Team Mac Vs Team PC: Who Will Prevail?

A debate over one-quarter century old.

What will be the deciding factor?

What determines the best?

Choosing your computer is like choosing your limo. You don’t just pick the first limousine you see; You check out your options. It has to be quality.

Qualities we look for are: 

1) Comfort

2) Safety

3) Ease of use

4) Battery durability

  • If its suitable for business, and price. We’re going to talk Mac Vs PC when it comes to these qualities and see what 2018 has to offer, but first let’s talk about who uses Mac and PC.

Everyone from kids to grown-ups use computers. They are becoming more common worldwide and even by means of schooling in third world countries. Our cars are virtually computers nowadays and the future is in the technology of computers.

That is the reason computers are a standard for business professionals. If you’re engaged with projects at the desk or hard at work while in luxury transport, having the right computer to run your business, keep up with the tasks, communicate effectively with your clients and employee/employers is the key to achieving your goals.

Most of those who thrive on creating music and art seem to prefer a Mac, or other apple product, while those who prefer gaming and customization can attest to team PC.

  • Memes on the internet suggest that Mac comparable to being the Luxury Limo of computers, leaving PC looking like the Beat-Up Dune Buggy.

Which team are you?

Team Mac? or Team PC?


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User Friendliness

Ease of use is important to anyone who is learning a new gadget and plans to use it for a long time. It is a well known fact that once you learn a system, such as Mac or PC and end up buying all the gadgets that are compatible with it, you become attached.

Apple, who creates Mac, is said to be the more practical of the two for a few reasons:

● Everything is now in the form of Apps and accessible from your home screen

● Easily communicate and connect with other apple users across all apple platforms (iPhone, iPad, iPod, iChat, iMessage, iCloud)

Few buttons and settings to configure

● Standard stock, simple design

● Unable to be customized unless jailbroken

● Stays uniform across devices

PC, who creates Windows, can be known to be considerably more complex for:

● Having multiple non-Windows platforms (Linux, AmigoOS 4, etc.)

● Thoroughly customizable without jailbreaking

● Many settings that you must navigate through several folders to adjust

● Open-Sourced

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Safety and Security

When browsing the internet for work or play, security is a top factor.

  • Who wants spam and hackers? No way! When all of your personal, family and financial information is saved in your computer’s cookies and cache, you have to be cautious and play it safe.

Would you rather download Anti-Virus or use a computer already equipped with it?

Here’s what is being said about security features in computers today:

Mac, has long since been the winner in security due to its lower risk of susceptibility to viruses and malware.

  • The hardware in Mac’s was specifically made for and by Apple and cannot be altered or used otherwise. That is one thing that sets Mac apart from the rest and to get your ac fixed, it will be done by an Apple Certified Business which ensures quality.

PC continues to stay open and customizable which leads to vulnerability in programming and with downloading potential viruses.

  • PC also happens to have multiple brands and parts manufactured by companies all over the globe, leading to the risk of electronic malfunction and when getting your PC fixed, there are no special certifications to be certain that the work performed is true to the dollar spent.


Battery life is huge when you are a business professional who travels around doing conferences, presentations or meets with clients from city to city.

  • Having to plug in your laptop only after 30-45 minutes of use is quite irritating, especially when you’re on the go. This a common trend with PC computers after owning them for a period of time.

When Mac’s have battery or charging port difficulties, you have to get the entire computer opened up and taken apart to replace the damaged goods which could lead to a long day at the nearest Apple or Apple Certified Store which isn’t always conveniently right up the street.

When PC’s have battery or charger damage, you can easily replace them yourself, which is kind of handy if you’re in a pinch and if you’re busy, you usually are.

  • However, there are some pros and cons to each style of computing.

Mac/MacBooks have exceptional battery life lasting up to between 7-10 hours and is good for up to 5 years.

PC’s have a much shorter battery life nearing 2-4 hours and the battery itself only lasts up to 400 life cycles which is definitely less than what you would get out of a Mac.

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For The Office

Using your computer in the office is how progress is made, tracked and implemented. Most offices choose a single operating system and browser that is most efficient for commercial use.

  • When deciding which operating system to use, it’s important to verify which option of business programs are more suitable for you: Microsoft Office Suite with Word, Excel and Access or Apple’s iWork Suite with Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

PC offers Microsoft Office Suite which works well across Windows OS. It comes equipped with Word, Excel, Access and other office features that improve the way you work.

  • But, it comes at a one-time fee with a one-time key. Is it worth it?

Fun Fact: Microsoft Office can run on a Mac as well but its functionality is much slower on it.


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Mac gives you iWork Suite: No, literally, as of 2017, Apple gives these products to you for free making working through your computer accessible to anyone with a Mac or apple product. When you’re running a business, you want to save money.

  • In the long run, this may be a better option.

Bringing me to another vital point…


Not all computers are created equal: We all have come to know Mac, solely belonging to Apple, to rank high on the price margin. You’ve been able to walk into electronic stores and note that someone can easily purchase a Google laptop or Hewlett Packard PC for under $400 while most will take the Mac for a test drive and then put it on their wish list, because the latest iMac is market valued at anywhere between $1,300 and $2,400. Why is this?

What makes Mac worth so much more in price?:

● Made with original, high-end, Apple hardware

● iMac with Retina Display, Camera Quality tops the charts

● Touch Functionality and Response

● Made of Metal and Glass

● Battery Life/Quality

● Hold their value over time

However, PCs out-do Mac’s in a couple of ways that lead this debate to chase its own tail. PCs can be pricey too, after all, with practice, you could build your own custom PC from the ground up. And in doing so you get:

● Optimal Customization

● Authority over the Operating System

● Ultimate Gaming Performance

● Cheaper initially

● Easy to replace the parts

● Screen is plastic and won’t break

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Mac Vs PC: You Decide

Macs Vs PCs are like two people who are from the same family line but who think differently and go about life and their decision making nearly opposite.

  • Choosing which you like better is quite the bias. So, when deciding if you are Team Mac or Team PC, remember to choose your computer like you choose your limo.


  • Look for comfort, safety, ease of use, battery durability, if its suitable for business, and price. Take a few of each for a test drive and see which you like best!

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Written by: Dee Haller


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