Professionalism – How to Present Professional Body Language for Success

Professionalism – How to Present Professional Body Language for Success

Studies show that 60% – 90% of the communication we make with others is nonverbal. This simply means that body language is of utmost importance.

When properly implemented, body language can open many doors and be the key to your greater success. It can assist you develop positive business associations, bond with team members, increase your influence, and present your ideas more authoritatively.

Here are a few tips you can use to present the perfect body language for ultimate success:

·         Make Positive Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is of utmost importance especially in a business environment. It goes a long way in telling the other person that you are interested in what they have to say. It conveys confidence and assists you to build trust with people.

Remember to make use of direct eye contact when listening than when speaking.

·         Adopt The Right Posture

Status and confidence are usually nonverbally displayed via height and space. Having an erect posture, keeping your shoulders back, and having your head held up high allows you to look sure of yourself.

As long as you have the right posture, you will look more powerful to onlookers. When you move around, that additional space you take up helps add to that impression. When sitting, you look more confident when you have both of your feet on the ground, and your arms spread away from your body. Putting your belongings on the table helps you claim more territory.

·         Smile Often

Smiles are extremely powerful. Naturally, people prefer happy faces than dull ones. Smiling not only helps to stimulate your sense of wellbeing, but it is also important in telling those around you that you are trustworthy and approachable.

Studies show that people are able to remember those that smile at them, and find them memorable too. Additionally, smiling influences other people’s response to you. When you smile at people, they are most likely to smile back. Since facial expressions trigger emotional feels, the smile you receive changes that individual’s emotional state in a good way.

·         Perfect Your Handshake

An incredible thing about handshakes is that they are usually appropriate in a lot of situations and are seen as a polite gesture. It goes together with appropriate physical contact. Shaking hands creates a welcoming first impression and helps to bring two strangers closer together.

Since it is probably the only form of touch you get with future business partners, it is worth sparing some time to developing a great handshake. This is because a proper handshake can give instant credibility while a wrong one could cost you a contract or a job.

Remember to ensure that your handshake is not too firm or too weak.

If you want to be noticed, heard, and respected at the workplace, you need to have most traits possessed by successful individuals. One thing that is often overlooked by a lot of people is body language.

Body language is an incredible tool that affects how people see you, something that can cause immense effect on your success either positively or negatively. As seen, there are a lot of ways you can implement the power of body language to set you up for success. Using proper body language like having good posture, making eye contact, and using gestures properly can help you in various situations. Such instances could include: job interviews, business meet ups, and presentations.

Apart from body language, is there any other thing you can do to present yourself as a winner and someone that is working for ultimate success?

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