Concierge Job Description : Luxury At It’s Finest

Do you ever find yourself in need of an extra pair of hands? In today’s busy world, most people go through this every day. There’s never enough time in the day for all the errands and other mundane tasks we need to accomplish. Personal concierge services can make your life a lot easier and for a lot less than you may think.


So, exactly what is a concierge’s job description?



Concierge Service’s Meaning

First off, what is the correct concierge pronunciation? It’s a French word, so it can be tricky, CON-SEE-AIR. When most people think of a concierge, high-end hotels come to mind. However, did you know that personal concierge services encompass anything from walking your dog, running errands, grocery shopping, and much more?

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Personal Concierge Services

Let’s delve a little deeper into just what services are provided by a personal concierge. As any successful entrepreneur knows, delegation is important in all walks of life. We can’t possibly do everything ourselves without compromising the quality of life.

What can you expect when you hire a personal concierge? The answer is just about anything you need help with:

Errands – Every time we turn around there’s an errand that needs to be addressed. It all takes time away from our busy day. If we own a business or have a 9-to-5 job, it requires skipping lunch, taking time off, or trying to fit it all in after hours. However, some establishments aren’t open after hours. In addition, you’ve worked all day long. Is this really what you want to do in your down time?

A personal concierge will ensure all of your important errands are taken care of.


Some examples are:


  • Picking up/dropping off dry cleaning, prescriptions, library books, etc.
  • Returning products to the store
  • Going to the Post Office
  • Setting appointments
  • Taking your vehicle in for maintenance/repairs
  • Picking up lunch/dinner
  • Booking dinner reservations and transportation
  • Planning business events and corporate travel
  • Walking your dog at scheduled times, as well as taking care of them when you’re away
  • Wrapping gifts, addressing holiday cards, or sending out invitations
  • Decorating for the holidays
  • Reserving hotel rooms and other accommodations for corporate travel, vacations, or when friends/family visit
  • Watching over your home while you’re out-of-town on business or pleasure, as well as overseeing service calls, repairs, or cleaning services in your home when you’re unavailable
  • Developing/maintaining your social media
  • Arranging a day of golfing, or other entertainment
  • Keeping you organized and efficient
  • Aiding in estate planning

    The list goes on and on!



Luxury Ground Transportation Helps to Make a Good First Impression



If you’re a business professional or frequent traveler, let A1A Limo Service provide you with affordable luxury ground transportation. We provide the very best in limo transportation, as well as any personal concierge services you may require.

Shopping – Going to the store for groceries, gifts, and what not is a real drain on your time. No matter what you need, by providing a list, a personal concierge can take care of all your shopping needs. This can be especially helpful to business professionals, as well as overstretched parents, the elderly or disabled.

Grocery shopping is a necessity, but very time consuming. Stores are often crowded, with only one or two cash registers open. After a long day, this isn’t where you want to find yourself.

Gift shopping can be a real chore and, if it’s during the holidays, you have to deal with crowds of shoppers, parking issues, as well as traffic. By providing a detailed list, your gift shopping will be handled with expert and ease. If there are a few things to choose from, you’ll receive a phone message with photos, pricing information, and any specifications you may need to make an easy decision.

So, whether it’s shopping at the mall, hardware store, a kiosk, toy store, or tractor supply, a personal concierge has you covered.




A1A Limo Service

A1A Airport and Limo Service provides the best in affordable luxury ground transportation and personal concierge services across South Florida. We are dedicated to seeing to your every need with the highest level of service possible.

A1A’s services also include Airport Shuttle, corporate travel and business event transportation, as well as limousine cars for special occasions, weddings, private parties, proms, tours, shopping trips, non-emergency medical transport, and much, much more! We invite you to visit our website and preview our dynamic fleet of late-model limousines, which includes luxury sedans, such as Town Cars, stretch limousines, and limo buses. We can accommodate any size group, so no one is ever left behind.

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Written By: Margie Lubin

Corporate Travel World Facing Change with Flying Taxis

The corporate world is full of change and innovation. The world of corporate travel is no exception. Business professionals are always looking for better ways of doing things. They want the most efficient tools and the most convenient ways to get around.

There’s something new on the horizon that could change the way we travel. Will it make its way into the business sector?

Headed For Business Travel? 4 Reasons To Hire Limo Service Transportation


Corporate Travel Through the Years

It seems like people have been traveling for work since the beginning of time. Written records date back centuries. One of the oldest examples is trading spices along the ancient Silk Road. In those days, people relied on the strength of animals and the size of their groups.

Over time, trade routes opened up that connected the world. Early entrepreneurs learned how to cover more distance in less time. They created networks and laid the foundation for the business world that we know today.

Today most business professionals rely more on Town Cars than pack animals. Modern methods for business event transportation cover serious mileage in minutes instead of days. However, we do still measure our vehicles’ strength in horsepower.

Got an Out-Of-Town Interview?


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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

The drive toward progress is still strong among those in the business industry. It’s what keeps us making new products and opening new companies. Ultimately, we just want to find better ways to the things that we do every day. We’re also happy to find ways to do what we’ve never done before.

It’s important to find balance as you strive to move forward. You don’t want to get in too deep and wind up underwater. Most advancements in technology tend to make our lives better or easier. However, you’ve got to weigh the pros and cons before making major changes.


The Sky’s the Limit

The phrase most often used to encourage people to dream big is probably, “The sky’s the limit.” As technology improves and air travel becomes more accessible, that may change.

Currently, Uber has a special team working on what it calls an “aviation ridesharing project” known as Uber Air. Its goal is to bring on-demand fights to the public in three major cities by 2023. Those three cities are Dallas, Los Angeles, and a third international city that is still unannounced. Launch demonstration flights are expected to start as soon as 2020. Uber also plans to do more experimentation with drones for its food delivery service, Uber Eats.


Why To Choose A Personal Concierge Over UberEats


Flying Taxi Pros and Cons

As exciting as new technology may be, this one raises some questions.

Will Flying Taxis Be Safe?

Uber’s projected timeline calls for the service to be available to the public by 2023. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for testing. The company still hasn’t decided on the final location of its launch cities.

There are currently five countries being considered for the third location:

  • Japan

  • France

  • Brazil

  • Australia

  • and India.

Will The Technology Hold Up?

There is no guarantee that we will have the kind of technology needed for this type of aircraft to work on a grand scale.

As of yet, there aren’t any batteries both:

Powerful enough to last through the flight,

And lightweight enough not to weigh the aircraft down.

Electric cars need to charge after driving a certain number of miles. There are still many places nationwide that don’t have much access to electric cars charging stations. Will there be a similar barrier for flying taxis?

Who Will Be In Charge?

At least 19 companies have plans for flying cars in development. Uber is far from the only company thinking along these lines. Others include big names like Boeing and Airbus. Even smaller businesses are looking to get involved, like Kitty Hawk. This startup is headed by Google co-founder Larry Page.

Full-size aircraft must keep in constant contact with Air Traffic Control. Would these aircraft be regulated by ATC? If not, what kind of regulations would they require? Surely there would have to be someone in charge of keeping the aircraft out of the others’ ways.

Will The Ride Be Comfortable?

Small-scale aircraft without large turbine engines must maintain a low weight. As such, they don’t typically have many amenities. Luxury service, like what you would expect from limo transportation, requires keeping anything on hand that you might want or need.

With talk of flying taxis, maybe flying limousine cars aren’t too much of a stretch of the imagination. However, these aircraft probably won’t come with plush seating or bottle service.

Will They Be Convenient?

It takes a lot of space to land an aircraft. Even smaller ones need plenty of room around them for wings or propellers. It’s not like a flying taxi can land on your doorstep. One surely can’t land in the middle of a busy intersection.

That means that you’ll have to go to your ride, instead of your ride coming to you. Should you have to go to a dedicated loading or unloading zone, you will still need a limo bus or airport shuttle for after the flight.


Could Your Business Be Saving Money By Using A Limo Service?


Trust the Experts

Sure, there are early adopters that will test out any new technology. But, when it comes to your special event or corporate travel, there is no room for guesswork. Why take the risk when you can relax in the comforts of luxury ground transportation?

Black car and limo services have been tried and tested throughout the years. They still reign as the standard for safety, dependability, and comfort for all of your travel needs.

Fleet Photo

When you need an affordable limousine service that you can trust, call A1A!

A1A Airport and Limousine Service offers travel solutions for any destination. Get an extra set of hands when you need them with our personal concierge. We offer airport shuttle service that will get you to your flight on time, every time. For corporate travel, our black car service fleet will handle your business event transportation with classic style.

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Written By: Amber M. Smith

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Limo Service Near Me Adds Luxury to Any Destination

Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”

Jack Kerouac

You’ve probably heard that the journey is more important than the destination. The way we see it, sometimes the journey makes the destination even better.

The most luxurious destinations deserve an equal match for luxury ground transportation. To show you what we mean, check out these breathtaking luxury destinations that will have you searching for “limo service near me.”

Make Any Trip Luxurious With Limo Service Near Me

True luxury is a personal experience where you and your party are the stars of the show. Limo transportation ensures that your needs are met every step of the way.


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Never Miss a Flight

Kick off your journey with an airport shuttle. Reliable airport transport services get you to the airport on time, every time. Your chauffeur can even track your flight, so your ride will be waiting when you land.


Enjoy the Ultimate Roadtrip

Forget the stereotypical limousine car images. The best limousine company will offer a diverse fleet. A full range of limousine cars makes it easy to find one with the amenities that you need.


Lighten Your Load with an Extra Pair of Hands

Relaxation is a major part of luxury travel. Don’t wear yourself out carrying a bunch of bags. Get affordable limo service with a personal concierge. Whether you need help with your luggage or last minute errands, personal concierge helps to keep everything under control.


Enjoy the Scenic Route

Sit back, enjoy the view, and leave the driving to the professionals. You never have to worry about getting lost, because your professional chauffeur knows the best way from point A to point B.


Looking for Limo Service Near Me?

Click Here for Vacation or Corporate Travel Reservations.


Where Will You Venture First?

Beautiful luxury travel destinations are everywhere! It can be hard to decide which ones to visit. That’s why we’ve narrowed down a few of our favorites for you here.


Airport Travel: Secrets To Fighting Jet Lag

1. Maui, Hawaii

What To Do: Hawaii’s second-largest island features some of the world’s best beaches.

This tropical paradise has beautiful weather all year. You can have just as much fun enjoying the surf in the summer or whale watching in the winter.


Where to Stay: For the resort experience, check out the Four Seasons in Wailea. It has the feel of a Hawaiian palace and amenities fit for royalty. You may never want to leave the resort, with

  • fine dining on-site,
  • beautiful island views,
  • and complimentary experiences like Tai Chi, Hawaiian outrigger canoeing, and Zumba.


2. Walla Walla, Washington

What To Do: Walla Walla, Washington is one of the best places to enjoy the great outdoors.

It’s a great place for birdwatching, with over 300 area species. Other popular activities include golfing, hiking, and biking. Walla Walla is steeped in history, so it comes as no surprise that it is home to some amazing museums and historical sites.


Where to Stay: The Marcus Whitman Hotel has a long-standing reputation for luxury in Walla Walla.

It’s named for a missionary who became a bit of an urban legend. Marcus Whitman and his wife Narcissa came to the area in the 1830s, but met an unfortunate end in 1947. The small town chose to keep their memories alive by using the Whitman name on all sorts of businesses.

This luxury hotel, built in 1927, was one of them. The hotel has since seen many remodels and now features modern conveniences including complimentary breakfast and WiFi.


7 Biggest Safety Tips For International Travel

3. Park City, Utah

What To Do: Visiting Park City at different times of the year can feel like going to a completely new place every time.

In the summer, visitors can enjoy warm weather activities like

  • mountain biking,
  • zip lining,
  • and outdoor concerts.

In the winter, skiing and snowboarding are popular. You may even spot a celebrity or two during the annual Sundance Film Festival.


Where to Stay: Celebrate the holidays in your own piece of winter wonderland at the Montage Deer Valley

With epic mountain views and easy access to the ski slopes, this is truly a winter-lover’s paradise. Here you’ll also find fantastic dining options and the largest spa in Utah.


4. Darby, Montana

What To Do: This is another great place for history buffs and nature lovers.

Take a trip back in time as you explore an early American homestead at the Pioneer Memorial Museum.

Enjoy some peace and quiet in the great outdoors at Painted Rocks State Park. You can even take one of the area’s hunting or fishing adventure tours.


Where to Stay: If you really want to get away, head to the Rye Creek Lodge.

This Montana retreat is nestled far into the Bitterroot Valley. Away from all the hustle and bustle, visitors can enjoy a vacation at their own pace.

Nature lovers will be excited to explore the area’s riding and hiking trails. Learn a few new fishing tricks with fly casting lessons.


Airport Etiquette: How To Travel Like A Boss

5. Marfa, Texas

What To Do: This small Texas town has become a hub for the arts and luxury travel experiences.

Artist Donald Judd made his home here for 30 years. His celebrity status is a major draw for the town. There are several tours dedicated to his life and work.

Marfa Myths is an annual music festival that takes over the town. During this time every year, you can catch live music across all of the town’s venues. The artists are also known to just hang out in town.


Where to Stay: There is literally no place like El Cosmico.

Sleep under the stars here in anything from a camping tent to a trailer. They even offer a luxury apartment in the Brite Building downtown. These hippie-chic digs are a great place to kick back and let time pass by for a little while.


6. Cape May, New Jersey

What To Do: Cape May’s attractions and atmosphere can charm anyone.

Admire the architecture on a trolley tour through the historic district. In the evenings, you can get your spooky thrills with a ghost tour.

Enjoy shopping at the Washington Street Mall and fresh seafood at the Lobster House on Fisherman’s Wharf. Cape May is also well-known for its annual Food & Wine Festival.


Where to Stay: To fully immerse yourself in Cape May’s Victorian charm, book a stay at the Wilbraham Mansion.

This bed and breakfast brings Victorian style into the modern age with a mix of the home’s original furnishings alongside modern reproductions. Enjoy modern conveniences while surrounded by an atmosphere of classic elegance.


What’s The Weather & Water Like In Boca Raton, FL?

7. Miami Beach, Florida

What To Do: Welcome to Miami, where the carefree beach attitude meets cosmopolitan city life.

Fill your days with sightseeing, shopping and more in the year-round Florida sun. Take a tour to see the city’s art deco architecture or even an ancient Spanish monastery. The craft beer scene is really taking off in Miami, so be sure to stop by some of the local breweries during your stay.


Where to Stay: Stay in the heart of the action at Eden Roc Miami Beach.

Scenic views showcase the beachfront and city of Miami Beach. This hotel is designed with relaxation in mind. Take in some fresh air on your oversized balcony. The head down to the spa for a personalized wellness session.


Want to See More Breathtaking Travel Destinations?

Check Out These “Best Kept Secrets”

“Luxury travel is about sanity, time and exceptional experiences.  Regardless of destination or location, it is the warm, sincere and anticipatory service that differentiate a luxury travel experience.”

Lindsey Ueberroth,

President of Preferred Hotel Group

At A1A Airport and Limousine Service, we work hard to ensure the best possible experience for every client, at every level. We will save you time and money so that you can relax and enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

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& more!



Written By: Amber M. Smith

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