The Safest Means of Transportation

Should you stay off the road unless you are in a black car or limo service?

Looking back on 2016, the answer to that question can easily be a yes. There has been an immense increase in deaths using motor vehicles. From 2015 there has actually been a 6% increase in deaths. “2016 actually was the deadliest year in America in about a decade.

Why Limo Service is the best way to go

There are so many ways to die on the road, but they can all be avoided if you rent a black car service or limo service.

Whether you want to ride in style, make a good first impression, or simply treat yourself, A1A Limo Service has what you need. A Limo Service provides the more reliable and comfortable form of transportation. From airport transfers to special occasions, A1A can be used for various reasons.

The safest means of transportation is one in which you are not multitasking by driving and sending emails, texts, or making phone calls for example. Using A1A Limo service is convenient, reliable, professional, and luxurious. This service is perfect for work, travel, meetings or special occasions. Usually in these instances we are stressed, in a rush, or not 100% there all the time. This usually causes accidents and deaths. In order to prevent these things from happening, Black car service provides a chauffeur who will handle everything in terms of getting you where you have to go alive and on time. Being on time can make or break the impression that one receives from you, so make sure it is a good one by using a limo service.

Not only is a black car service safer, but it is also a memorable and more enjoyable experience. Imagine getting ready for a big event, getting your hair done, taking a long shower and smelling amazing. What factors will change the effort that you put into this occasion? The vehicle that you use to get there! If there is no Air Conditioning and you have to keep the windows down in the car, then your hair will get ruined and you will be sweating when you arrive. By using the black car service, you can get ready beforehand or on the way there. Your windows do not have to be down and you will have air conditioning. You will also be comfortable and not worried about something happening to the car and it eventually breaking down on you, having a flat tire or running out of oil or gas for example. This service assures that you will be at your destination before time. The earlier the better right? Well, no worries about being late or not having time to get other small tasks done. On the ride you can feel free to multitask in the back, send emails, texts, make phone calls, fix your makeup, do your hair, take a nap or even have a few drinks, or as many as you’d like! Also, to ensure that we stay safe and those in the vehicle as well, having a chauffeur allows you and the passengers to drink and not drive as well as get home or to every destination safe and sound.

Available at your convenience are a wide variety of luxury cars, limousines and party buses. Stay safe, comfortable and professional and feel free to visit our website at or give us a call at (561) 622-2222. We are looking forward to assisting you with your luxury rental car!