Renting your next home in Dubai : Expectations vs. Reality

By Q3 in 2018 the rental rates in Dubai had dropped by 8.3%. Nearly all the neighborhoods in Dubai had seen a downtrend in the rental rates in recent years. This comes as good news for those who are newly moving to Dubai.

So you would easily be able to find a suitable apartment that fits within your budget, close to your place of work. When it comes to renting an apartment in Dubai you might start your journey with plenty of expectations. But will the reality turn out to be as you expected?



Finding an apartment

Expectations- you might think that this would be a time-consuming process.

Reality- if you head on to you would be able to find a long list of properties, of all types and not just apartments. All you have to do is to enter your shortlisted neighborhood and filter the results based on the budget criterion, number of bedrooms and other specifications you have in mind.

You would then be able to view the photos of the property, and other details about the apartment and the associated amenities. In addition shortlisting your options from online listings saves your time and also makes your search easier.

Furthermore, can directly get in touch with the landlord or the real estate agent and book a site visit at your time of convenience. Such genuine channels ensure that you only go to genuine property listings without putting your money at risk.


Tenancy contracts

Expectations – your real estate agent would take care of the whole process.

Reality – though it is true that the real estate agent would help you with the tenancy contract procedure you should also spend enough time to read the contract yourself.

There might be some terms of tenancy that are common and permitted in Dubai. However, these might be different from the terms followed in the rest of the world.

Additionally might be additional conditions that the landlord adds to the contract and not all of them might be legally permitted. Thorough understanding of the contract before signing it makes sure that you do not fall prey to any tricky terms in the contract.


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Rental reforms

Expectations – this is one area where it is difficult to live with assumptions as the terms governing the increase in the rents varies from one region to another.

Reality – There’s laws that talk about the caps on the level of increase that can be levied on the rents after a given period of time. There are also specific laws for different regions within Dubai and the specific types of properties.

The range of increase permitted can be understood by referring to a rental increase calculator for Dubai. Your landlord will also have to notify you several days in advance before imposing an increase in the rent.

Furthermore, the same is applicable for eviction and other such unprecedented activities. Understanding all these details in renting a Dubai apartment would ensure that you are protected from being cheated by landlords.


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