7 Special Events Made for Hiring a Limousine

There is nothing more luxurious than arriving at a fun event in a limousine. Arriving in a limousine will make you look like someone important and famous. When it comes to finding the perfect limousine to hire there are many things you will want to take into account. You want your limousine to be clean and have a good driver.

Hiring a limousine

This article will cover the 7 important events made for hiring a limousine:

  1. Wedding Anniversary
  2. Prom
  3. Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties
  4. Night on the Town
  5. Concerts
  6. Weddings
  7. Going on a Cruise

Another great aspect of hiring a limousine is you get to play whatever kind of music you and your crew want to. Keep reading for seven special events that you need to hire a limousine for.

1. Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are huge milestones that you should celebrate in the best way possible. Hiring a limousine can give you the luxury service that you deserve. You and your partner will feel fabulous going on an anniversary date in a limo.

When it comes to planning your wedding anniversary date you can choose a fancy restaurant and then even a fun activity like seeing a movie or going out for a drink. On the night of your wedding anniversary, you should be able to relax! Let someone else drive you around from place to place so you can spend as much time with your significant other as possible.

2. Prom

When you think of going to prom the first thing that might come to your mind is riding in a limo. Arriving at prom in a limo will make you feel fabulous, fancy, and important. Your classmates will be totally jealous of your trip to prom.

As a parent, renting your child a limo for prom is a great option. You will know that they get to and from prom in the safest way possible. As a student, you will have a magical time riding to prom with your friends in a limo. You can enjoy refreshments and play your favorite songs so you’re pumped up for the fun night to come.

3. Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

The best way to splurge for a bachelor or bachelorette party is to rent a limo so all of your guests feel comfortable and extravagant. If you’re going to be bar hopping for the evening, then renting a limo is a great way to make sure that you have a safe ride all night long. You will have your own driver who is ready to pick you up whenever you are. That means no waiting for a cab!

You could also rent a limo for a fun bachelorette weekend. If you and your girls want to spend the weekend shopping or even at the spa, then you can arrive in style. Having your own professional chauffeur for the weekend will be fun and convenient for the entire bridal party.

4. Night on the Town

If you’re just looking to have a fun night out on the town with your friends, then hiring a limo can be a special treat. You will enjoy riding in a limo with your friends and listening to your favorite music. You can also enjoy delicious drinks and get yourselves ready for a fun night.

Hiring a limo service to drive you around for a night on the town is also the smart thing to do. If you and all of your friends will be drinking, then you will want to arrange transportation before the night begins. A limo can help you get from place to place and even help you find the coolest places to go.

5. Concerts

Another fun event that you should hire a limo for is going to a concert. Normally parking at a concert is insane and getting out of the parking lot after a concert is even worse. When you hire a limo to take you to and from a concert then you will get premium service.

Going to a concert with your friends is tons of fun and when you hire a limo the party starts as soon as you get picked up. You and your friends will have an awesome time jamming to music all the way to the concert and all the way home.

6. Weddings

After saying “I do” to your significant other and kissing to seal the deal you will want to get into a limo to ride away with your brand new partner. Renting a limo for your wedding is a must and you will be happy that you did it. You and your partner will also feel luxurious and ritzy during your ride in a limo.

Having a limo to take you from place to place on your wedding day will be a huge convenience for you and your significant other. You won’t have to worry about arranging any other transportation because the limo will be ready and waiting for you. It is also much easier for the bride to get in and out of a limo in a huge fancy wedding dress, then it would be for her to get in and out of a car.

7. Going on a Cruise

When you plan to go on a cruise you will already feel luxurious but what if you plan to arrive at the cruise in a limo? You will feel fancy and lavish arriving at the cruise port in a limo. It is a great way to bring all of your luggage and arrive in a fun way.

Going on a cruise is a great way to get away and be treated like royalty. You should feel that way as soon as you step foot out of your home. A limousine can come right to your door and pick you up for your next getaway vacation.

Hire a Limousine for All Your Events

When it comes to your next special event you should definitely hire a limousine so that you can arrive in style. Your friends will love traveling to and from events in a beautiful and clean limousine.

So if you’re in the south Florida area and are looking to hire a limousine for your next big event, then make sure to check out everything that we have to offer or contact us for a quote today.

Banner of a limo inside.

The Future Of Luxury Travel: The Romotow By W2

Image Courtesy of Romotow

Forget everything you know about luxury travel. 

A New Zealand-based company, W2 architecture, is preparing to usher in what they’re calling a “mobile home revolution.” The company is currently developing the Romotow, a tow-behind trailer that is unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Travel Green With These Eco-Friendly Travel Tips


Image Courtesy of Romotow

Luxury Travel with the Comforts of Home

All travelers want to enjoy themselves as they go about their adventures. Most of the time, however, leaving home means leaving your life and your possessions behind while you’re away. This is where W2 is hoping that the Romotow will make some major changes.

What if you could take your home with you when you go away from home? Well, maybe not your actual home, but possibly a portable living space that you could make your own. The Romotow travel trailer will be a personal mode of luxury ground transportation.

Contemporary Design, Timeless Luxury

The company calls this project “the reinvention of the caravan.” They’ve done away with the boxy designs of yesteryear in favor of a more futuristic streamlined look. This new innovation does for travel trailers what the stretch limousine does for limousine cars. It extends the interior to give you more space for whatever activities you enjoy.

The trailer is a long, pill-like oval-shaped structure to be towed behind your vehicle. Once parked, the automated swivel rotates the living space on a pivot. This places the interior living space perpendicular to its enclosure, revealing a sheltered outdoor area. The newly opened space is perfect for setting up a relaxing patio area. It even has a built-in electric barbecue! Imagine kicking back in this space while grilling out and sipping a cold drink on a beautiful summer’s day.

Breathtaking Travel Destinations: A Traveler’s Best Kept Secrets


Images Courtesy of Romotow

What’s Inside?

This snazzy camper trailer only has one bedroom, but the living room area can also be converted to sleeping space. At full capacity, the Romotow can comfortably house four adults. With the deck enclosure kit, you can add sleeping space for up to four more people by closing in the outdoor deck area.

This isn’t your grandpa’s Airstream. Imagine taking the best limousine features and expanding them onto a livable scale. Camping in one of these is like an extended version of a night on the town in a party van. The interior features wood and leather trim, premium sound system, and built-in shades. The synthetic teak wood used in these trailers is similar to what you would find in a luxury yacht.

Jumping on the Bandwagon

How would you like to be one of the lucky few to experience the Romotow in person? At press time, the first one of these trailers is still in production. The company is, however, taking a limited number of orders. These custom trailers will be shipped from the factory directly to the customer upon completion. You can follow the Romotow’s progress on the project’s Facebook page.

The entry-level price point for the travel trailer is $350,000. Final pricing will vary according to the level of customization.

How To Find The Proper Luxury Transportation Vehicle For Your Next Event


Facing Travel Challenges

Since these trailers aren’t yet available to the general public, we can’t really say how they will affect luxury travel as we know it. However, there are a few points to keep in mind.

Braving the Elements

Driving yourself sounds convenient until you start thinking about how trying it is to drive through bad weather or congested traffic. Part of the luxury travel experience is being able to unwind. You can’t do that if you’re stressing over your driving conditions.

Instead, consider booking a party bus for your next road trip. Your professional chauffeur is there to keep an eye on the road while you kick back and relax.


Venturing Out

Where will you go when you hit the road? When you’re traveling through unfamiliar territory, the game plan can easily change. From new traffic patterns to losing your way, there is a multitude of things that could push back your schedule.

What if you could ride with a professional who knows the area? That’s exactly what you get with a chauffeur. If you need an extra hand getting everything ready to go, personal concierge services give you the help you need.


Thinking Practically

Camping, with or without a travel trailer, is about getting away for a while. While this may be great for a vacation, there are times when isolation can be counterproductive.

You don’t stumble across many business professionals working from the campground. It sounds great to bring all of the comforts of home when you go away. However, the travel trailer model doesn’t fit well with the idea of corporate travel.

Other business professionals will be staying near the event location in accommodations built with them in mind. By keeping to yourself, you would miss out on valuable networking opportunities.


It’s Electric: The Future of Luxury Ground Transportation


Why Wait for Luxury Travel?

Since the first Romotow trailer is still in production, it’s hard to say whether W2 will reach its goal of revolutionizing the way we travel. Even once this trailer is finished, they have only accepted a limited number of orders from clients.

Don’t wait around wishing that you could travel in luxury. There are already beautiful destinations to explore and luxurious ways to get there. From 5-star resorts to tropical getaways, there’s a whole world of opportunities waiting for you to experience it.

There are so many options when it comes to traveling, these days. There’s no reason to settle for less than the best. Luxury ground transportation services provide safety and comfort along every step of your journey.

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