Planning the Perfect Fling Before the Ring

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So you’ve been put in charge of organizing your best friend’s bachelorette party. No pressure, right?

Not when you know what kind of things to include in her special day. From planning the food, the stops along the way, and the luxury vehicle rental to get places in, you can create a winning event your friends won’t soon forget. 

Here are some ideas to make the day awesome.

Determine How Many People are Coming

First thing’s first – send out the invites to all of the bride-to-be’s closest friends. Give them a way to respond either by reply mail or by electronic message. 

Make sure they’re people she’ll want at her special party. Consult with them if you need to to be sure there’s no conflicts or awkwardness during or after the party. (This doesn’t mean you have to tell them all of the details of what’s happening during the day. You can leave them in a bit of suspense.)

Remember, just because someone is not invited to the wedding, doesn’t mean they can’t be invited to the party. 

Once you know how many people have committed, it will go a long way in helping you reserve spots at a restaurant. You’ll also know which limo rental you’ll need to comfortably fit everyone inside. 

Get Food First

Let’s be honest, the bachelorette party will likely involve a few or more adult beverages. It’s important to get something into the stomachs of all the partiers before that begins because alcohol is absorbed more slowly on a full stomach. 

You’ll also need good food for the energy to get through your fun day! No one wants to start feeling tired a couple of hours into the festivities. 

Book a restaurant that comfortably seats all of your guests, and has options on the menu that everyone can enjoy. For example, don’t book a table at a steakhouse when half of your party are vegans.

From there, the night is yours! 

Bachelorette Party Ideas

When it comes to planning the various components of the party, be sure to base them on the interests of the bride-to-be. If they love to dance and sing, then you can plan on hitting up the club or a karaoke bar (pub crawls are one of the most popular choices for a bachelorette.) If they’re more low-key, you could plan on a winery tour or a spa day. 

There really are no rules with planning a bachelorette, and you can get creative. Why not plan a picnic in the park and take glam photos of each other? You could also try axe throwing, bowling, or spend the afternoon on the beach. Or you combine all of them into one day for a fun-packed itinerary. 

Here are some other ideas for a fun bachelorette party that aren’t outrageously expensive:

• Book a short boat cruise 

• Make it more thrilling by zip-lining or bungee jumping

• Plan a slumber party and stay indoors with junk food and retro movies

• Go to an art class that lets you drink during the painting session (turns out drinking may help people be more creative

• Create a scavenger hunt and break the guests into groups to find objects 

• Host a cooking party where you attend a cooking class or have everyone help out making an amazing recipe

• Challenge each other to a game of paintball (wear protective gear, you don’t want bruises before a wedding!)

• Attend a pole dancing class

• Go on a shopping excursion in the city

The sky is really the limit (speaking of which, you can also get a bit more adventurous and try skydiving. That’s if your group thinks it can handle falling out of a plane.) It might take some convincing, but even celebrities have chosen skydiving to mark an occasion. 

Who says bachelorette parties only have to be one day? Instead of trying to fit as many things as you can into one day, try spreading them over a weekend if everyone’s time allows. 

Why You Should Consider Luxury Vehicle Rental 

There are many reasons why you’ll want to book a limo rental for a bachelorette party (do this step about a month before the party.)

One of the reasons, of course, is that you won’t have to worry about having a designated driver. It’s not worth taking any chances on the road when you can have a professional chauffeur do the driving. Also, unless you drive a bus, you won’t be able to get places as a group unless you reserve a larger vehicle. 

There are other perks to having a limo. Your driver can help get you into exclusive clubs (and find them to begin with.) You can be sure the limos are well-cleaned, and you won’t get any nasty surprises from the group that booked it before you. 

Because of the tinted windows on many limousine models, you can party inside without everyone seeing what you’re up to from the outside. 

And then there are all the amenities in the limo: these can include a drink station, a DVD player and television, leather seating, air conditioning, and so much more that your own vehicle probably doesn’t have. 

Choosing The Right Limo

No matter where you end up going, you’re going to want to arrive in style. But in order to find out which ride you need, you need to know how many people are coming and how long you’ll need transportation for. 

You can order a luxury sedan if you only have a few people in your group, but you’ll likely want to go bigger. For example, if you have more than 12 people in your bachelorette party, then your standard stretch limo may not be enough. In this case, you could consider a party bus that some limo companies offer.

Also, be sure to ask about package deals and flat rates so you’re not paying more for additional stops or being hit with surprise surcharges. 

To find out more about rates and to book a luxury vehicle rental for your big bachelorette blowout click on the banner below.

2018’s Top Business Jets To Take Flight!

When it comes to corporate travel, business executives often prefer private business jets over public airports. Flying privately offers the conveniences of customized flight plans, more direct routes, and less crowded planes.

However, there are now so many options in private aviation that it can be difficult to pinpoint which ones are the best. Therefore, we’ve highlighted a few that really make the grade to help you narrow down which ones are best for your needs.

Top Business Jets of 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to take a look back at some of the year’s best business jets. Some of them are brand new innovations, while others are classics that have withstood the test of time. Read on to see our top picks and to learn how you can take flight aboard your favorite.

Private Aviation: Fly Privately in Luxury


5) Cessna Citation Latitude

Entered Service: 2015

Top Speed: Mach 0.80

Maximum Range: 3,280 NM

Passenger Capacity: 9

This aircraft is the physical manifestation of the perfect blend of comfort and efficiency. You can open the Latitude’s 31-inch entry door with a simple button push. Once inside, interior cabin comfort controls are literally at your fingertips. The Latitude is also the Citation line’s first aircraft to offer a flat-floor cabin.

In addition, there is no shortage of space in this aircraft. Most passengers can stand comfortably with the Latitude’s six feet of headroom. In addition, storage areas throughout the cabin can easily accommodate enough luggage for any length of a business trip.

The Latitude offers comfort levels on par with the best luxury ground transportation vehicles. You can book your own flight through private charter companies like Stratos Jet Charters.

4) Bombardier Challenger 350

Entered Service: 2014

Top Speed: Mach 0.83

Maximum Range: 3,200 NM

Passenger Capacity: 10

This super mid-size jet is the only one in its class that can travel its full range with full fuel levels at its full seat capacity. The Challenger 350’s reliability makes it a top choice for business executives who can’t afford to leave their travels to chance.

Bombardier touts this jet as having both the best-equipped cockpit and among the best data connectivity in its class. As such, travelers can stay connected with the office or catch up on their own projects. In addition, the Challenger 350’s cabin management system allows passengers to keep their flight information and entertainment at their fingertips.

Many of the Challenger 350s produced so far were delivered to two private jet companies, NetJets and Flexjet. Companies like these offer lease or partial ownership programs, which allow participants access to the company’s aircraft.

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3) Gulfstream G650

Entered Service: 2012

Top Speed: Mach 0.925

Maximum Range: 7,000 NM

Passenger Capacity: 19

Gulfstream’s order backlog on this model has been heavy since the company announced it back in 2008. Its extreme popularity is due, in part, to the G650’s “first of its kind” status in flying farther and faster than its competition.

This jet is a top choice for international travelers. As Gulfstream notes, the G650 saves time in-flight, which gets travelers on the ground and back to work more quickly. Flying aboard this jet from New York to Tokyo can save travelers almost an hour of flight time. Similarly, trips from Los Angeles to London are about 30 minutes quicker. For longer flights, the G650ER has an extended range of 7,500 NM.

As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll never need to sacrifice in-flight productivity for speed. The G650 offers a variety of high-speed connectivity options, including internet, satellite, and wireless local network systems. Travelers can really master the mobile office with online access, onboard printing, and even phone service.

You can book your flight aboard a G650 through PrivateFly’s private jet network.

2) Embraer Legacy 500

Entered Service: 2014

Top Speed: Mach 0.83

Range: 3,125 NM

Passenger Capacity: 12

This luxurious aircraft doesn’t have quite the range as some of the other business jets on this list. However, that’s because this is a different kind of plane, altogether. It’s designed to operate shorter routes, but what this jet lacks in range it makes up for in quality.

This is an awe-inspiring aircraft for business executives looking to book the most luxurious flight for themselves or their clients. The plush leather seats are as comfortable as the ones in a top-quality limo rental. Other interior features include custom wood veneer, stonework flooring, fine carpeting, and the roomiest cabin in its class. The Legacy 500 even features a full galley with stone counterparts. The premium in-flight entertainment system is all-digital with surround sound and wireless iPad or iPhone controls.

To experience the Legacy 500’s luxury for yourself, you can book a private flight through Magellan Jets. The company offers various membership levels. Corporate-level perks include aircraft access within six hours, no blackout dates, and no fuel surcharge.

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1) Boeing BBJ 787

Entered Service: 2018

Top Speed: Mach 0.85

Range: 14,000 NM

Passenger Capacity: 40

This is the business jet version of Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the first to be built specifically as a private jet. Flying in this aircraft does, in fact, feel like a dream.

This massive plane is set up as a home away from home for the ultimate in comfort for any length of corporate travel. With its superior range, the BBJ 787 can take you to business events in nearly any corner of the world. However, its large size does restrict it from landing at some smaller airports.

The BBJ 787’s layout features several different rooms for relaxing, working, and dining. Forget sleeping in standard airline chairs! This aircraft features full beds for a truly restful sleep on long flights. Getting better sleep will reduce jet lag, but so will the BBJ 787’s low cabin altitude of 6,000ft.

There aren’t very many of these aircraft in service yet, so it can be difficult to get your hands on one. Hong Kong-based Deer Jet added one to its fleet in 2016 with an hourly rate of $70,000.

Prepare To Take Flight

Booking your private flight is just the beginning. Once you’ve selected your destination and chosen your flight, a lot of your work is done. However, you’ve still got to pack your bags, arrange your airport shuttle, and tie up any other loose ends before you leave.

With so much on your plate, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’ll get to your flight. Forget battling traffic on your own and paying for expensive airport parking. In fact, if you’re flying privately there may not even be anywhere to park your own vehicle.

Who Needs A Luxury Airport Shuttle?


When you book an airport limo, you can rest assured knowing you’ve chosen the best method of luxury ground transportation. After all, your ride to your flight should be as comfortable and customizable as the flight itself. However, it’s not enough to call the first company that you find offering “limo service near me.”

A1A Airport and Limousine Service is your best choice for worldwide limo rental and more. In addition to our affordable limousine service, we also offer business event transportation, personal concierge, and even personal protective services. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about how we can handle all of your travel needs.

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Private Aviation: Fly Privately in Luxury

What is Private Aviation? 

Private aviation is a luxury unto itself. When you fly privately, you get the whole plane all to yourself. Smaller planes allow passengers to enjoy each other’s company in a more intimate setting.That is, you and your friends get the privilege of only flying with those you know.

The Best Part About Private Aviation:

No worries of sharing a row of tiny seats with strangers or crying children.

When you’re heading to fly privately, you are preparing for a journey with your comfort and needs in mind. Shouldn’t the ride to the plane be just as luxurious? Just like an airport shuttle will get you to the major airports, you can also hire limo transportation to take you to a private flight.

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Ride Privately Before You Fly Privately

Nothing compares to a limousine service when it comes to meeting your personal transportation needs.

While most people imagine limo rental as something reserved for special occasions, there is much more to it than that. A more accurate description would be that limo rental can turn any experience into a special occasion.

Business executives and others who travel for business often hire a limousine service to handle their corporate travel needs. Whether they travel by stretch limousine or Town Cars, they receive the same personal level of service.

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What You Can Expect From A Limousine Service

First of all, much of what you can expect is right there in the name. A limousine service provides high-end luxury ground transportation with a professional chauffeur at your service.

Safety & Security

Riding with a chauffeur is much safer than calling a cab or ride-sharing service.

  • For one, a chauffeur must maintain special licensing to prove that he or she is up to the job. Compare that to other drivers who only carry a standard driver’s license.

In addition to that, a good limo transportation company will maintain a full, diverse fleet of high-end luxury cars. These cars are guaranteed to be safe, thanks to the high-quality standards that they must meet.

In the event something happens to your vehicle, a replacement can be dispatched right away. You won’t get that from a cab company or Uber.

Reliable & Dependable

A professional chauffeur is someone that you can rely on to be on-time in any circumstance. Your ride is more likely to be early than to pull up at the last second.

  • Knowing when your ride will arrive gives you much more peace of mind than standing on a curb hoping that a driver will come along soon.

When it comes to driving skills, your chauffeur has received some of the best training available. He or she is knowledgeable of the local area and which routes to avoid.

No matter whether your flight is leaving from a major airport or private hangar, your chauffeur will get you there quickly and safely. You can even request the scenic route, if time permits.

An Extra Set of Hands

Traveling for vacation or an extended business trip? You may be carrying a lot of luggage. Don’t get left holding the bag! Your chauffeur or personal concierge is more than happy to help load everything on-board.

What if you need a little extra help getting ready? A personal concierge can help with that, too. He or she can pick up lunch while you pack your bags. If there are other errands that you don’t have time to handle, just pass off your to-do list.

Your personal concierge will help you take a look at which tasks they can take over for you.

The Right Ride for Any Group

A diverse fleet is necessary for any good limo transportation company. Couples or solo travelers will enjoy the comforts of classic luxury sedans, like Lincoln Town Cars. For larger groups, a stretch limousine will get you where you need to go in style.

For corporate travel, an executive van or limo bus has plenty of seating and storage for everyone in the office.

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A1A Limo: Your Best Source For Luxury Ground Transportation

No matter the destination, A1A Airport and Limousine Service has the right car and driver. That’s because we have more than just “cars” and “drivers.” We have provided the best in luxury ground transportation since 1986.

Give us a call or visit our website today to learn more about how we can meet your travel needs, in South Florida or worldwide.

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