Corporate Travel World Facing Change with Flying Taxis

The corporate world is full of change and innovation. The world of corporate travel is no exception. Business professionals are always looking for better ways of doing things. They want the most efficient tools and the most convenient ways to get around.

There’s something new on the horizon that could change the way we travel. Will it make its way into the business sector?

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Corporate Travel Through the Years

It seems like people have been traveling for work since the beginning of time. Written records date back centuries. One of the oldest examples is trading spices along the ancient Silk Road. In those days, people relied on the strength of animals and the size of their groups.

Over time, trade routes opened up that connected the world. Early entrepreneurs learned how to cover more distance in less time. They created networks and laid the foundation for the business world that we know today.

Today most business professionals rely more on Town Cars than pack animals. Modern methods for business event transportation cover serious mileage in minutes instead of days. However, we do still measure our vehicles’ strength in horsepower.

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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

The drive toward progress is still strong among those in the business industry. It’s what keeps us making new products and opening new companies. Ultimately, we just want to find better ways to the things that we do every day. We’re also happy to find ways to do what we’ve never done before.

It’s important to find balance as you strive to move forward. You don’t want to get in too deep and wind up underwater. Most advancements in technology tend to make our lives better or easier. However, you’ve got to weigh the pros and cons before making major changes.


The Sky’s the Limit

The phrase most often used to encourage people to dream big is probably, “The sky’s the limit.” As technology improves and air travel becomes more accessible, that may change.

Currently, Uber has a special team working on what it calls an “aviation ridesharing project” known as Uber Air. Its goal is to bring on-demand fights to the public in three major cities by 2023. Those three cities are Dallas, Los Angeles, and a third international city that is still unannounced. Launch demonstration flights are expected to start as soon as 2020. Uber also plans to do more experimentation with drones for its food delivery service, Uber Eats.


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Flying Taxi Pros and Cons

As exciting as new technology may be, this one raises some questions.

Will Flying Taxis Be Safe?

Uber’s projected timeline calls for the service to be available to the public by 2023. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for testing. The company still hasn’t decided on the final location of its launch cities.

There are currently five countries being considered for the third location:

  • Japan

  • France

  • Brazil

  • Australia

  • and India.

Will The Technology Hold Up?

There is no guarantee that we will have the kind of technology needed for this type of aircraft to work on a grand scale.

As of yet, there aren’t any batteries both:

Powerful enough to last through the flight,

And lightweight enough not to weigh the aircraft down.

Electric cars need to charge after driving a certain number of miles. There are still many places nationwide that don’t have much access to electric cars charging stations. Will there be a similar barrier for flying taxis?

Who Will Be In Charge?

At least 19 companies have plans for flying cars in development. Uber is far from the only company thinking along these lines. Others include big names like Boeing and Airbus. Even smaller businesses are looking to get involved, like Kitty Hawk. This startup is headed by Google co-founder Larry Page.

Full-size aircraft must keep in constant contact with Air Traffic Control. Would these aircraft be regulated by ATC? If not, what kind of regulations would they require? Surely there would have to be someone in charge of keeping the aircraft out of the others’ ways.

Will The Ride Be Comfortable?

Small-scale aircraft without large turbine engines must maintain a low weight. As such, they don’t typically have many amenities. Luxury service, like what you would expect from limo transportation, requires keeping anything on hand that you might want or need.

With talk of flying taxis, maybe flying limousine cars aren’t too much of a stretch of the imagination. However, these aircraft probably won’t come with plush seating or bottle service.

Will They Be Convenient?

It takes a lot of space to land an aircraft. Even smaller ones need plenty of room around them for wings or propellers. It’s not like a flying taxi can land on your doorstep. One surely can’t land in the middle of a busy intersection.

That means that you’ll have to go to your ride, instead of your ride coming to you. Should you have to go to a dedicated loading or unloading zone, you will still need a limo bus or airport shuttle for after the flight.


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Trust the Experts

Sure, there are early adopters that will test out any new technology. But, when it comes to your special event or corporate travel, there is no room for guesswork. Why take the risk when you can relax in the comforts of luxury ground transportation?

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Written By: Amber M. Smith

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