Self Cleaning Water Filters-Applied In Automotive Industry

To make a Limousine Service marketable and viable, you need two basic things. Punctual and professional drivers, and vehicles for these individuals to drive, and I don’t mean a horse and buggy like the Amish. I mean the iron horses that pound the concrete day in, day out every day and night. In other words, cars, trucks etc. Preferably quite a few of them. This made possible with the heavy machinery used to manufacture the vehicles that carry us throughout our daily lives.

Without these machines much of what has been accomplished couldn’t otherwise be done under any other circumstances, and as a result, just as the vehicles they build must be maintained and taken care of with all due diligence, so to must they, the machines, be cared for and maintained, and their temperature, as with any machine, must be kept to an optimal degree to maintain good performance. As with most coolant systems, water is used, but water, as anyone knows who’s looked at the underside of a leaky water fountain green with mold can attest to, presents its own set of problems.

Particles from the air get into the water, microorganisms and small waterborne plants can grow in the pipes that carry the water, rust can form, small chips of iron may dislodge from the pipes themselves, all of this causing damage in the long run if left unattended. This buildup presents a problem, if it were to cause a blockage in the pipes, water will stop flowing, or worse a pipe could burst if the pressure reached a high enough intensity. and machinery will then begin overheating, which is not just costly to replace, but dangerous for anyone nearby as the possibility of a factory fire is always present. So a solution was required, more precisely, a filter. A filter that was low cost, easy to install, required little maintenance if any, and most importantly, worked effectively.

Many things were tried, everything from motorized filters using the power of centrifugal force to pull particulates from the water to simple sand filters was tried, but none had  a performance that was quite up to snuff, of that could be left unattended and depended upon to function as needed regardless. Until, the Orival filter. It’s automatic, cleans itself, requires no external power whatsoever, is capable of removing particles lighter than the water itself, doesn’t interrupt the flow of water within the pipes, requires little to no maintenance and offers the lowest operating cost possible for that performance.

In most cases with a filter cleaning it periodically would be a necessity, but with the Orival filter the exact opposite is true. If you want it to work at the highest level possible you shouldn’t clean it unless it becomes absolutely necessary to do so. The real beauty of the Orival filter is the fact that the layer of dirt which eventually builds on it, only serves to make it more effective. An Orival filter made to remove particles of 100 microns in diameter can effectively filter out particles one tenth that size after the layer of dirt has built up. That alone sets it far apart from most other filters you could conceivably get.

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This invention has allowed the automotive industry to do what it does best, build cars, which has allowed A1A Limousine Rental the opportunity to do what we do best, drive them. Just s the automotive industry relies on devices like the Orival filter to keep production running smoothly, so to can you rely on us to keep your life running smoothly regardless of whether you need business transportation or a rental for your teenage Daughters prom to make her day that much more special. A1A limousine service is devoted to giving you the best service possible, with the best vehicles possible. Our vehicles, unlike the Orival filter, are kept spotless and are regularly serviced and maintained in order to provide the highest quality experiences possible. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority matched only by our commitment to your safety. Regardless of the event, the time, or the season, A1A can be there to take you wherever you need to go to.

Whatever reason you might want to hire a luxury car, it can be concluded that car services offer safety and convenience that cannot be matched with traditional transportation methods.

Experiencing luxury cars like  any of our cars in our fleet is an exciting experience in itself, and no option you choose would ever disappoint. If you would like some suggestions on which ride is best for your event feel free to call us at any time!

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