Protective Bodyguard Services: Your Limo Company Can Do That

“Everyone knows to hire a limo company for the best in luxury travel.”

What you may not realize, however, is that your limousine service can do so much more. Extra services offered by transportation services can range from travel planning and personal concierge to bodyguards or other protective services. An excellent limo company won’t disappoint you!

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Why Hire A Limo Company For Protective Services?

“Convenience is how this generation works.”

Whether you’re out of town for business, attending a special event, or just like to travel the world in a luxury car, you’ve already hired someone to help you get around.

By letting your transportation company also handle your security, that’s one less detail that you have to worry about.


That person behind the wheel of your limo is more than just a driver.

  • A chauffeur is a licensed professional that has gone through extensive training.
  • The same goes for bodyguards and protective personnel.

By arranging your security team through a limousine company, you get a full team of reliable professionals to get you where you need to go safely.

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 What Is A Bodyguard’s Job?

“Bodyguards aren’t just big, human tanks with guns.”

Close protection officers, as they are also known, are a highly specialized type of security guard.

Their purpose is not to fight your battles for you, but rather to keep you from getting into one in the first place.

Bodyguards are constantly assessing the situation around their client(s), always ready to cover them, if need be, and get them swiftly out of harm’s way.

A bodyguard’s specialty is discretion, always remaining calm so as to make level-headed decisions.

Rather than make a scene, protection officers use more discreet methods, like simply removing their client from the situation altogether.

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Why Do I Need Protective Services, Anyway

“It never hurts to have a few extra eyes and ears on your side.”

If you are traveling abroad, it’s easy to find yourself somewhere that you are not familiar with the area or the customs. Even domestic travel can put you outside of your comfort zone. Sadly, sometimes merely being an outsider can put you at risk.

When attending special events, people are often way more dressed up than they would be at any other time.

Maybe you’re wearing your great-grandmother’s pearls at a wedding or a designer gown to an awards ceremony.

  • At times like these when you are carrying more valuables on your person, extra precautions should be taken.
  • Hire a wedding car with blacked-out windows or arrange a security detail to keep an eye out for you and your jewels.

For a business professional, there is always the possibility of meeting with a high-profile client.

  • Maybe you’re heading to an important meeting with large amounts of money or a valuable prototype in your briefcase.
  • Tensions often run high in business meetings, especially when they involve high-stakes negotiations.

Any of these situations would make for a good reason to have some extra muscle on your side.

“If you are a high-profile person, there will always be people trying to get close to you.”

This isn’t to say that people are necessarily going to try to hurt you.

  • Even adoring fans can get in the way when you have somewhere to be. Bodyguards can help to clear your path without slowing you down.

Sometimes, VIPs want to get out and enjoy life like a “normal person.” Having a personal security detail allows you to keep your eyes on the action at sporting events or concerts while you let your bodyguards handle watching over your shoulder.

In addition to protecting their clients, bodyguards can also make their clients’ lives a little easier.

Your security detail will have already scoped out your destination ahead of time and secured any necessary clearances. They know the best backdoor entrances to get you in and out quickly and efficiently.

Your 2018 Guide: Choosing The Right Limousine Service

“Once you’ve chosen your travel destination, the next thing you should do is secure reliable transportation.”

Whether you’re planning luxury or business travel, everything goes smoother with a plan in place for how you’ll get around.

A chauffeur service is more reliable than ride-sharing services and less stressful than trying to find a taxi. Riding in a limousine also gives you the added security of blacked-out privacy windows.

A1A Limo Service provides the ultimate experience in luxury and security. Our customizable car service packages let you pick the right vehicle for your entourage. You’ll arrive in style, whether you want the classic stretch limousine or something more low-key—like a sedan or SUV.

Your professional chauffeur will meet you at the airport and help load your luggage before heading off to your hotel or event. Wherever your journey takes you, arranging protective bodyguard services with A1A will get you there with your personal protector at your side every step of the way.



Written By: Amber M. Smith 

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