and making sure they aren’t duplicate, means that every peer involved in data transfer through the network must record their transactions and check for error and duplication.

Money, simply described, is just a record of entry into a specific database about numbers in particular accounts.

  • Keeping track of each individual transaction is not feasible for professionals the business world or what anyone wants to spend their luxury limo ride doing.

However, this idea seemed nearly impossible, until they came out with Blockchain, the single, most profound change in technology that will become integrated into every currency interface and platform within our world.

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“Blockchain technology, or distributed ledger technology, is just a way of using the modern sciences of encryption to enable entities to share a common infrastructure for database retention.”

– Blythe Masters 

Blockchain is a very productive technology and accepted data chain of all cryptocurrency transactions. The reason people are raving about it is for its ease of use and transparency.

That’s right! Blockchain is anonymous. Therefore as cryptocurrency users trade coin, blockchain acts as a ledger open to the public that can never be altered.

Every good idea has to start somewhere, and blockchain starts with Miners. A miner not only mines coin in cryptocurrency but while mining also collects the data of transactions that have been made across the entire blockchain.

Once obtained, the miners delegate four pieces of data information to its own single box and then link that box to a self-regulated chain with other blocks of information. The information that goes into a single block is as listed:

  1. Time Stamp
  2. Proof of Work
  3. Transaction ID
  4. Previous Block ID

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Blockchains are fully secure and engineered to be so. In the business world, we want security, especially over our money. Before long, every industry will incorporate blockchain for effortless data entry.

  • Anywhere that cryptocurrency is accepted, it is already there!
  • Major banks are already signing contracts to allow their clients to engage with the new Blockchain technology!
  • Identity management could become seamless!
  • International contracts signed on a moment’s time!
  • Bank transactions are conveniently smooth!

Blockchain is the DNA of Cryptocurrency and the IoT. Look around and notice the way these technologies are integrated into our daily lives as you enjoy the best features of technology through your gadgets, business models, and luxury transportation.

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“Everywhere in a day, there is light. Look around. Everywhere. Look at your smartphone. It has a flashlight, an LED flashlight. These are potential sources for high-speed data transmission.”

– Harold Haas

Last but not least, there is one final amazing and brand new technology that is here to change the future of the business and tech world, forever! That is Li-Fi. Imagine the fastest internet you’ve ever seen as you ride in a luxury limo.

  • Li-fi provides an option for high-speed internet in situations or areas where Wi-Fi isn’t available or an option.

Li-Fi is LED lighting, that depends on the visible light spectrum to act as a type of strobe light that sends signals to receivers, to be used for data transmission that is up to 1,000 times faster then Wi-fi and Google Fiber combined.

  • The flashes are so fast, at a rate of 15 million flashes per second, that they become invisible to the human eye.
  • Li-Fi is a bi-directional technology, meaning it sends and receives data.

Everyone is familiar with LED lights. LED lights are not only the ones we use to be more energy conscious but they have other benefits as well.

  • Professional Skincare
  • Televisions and Computer Screens for Their Sturdiness
  • Flashlights
  • Limo and Car Headlights
  • Cooler and Less Risk of Combustion

This means in the future electrical lighting in homes and offices will perform two functions:

  1. Highest Speed Internet/Data Transfer
  2. Providing Light

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Examples of How Li-Fi Can Be Used For Business 

Can you envision a future where the LED headlights on your luxury limo or party bus serve a deeper purpose than just to provide enough light to blind oncoming traffic?

  • Perhaps they would transfer updates instantaneously of traffic data for GPS servers.

How about using the internet while at the ocean?

  • You heard it right! Li-fi can be used at the beach and even underwater! You can literally take work with you wherever you go.

Say goodbye to RF (radio-frequency) signals, those pesky signals that we are warned to buy protective items for our gadgets to protects us from it.

  • Li-Fi doesn’t need it because Li-Fi uses light and not radio frequency like a microwave. It is essentially probably safer.

Showcasing Photos, Art or Products with Li-Fi illumination has the ability to provide further information about the products for sale, possibly giving the history about the company, product or individual that is being illuminated represents.

Chemical Power Plants can’t use Wi-Fi because the nature of danger the signal imposes.

  • Li-Fi could provide internet in places such as these, giving the workers and the entire foundation of the way the company has to be run, a boost.

Make air travel more exciting and opt out of the standard Airplane Mode.

  • Li-Fi can bring a network 15,000 feet in the air and more!

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Light The Way To The Future

Li-Fi is the up-and-coming future of the internet. It is the ultimate game changer. Many companies and corporate businesses have yet to introduce themselves to it and therefore it is still somewhat of an untapped market. Soon every limousine, airplane, boat, and train will be equipped with the internet as fast as the speed of light.

When a businessman or woman can download client files in milliseconds, upload business plans and reports in the blink of an eye and can enjoy the luxury of the internet during business travel or ground transportation, we call that success!

How will you integrate these tech trends into your business to generate success? Let A1A Airport and Limousine Services help you plan your next business trip or provide you with reliable transportation from one of our Personal Chauffeurs to ensure your success.

Written By: Dee Haller


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